U.S. to put it differently nagging "China's military power"

China Military Report: 16, the U.S. Defense Department released the annual China military power report, but this year's report entitled "Military and Security Developments Involving The People's Republic of China ", and according to previous years should be published in the March convention, this year's report a full night of 5 months to come out.

The report said that China made in the past 30 years, the economic and technological progress for the Chinese armed forces have the ability to carry out a comprehensive modernization to enable them to more participation in international operations, such as peacekeeping operations, humanitarian aid operations and actions to combat piracy. The United States welcomes this, hope to cooperate with the Chinese side. But the report ignored China's defensive national defense policy, saying China's military construction issues were not transparent enough, so the U.S. is difficult to judge China's intentions, easy to increase the likelihood of misunderstanding or miscalculation of.

The report also said the Chinese armed forces and the trend indicates, China has an Asian regional capacity to perform a series of military operations, which will be to change the military balance in East Asia an important factor. In addition, the report also addresses China's military spending, content and other aspects of Sino-US military exchanges. The report even speculated that China will begin this year or self-built aircraft carrier.

"Washington Post" that this year's report is more broad perspective, which includes the Pentagon views China's strategic goals and the U.S. government on US-China relations. Washington, Brookings Institution research director of Thornton China Center Li Cheng pointed out that this year China's military power report is a cautious, balanced, not just criticizing China.

Also noteworthy is the subject of this year's report have changed. In previous years, the report called "China military report," but this year changed its name to "with the PRC's military and security related development." Analysts believe that the "military and security developments," apparently meaning than "military" more broad terms is relatively mild.

U.S. Naval Analysis Center director of research Fengde Wei of China that the report conveyed to the Chinese military has an important message: "The United States hopes the development of military contacts with China, the United States want to expand cooperation with China, the United States recognize that there is a huge difference between the two sides, If you do not dialogue, we can not deal with these differences. "

"The Washington Times," the report early in March before the draft is completed, but the White House National Security Council officials have been in accordance with "report" does not move, and that the National Security Council officials were also higher in this year's report revisions. Reported delays in the part of congressional Democrats and Republicans have incurred strong dissatisfaction, on 23, five Republican senators jointly sent a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed "serious concern."

Since 2000, the U.S. Department of Defense submitted to Congress each year the so-called annual report on Chinese military power, the internal affair of China's national defense policy of finding fault with playing the "China military threat theory." In this regard, China has always resolutely opposed. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman had said in February this year, China has recently taken a series of effective measures to enhance military transparency, hope that the U.S. objective and fair view of China's development and defense in order to promote stable development of Sino-US relations and the two military mutual trust.

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