Dongfeng-21D, the Chinese "revolutionary" missile will end the era of aircraft carrier

Dongfeng-21D medium-range ballistic missile

According to the Associated Press article on August 5, said China's missiles will subvert U.S. power in the Pacific long-term military rule.

Article at the beginning of that huge super-carrier can best embody the United States dominate the world's sea and air forces. Roar of fighter jets can penetrate to the interior of the hot spots, invincible aircraft carrier battle groups long ruled the high seas area. But before long, the Chinese could do this full stop. U.S. Navy planners are being quietly deal with the Chinese Dongfeng-21D missile developed, some analysts have called the killer of aircraft carriers and that the traditional rules of the game will be rewritten. Dongfeng-21D by the Foundation launched its accuracy is sufficient in 1500 kilometers away, breaking the most advanced aircraft carrier in the defense system.

Some analysts say the fastest wind-21D ultimate test will be completed by the end of this year, although there were a threat to their status in the mobile carrier precision of skepticism. In 2009, the 60th anniversary of China's National Day military parade on display during a wind-21D model. This not only indicates that China's struggle in the Pacific Ocean is revolutionizing the same time indicates that the possible conflict in the Taiwan Strait or the Korean peninsula, the U.S. intervention capabilities will be greatly weakened. In addition, the missile can also prevent access to international waters to U.S. security, to safeguard China's 18,000 km of coastline. Although in theory, nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers can be sunk, but only if its users are willing to risk up to the level of use of nuclear bombs. The Dongfeng-21D is unique is that you can accurately hit moving aircraft carrier. The evaluation of Chinese missiles, the Chinese Defense Ministry did not immediately respond. Over the past 20 years, China's military has maintained a two-digit growth, China has become Asia's strongest naval power. Security plans for Asia-Pacific region, senior director Patrick Cronin said: "The Navy has always been afraid to stifle the ability of the aircraft carrier. China's emerging anti-ship missiles, in particular, Dongfeng -21, represents the first post-Cold War era may potentially block our Navy's ability to launch missiles and designed for this purpose. "

Dongfeng-21D medium-range ballistic missile

For possible conflicts occur prepared, Beijing is now more willing to express the voice of demanding the United States away from the surrounding waters of China, which include the South China Sea. Last month, China-ROK joint military exercise at sea in the Yellow Sea oppose the plan. Finally, the U.S. and South Korea decided to exercise in the Sea of Japan to start, although officials said the United States, not because of pressure from China to change the original plan. But the need to point out that if the (Chinese) New aircraft missiles to break the siege, it can also undermine the policy of the United States in the past. Associate Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy coach Toshi Yoshihara, said: "In the United States and around and fight back before the Chinese can be launched and against the United States. Aircraft carrier killer missiles not only to the U.S. policy makers have long-term psychological effects, while not ruling that the United States since long after World War II dominated the vast waters. thus triggering the fact that sea control can no longer be a self-righteous. "In response, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned the United States concerned about the missile threat from China. Gates also said China network warfare, anti-satellite, anti-ship weapons into money, these are "a threat to U.S. forces launch a major resort." U.S. Department of Defense in recent years has been on the hands of China expressed concern about the anti-ship missile.

R & D for new weapons is the ultimate validation before, the Chinese Defense Ministry never comment. In the Internet, people wind-21D's 10 times the speed of sound and traditional load capacity has been much discussed. China's official media has published an article, supposedly American Pie "George Washington" the carrier involved in a Taiwan Strait war. China has relied on wind-21D, using three different methods to combat U.S. aircraft carrier. The first method of defense by breaking through the U.S. aircraft carrier and shot down by U.S. carrier-based fighters circle, so that loss of combat capability of U.S. forces; the second method, in conjunction with air strikes to destroy the core of the U.S. aircraft carrier combat capability. The third method is direct, "the 'George Washington' was sunk to the bottom."

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