Sino-US "proxy war" is absolutely not alarmist

In the next period of time, war happened between China and the U.S. is not alarmist. Most likely, yes, the planning in the United States under the substantial Lingtu with China, the territorial sea dispute surrounding countries, because the issue of sovereignty conflict or even war with China may also be known as "Dan Bian proxy war."

Expansion through war is the nature of the United States. American scholar Wei Lianen Doyle in "hegemony led" the book says: The great social transformation of the scale, the U.S. has been transformed into belligerent Sparta State. The transformation and transition in a hundred years ago, and profound influence, at least the next hundred years will be affected.

The United States a dozen years ago, a well-known think tank submitted to the U.S. government a very detailed strategy toward China, the road map in three steps: first step is to divide and the westernization of China, the Chinese community as a whole to lose against the will; if the first step does not work, the second step is the formation of strategic encirclement around China, forcing China into the U.S. strategic orbit; not work if the second step, third step is at a war with China, but the best way is not directly war, instigated vital interests with China disputes with neighboring countries in conflict, or instigation of ethnic areas in China's internal turmoil.

Now the U.S. is in accordance with the three steps in the walk around the building, including in China, "C" type encirclement, and with China's neighboring countries have maintained close political and military relations. United States military embargo on China, but then let go around the supply of Chinese arms, armed them with weapons. In addition, the United States on China's Tibet and Xinjiang separatist forces in support. These are the U.S. grand strategy in part.

From the present situation, the United States is the "anti-terrorism" in the name of additional military bases in the surrounding areas of China, various large-scale military exercises. The military exercise is basically covered all the operational mode. United States not only in political and geo-political efforts, and military R & D also in full swing. In the United States, was carried to China as the hypothetical enemy's large-scale space war exercises and network warfare exercises, and develop the next generation of laser guns and other weapons of new concepts. This preparation is a direct threat to China is overtly or covertly stirring words against small countries surrounding China. Such as the US-ROK military exercise that is tailored to the Chinese, China's combat against the theory of direct examination, the United States through a second military exercise to test its theory of operation. The Clinton's speech on the South China Sea issue, clearly shows that the United States this hidden fighting stance. China's increasing pressure in the surrounding.

China's national interests, the United States do not respect, pressing harder and harder, arming neighboring countries, condoned the challenge China's interests. Important interests in safeguarding China in many ways to no to. Party is endless pressed, while the other has no escape route. China can not because the other side is the United States, it will involve themselves in the legitimate interests of endless concessions. China has always been on the war is imposed on themselves the courage to meet, and this is reasonable. If the United States still does not converge, the two countries is entirely possible conflict or even war in the future.  (Daixu, the writer is a strategic analyst at the Chinese Energy Fund Board.)

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