Against the U.S.: New shore-ship missile force to practise live-fire saturation attack

Chinese shore-ship missile launch moment.

August 6 night, the East China Sea Fleet, the number of units of a new offshore derivative group maneuvering the missile launcher, to the East China Sea coast entered a default position. This new 60th anniversary of the founding of the naval parade debut when the new shore-ship missile, is being held under actual launch of the first exercise.

Beating in the darkness, such as ink, military vehicles resounds. "Blues will air, quickly changing the route of the car, grouping multiple positions march marched to prepare!" Headquarters order, the team instantly troops in three columns, each along the national highway and provincial roads and highways to the target position mobile. Commander Zhang explained: the "Hydra array word" multi-path into the backdrop of a path can be formed of any effective attack.

"Blues forward I waters fleet approaching, You are ordered to move into position." Dawn, With a piercing alarm, blue side a destroyer squadron into red radar search. Reporter boarded the command vehicle, an integrated console, there were a trumpeter Li Yan are fast to operate with a variety of instruments and equipment, electronic charts and various target parameters change constantly flashing. Minutes later, he had completed route planning, to give the missile attack parameters. With the mouse click, turning point, speed and other data stream of missiles chips implanted.

"Missile launch!" "Bang!" Earth shaking, the number of missiles such as the sword scabbard, and skirted the sea level, according to their scheduled flight roared toward the goal line. Journalists in the electronic chart to see a few shows the coordinates of the missile flight path of light points is the goal to move the depth of the ocean, they come from all directions, and some low altitude around the reefs, some change in the air constantly changing to. 10 minutes later, received a superior command post communications command vehicle: "You also invading the Department of missiles, saturation attacks effectively, 'the enemy' hors de combat ship."

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