Shock exposure: after the first wave of bomb attack by Chinese Second Artillery Corps the U.S. will be back the Stone Age

China Military Report: The United States really changed fast, learn from China to engages in asymmetric warfare, and also know that first hit China's satellite?

The United States says we need more than 100 satellites to find a carrier that is nonsense, and that the United States now has no more than 100 low-orbit satellites.

Anti-aircraft carrier satellite radar satellite, remote sensing of our more than 10 and in front of N is the synthetic aperture satellite remote sensing satellites Leidaleida Star! Nuclear cell battery, than the Soviet nuclear-powered radar satellites to be more advanced. In addition, the United States, 11 aircraft carriers are few, and where we are every day count of. Fleet aircraft carrier wake there will usually be a day off more than a dozen large ship wakes more obvious, simply become obvious to the eyes of satellites.

On second thought, the U.S. aircraft carrier to attack China's array bit about it is that few, can be found in focus sweep.

The United States should not be worried about China! China is the opposite of how the ABM? There is no radar and satellite guidance is simply not on the beat, the United States is very clear.

Asian version of NATO is the name of it.

Japan and Korea Dokdo issue.

Cambodia and Thailand border issues, Vietnam and Cambodia have annexation and annexation issues, Malaysia and Singapore have historical disputes, Indonesia, the Philippines has the separatist forces, Myanmar is a fence, the Lao party also fence. Brunei these small countries too weak.

Historically, only China and Vietnam, many wars have occurred in other countries do not, this is the history of the Russian threat to Europe is not the same.

According to the present situation continues, the United States can not afford the economic integration from Southeast Asia, East Asia, Japan and South Korea's trade far exceeded the volume of trade with the United States. Phenomenon, but now the United States using borrowed a no money is not attractive to the United States.

Far not said that the U.S. captive Tibetan separatist and the East Turkistan separatists are dependent can not afford, and in 2009 the United States only to Kadeer 300,000 dollars, and even run this bitch enough countries to buy air tickets.

Asian NATO is but a shadow of illusion, to a certain time on the Yi Fengchui up.

We have the ability in the U.S. nuclear first strike back to the Stone Age after the bomb!

U.S. military reported a conservative estimate of China in 2015 can reach the entire United States is 150 intercontinental ballistic missiles, while the U.S. cut only after the 300-500 missiles ICBMs, the United States will not throw all of China, as also a myriad of Russia and Iran and North Korea are developing.

In addition, our middle blocking the deployment of ABM systems CNMD is actual combat, over time developed into thousands of pieces are unknown, to the mud when the water only see his legs, who can survive is unknown.

As long as the United States is not afraid of nuclear war, we are not afraid!

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You have been talking a bit crazy these past few weeks, but now you seem to have gone right off of the rails.

The US has roughly 10,000 thermonuclear devices. A counter strike of even half that arsenal would leave China a smoking ruin with hundreds of millions of dead. And the resultant radiation would kill Chinese by the score for decades.

Besides, we own you guys a ton of money. If you nuke us, you'll never get it back. So just chill.

U.S. imperialism has always been that war entrepreneurs, to fan the flames around the world, is an obstacle to world peace

That bit of rhetoric does not make those 10,000 thermonuclear devices go away.

It is also disingenuous. The Old Men in Beijing are no longer Revolutionaries, but Capitalist Roader Mandarins. They too seek to expand by whatever means necessary.

If The Glorious Chairman could rise up from the dead, he would have them all put to death as Traitors to The People.

china military

China will never go to war with u.s. unless u.s. makes the first move. When that happens the world will go to bits and no one will owe nobody anything. However the leaders in China will be better off in the deep tunnels where food water and air are more available can last for years. I hope China Military will be there to find out in the aftermath.


What is the difference between 3600 nuclear missiles and 10000 or a million when you are dead anyway? you won't live to see it. Besides China can keep on manufacturing more and more nuclear missiles in the tunnels. Remember there are nuclear factories under the deep tunnels in China to manufacture more and can surpass 10000 or more if require. The tunnels lead to all the uranium and iron sites with all the brains to make them. You just don't know what China can do!