China's first Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile brigade deployed in Guangdong

The new DF-21C medium-range ballistic missile Appeared on parade at National Day
The new Dongfeng-21C medium-range ballistic missile Appeared on parade at National Day

U.S. think tank, released its 2049 Institute on the 3rd person in charge Dan Mingkai article said that despite the withdrawal of mainland coast opposite Taiwan to discuss the possibility of increasingly intense missile, but the People's Liberation Army major strategic forces - the Second Artillery is continuing to expand its inventory .

Last week, Chinese media said that the PLA Second Artillery Corps is Shaoguan new missile for the Journey - 96166 units constructed facilities. Although Guangdong has deployed short-range ballistic missiles of the Second Artillery Brigade - located in Meizhou of 96,169 troops, but the initial report and related indications, the new 96,166 troops may have the unique ability, which may cause Asia, especially South China complicate the strategic stock of the sea.

The article points out, although the introduction of Guangdong Province, may be a range of 1,700 kilometers, solid fuel, the Dongfeng-21C terminally guided ballistic missiles, but the 96,166 troops may be the first wind-21D with anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) missile brigade. In 2005, Dongfeng-21C for the first time to enter active duty, its designed to attack fixed targets on land. If the Dongfeng-21D anti-ship missile successfully passed the required design review, and effective sensor networks in place, then the deployment of this missile brigade in Shaoguan, could become the first within the PLA with the distance or firing to 1,500-2,000 km beyond the sea moving target attack capability of the missile launch deadly journey.

The article said that there are indications that wind-21D anti-ship ballistic missile research and development phase is nearing completion and will soon be entering the early stages of low yield. Moreover, the new east-21D solid rocket motor production facilities in Inner Mongolia was completed in 2009; addition, the U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Willard in March this year, the Senate and House Armed Services Committee before the meeting, they confirmed that Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile is in the testing phase. The end of the Second Artillery Corps plans to complete the design of Dongfeng-21D, while construction of permanent deployment to the time normally associated with completion of the new missile design in the time line. However, to have initial operational capability is likely to also take a long time, put into full production as before in determining the relevant officers in need of subsequent tests on the prototype design.

Wait until the fully equipped, the deployment of 96,166 troops in Shaoguan is likely to use the city's geographical advantage - the city is located along the main thoroughfares, close to the Guangdong and Hunan province separated from the tunnel within the Nanling Mountains. It is said that the tunnel project, called "Great Wall Project", the project began in 2008, carried out in Shaoguan city; importantly, the project works from the Second Artillery forces.

Currently, although 96 166 missile force and its infrastructure has not yet fully operational, but may have been assigned to the Second Artillery officers formed a core group to prepare for the introduction of new missiles. Over the past four years, a selected group assigned to 96 166 troops in southern Anhui Province has been included in an easterly -21 Chizhou Travel (96 161 units or 807 Brigade). Presumably, the core group has been using the professional skills of its forces for a new variant of Dongfeng -21 tactical missile development and training and simulation systems and maintenance procedures. This time, they may be and from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (R & D and manufacture of missile main contractor) design team to work together.

The article points out, regardless of the missile force is equipped with 96 166 Dongfeng-21C, or a more advanced variant of the Dongfeng-21D Sea shells, set up in Guangdong will expand conventional ballistic missile brigade combat radius of the Second Artillery Corps. More precisely, it could help the Central Military Commission of the Second Artillery to enhance the territory's declaration of the South China Sea, or in the Taiwan-related incident, the Chinese missile flew over Japanese territory without can target.

And the Second Artillery Corps, like other missile brigade, 96,166 troops may also be the military in the Taiwan Strait to play a role in emergencies. To this end, the leader of the troops are performing the same task from another brigade of experienced personnel selected out. 96166 Force Commander and Deputy Commander of Environmental Protection Check Tang Qixing have 96,167 troops in the (short-range ballistic missile brigade Yongan) office. Moreover, the 96167 is also the People's Liberation Army troops deployed against Taiwan at least five short-range ballistic missile brigades in a.

In fact, the 96,166 troops that moved in Shaoguan, China in the area as the "core interest" of the expansion of the capacity of the Second Artillery Corps is also gradually expanding, and the PLA recently reflected that the action was not the only one. Shaoguan in 96,166 troops to settle when, to coincide with the Dongfeng -21 Another possible permanent deployment of forces related to Guangdong. With 96,166 troops and Chizhou Dongfeng -21 Tour - 96161 similar relationship between force, 96,219 troops subordinate to a core group has attached to a main east Chuxiong -21 brigade. In fact, as early as 2007, the media have highlighted the 96,219 forces in the development of new missile simulation system theory and achievements. Latest reports indicate that the unit has been moved about 125 kilometers south of Shaoguan, Guangdong Qingyuan City. In addition to the force Qingyuan, the eastern outskirts of the city of Sanya, Hainan Island is also the Second Artillery Corps is under construction at another facility - perhaps the forward deployment base for land-based cruise missiles.

Article concluded that, although these missile units will be quick to fully engage in military operations, but because China is seeking to ensure their place in the Taiwan Straits and other regional interests, therefore the government in the southeast of Beijing is undoubtedly the key to building long-term missile strategy. More precisely, the location of perhaps 96,166 troops that the Chinese ballistic missile diplomacy has been extended to the South China Sea. Given the recent announcement by the territorial waters of the sea and the American public statement of interest arising from political instability, which increases the main participants in these controversial waters to maintain their national interests to maintain their own risk. (From China Military Report )

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