U.S. media played up that the Chinese missiles will break the military balance in Pacific

August 5, the largest U.S. agencies - the Associated Press published an article entitled "China's missile power of the powerful Pacific will change the military balance," the article, attracted much attention. The article said China's Dongfeng-21-D ballistic missiles can Watch U.S. aircraft carrier, the U.S. Navy after World War II did not like the rage of the sea. Why is the U.S. so afraid of China's missiles? Why worry about losing, especially the Western Pacific, the Pacific Maritime advantage?

Associated Press article, the title is mentioned in east China's missile missiles, 21-D, the article at the very beginning throw Conclusion: The U.S. aircraft carrier to control the Pacific for many years the situation will be because China is developing missiles and Dongfeng 21-D fundamental change the United States will dominate the situation along the Pacific break.

The article points out, according to the U.S. Navy's analysis, China's Dongfeng-21-D missiles is a "can change the rules of the game's weapons," as far east 21D 1,500 km range missile that can hit moving long-distance carrier, will the United States is committed to maintaining the Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait a major impact on the stability. The report also pointed out that the Dongfeng 21-D missile development program has taken hold, and the only question is the missile's accuracy.

Associated Press article the author quotes a U.S. military point of view, he thought, "Dongfeng 21-D long-term psychological impact of U.S. policy-makers from the U.S. Navy at sea can not shake the dominance will come to the end. "

Pentagon spokesman Morrell Thursday to respond to this report.

U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Morrell said: We are fully aware of the (missile) program, also recognized the project for some time, this plan have emerged over the past few years, China's military power report.

Morrell said the U.S. has always been on the development of China is very concerned about the ability of anti-ship missiles, have a good grasp of Dongfeng 21D missile development program. Dongfeng 21-D missile development program, in recent years has been included in the Pentagon report on Chinese military power released. (From China Military Report )

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