Anxiety of the U.S. that is "Dongfeng-21D threat"

China Military Report: 6 this month, the U.S. Defense Department publicly confirmed to send in the next few months, "George Washington" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to participate in the Yellow Sea at the Korea-US joint military exercises. At the same time, the just-concluded US-South Korea military exercises held in the Sea of Japan on the 11th of the aircraft began to participate in the United States and Vietnam in the South China Sea, the first joint naval exercises. This great strategic nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at sea symbolic deterrent recently active in the waters around China, to the regional security situation added to the many variables.

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in China, frequently around the "Sword"

"George Washington" class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is the world's largest aircraft carrier, capable of carrying more than 80 warplanes, is floating in the western Pacific the largest "air fortress." Matched with the aircraft carrier battle group in the western Pacific region of great strategic deterrent. Therefore, the carrier's movement has been related to concerns of all parties.

"Tian An" incident, the July before the US-ROK joint military exercise held in China's strong opposition, the United States said the aircraft would not come to the Yellow Sea, but only participate in military exercises in the Sea of Japan. And just one month, the U.S. Department of Defense public promises that the "coming months", the "George Washington" will enter the Yellow Sea naval exercises.

At the same time, after the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting for the first time that the problem relates to U.S. interests in the South China Sea, the first open position to intervene after the United States, "George Washington" took part in the 11th day, week-long United States and Vietnam for the first time a joint maritime exercise.

This great strategic nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at sea symbolic deterrent recently active in the waters around China, to the regional security situation has created tension. Sino-US relations experienced Barack Obama took office in 2008 the beginning of the "high opening and going" to the early 2009's twists and turns in Sino-US relations, to pull on bilateral relations, Sino-US relations to overcome the ups and downs, and gradually back on track. Now the U.S. Navy forces frequently around China, "Sword", to create a new Sino-US relations point of friction, the tense Sino-US game. For the United States in the end meaning for? Why Barack Obama is now frequently choose to stimulate the Chinese government?

Fluctuations in foreign policy, the political winds implemented?

Recently, many American media reports were that the November mid-term elections approaching, so that fluctuations in wind direction of U.S. domestic politics, the Obama administration in order to meet the domestic conservative forces, China recently adopted a more hard-line strategy.

U.S. foreign policy decision-making has its modalities and procedures, and the fundamental is to maintain U.S. global interests. However, the implementation of foreign policy process, often subject to domestic political impact of wind direction, and was used as a tool for the ruling party to win over people.

This year in November, the U.S. Congress to conduct mid-term elections. All seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate one-third of the 100 seats in the election. From the current election term, the ruling Democratic Party disadvantage. U.S. mainstream media, recent polls show Americans trust Obama has dropped to a record low, 68%% of people do not trust Democrats in Congress.

Election eve of the conflict are often introduced outside the ruling party's strategy to reverse the tide one. Obama took office in 2008 after the Sino-US relations ", opening to go" out of the U.S. conservative forces have continued to attack Obama Administration's China policy "too soft", "price and then pay a lot in the United States did not return for China's cooperation ", especially in Iran and North Korea, conservative critics of the Obama administration more and more.

Today, the U.S. economy in a slump, the unemployment rate remaining at a high level, Obama surge in the domestic pressure. The difficulty in the domestic context, the conflict outside the guidelines, and China, the "American political standing target" to start, take a strong policy response to conservative critics as one of the Democratic Party's recent strategy.

"Sea threat" reflects the U.S. strategic Anxiety

And the U.S. Pacific Fleet's strategic attack matched the recent period, the American media speculation China's "maritime threat", saying China "is gradually have the ability to destroy U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups." United States, "World Net Daily" published on the 9th, entitled "Is China ready to" exterminate "the U.S. aircraft carrier" exclusive commentary, saying China's Dongfeng-21D missile "will be completed next year, tested and deployed," the missiles will "can be through the existing missile defense system aircraft carrier, 'exterminate' the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group. " The Associated Press claimed that China's Dongfeng-21D missile "could change the rules of the game at sea."

The so-called "China's maritime threat" is not it only appeared a few days. Last year, some conservative U.S. think tank, China's sea power began to advocate a "threat to U.S. security and interests." Conservative think tank "Project 2049 Institute," Executive Director, former Director of Shiming Kai of China Ministry of Defence in September 2009 issued a report saying China is developing the "anti-ship ballistic missile" will "change the strategic Asia-Pacific region territory. " His view was supported by Congress, the military and conservative forces attention.

Journalists participated in a large number of the congressional hearings, think tank seminars, and interviewed many experts and found that all of this speculation is behind the United States on China's military modernization "strategic anxiety."

Nixon Center Bamboo China expert TANG Ren Wei, China is just past Sea Power, "talk about it", now as China's Zeng Qiang Li Liang Sea, China is capable and begin implementation of Shi Ji Zai Zhoubianhaiyu Hangdongweihu sea power, Meifangdanxin of yes "China's emergence in the sea moves over the past never had." Coupled with the lack of military exchanges between China and the two sides failed to establish military mutual trust, the two sides on the sea trial and confrontation inevitable.

Many experts believe that with the rise of China and the maintenance of sea power capabilities, the U.S. dominance in the Asia Pacific area and its military presence in Asia had some challenges, which is the "strategic anxiety" to the root.

Cognitive gap between U.S. structural problems still exist

Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Peking University Wang Jisi that with the hard power of China and the U.S. is rapidly approaching, especially in the international financial crisis, the overall strength and influence of Western decline in emerging countries on the world stage increasingly prominent role. In the structural transformation of global governance mechanism, the Chinese gradually into the center of power. In this context, the two sides on major international issues, the perception gap in the expanding rather than shrinking.

He believes that U.S. strategists are still China's foreign relations and domestic issues found "weaknesses", and tried to use the most obvious of which is the use of neighboring countries on China's apprehension, the strategy "return to Asia."

In Northeast Asia, the United States use of the Korean issue and the so-called "China threat", successfully prevented the U.S. military bases out of Okinawa, Japan to the concept of delayed transfer to the Republic of Korea "wartime operational control." According to the plan, the United States should be in April 2012 the transfer of wartime operational command to South Korea, but has now been postponed to December 2015.

The United States also use Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries and China's territorial sovereignty dispute, bilateral issues international, for their presence in Southeast Asia have found another reason.

In addition to the above reasons, the United States between the structural problems are resolved, there is often friction between China and the root causes.

Former U.S. president's national security adviser, now the University of Virginia Professor Harding said the reporter, although the current Sino-US interdependence greatly increased the risk of direct conflict between China and greatly reduced, but because of the structural contradictions between China, as the Taiwan issue, trade deficit and other problems still exist, while the two sides without exploring the framework for a new mechanism to restrict Zheyi structural contradiction, That both parties in the relationship Huan He O'clock, still Buduanchuxian Yingxiangzhongmei way or another the overall relationship between the points of friction.

In "George Washington" haunted aircraft carrier in China, while the surrounding waters, again, the U.S. Defense Department announced late last month, sold to China Taiwan total more than 4384 million 32 Harpoon missiles, has been contracted to Boeing, is expected to to be completed in June 2011. And declared that "the United States decides to sell the case, would not discuss the matter with any other country."

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