"Yellow Sea incident" is that the U.S fishing for real situation in China the last time

Uproar in the Yellow Sea incident has not a clear statement, as "Washington" aircraft carrier will come to the Yellow Sea, but even the Americans themselves are hesitant. News that the U.S. military has said the aircraft carrier in the East China Sea only - that is, the Sea of Japan to participate in some exercises.
But who can guarantee that the exercise will not be part of the Yellow Sea to China? As we all know, the Yellow Sea of China's territorial sea is not all, we just have most of the waters, so "cross the line," It happens in the exercise is likely to occur, the incident did not complete the Yellow Sea, China must not be taken lightly and should be a high degree of alert mind, or, more to the voice and tough measures to warn U.S. and South Korea, prohibits "cross the line" from happening.
U.S. and South Korea's current military exercises are divided into two parts, Sea and Japanese waters in North Korea to implement than the previous plan-he joined the Japanese, though seemingly far away from China's Yellow Sea to China's threat to weaken, but I It seems as Japan's accession should be made to upgrade this incident, China's deterrent should be strengthened, not weakened.
Can be said that China is not the final victory. China to see the situation in the exercise of it, are not only in China, direct two offshore military exercises in the stand-off was also anchor of the three nuclear submarines, cruise missiles over 450 rounds of eyeing.
Southwest India's recent troop movements, the pace accelerated, Japan and Vietnam in the South China Sea issue recently started to create trouble frequently, will largely involve the Chinese's attention and military deployment, so the risk of China not to lift, so our Second Artillery Corps is moving, this is our initiative, is currently the most effective resistance and deterrence.
Therefore, the U.S. rarely hesitated this incident, has not resolved, it has never shown the cards and the real purpose of the final.
Can say things to get today's China is a stage victory, the Chinese government and the military about-face on the incident showed a very vigilant and tough, which is in advance by the United States did not expect.
If this is usual in China, only to condemn and oppose what the surface, no real response, then, the U.S. aircraft carrier will appear in the Yellow Sea, and for a period of time will always come to the U.S. aircraft carrier "patronizing" look.
If it did, from the American war really not far, fortunately, the Chinese government has taken the most correct and firm measures to make the United States not to mess things up, at least to be more war preparation, so we have time for good preparation!
Why say "the Yellow Sea incident" is the last time the U.S. bottom line on the real situation in China? Yellow Sea can be said of our portal and face, several times a history of humiliation the Chinese are starting from the Yellow Sea, and once missed the Yellow Sea, Beijing and Tianjin will directly face each other's guns and missiles, the Yellow Sea is the last one to protect, rather die can not be missed.
Once the U.S. aircraft carriers into the Yellow Sea, and its combat radius directly into the attack the Beijing-Tianjin area, and even the entire eastern coastal defense system are within the scope of attack, once the reckless moves of U.S. imperialism, Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong Peninsula will be instantly surrounded by fire Even the Northern Fleet will retain his job.
More importantly, these regions are the political and economic center, once the panic, the Chinese will lose the spiritual pillar and, really not far away from a life or death. Therefore, the Yellow Sea is the bottom line of our last one, not even the slightest concession.
U.S. imperialism killed my heart has never ceased, has been exploring China's bottom line, from 99 years of bombing our embassy in Yugoslavia, to the 2001 South China collision, from Tibet to Xinjiang, from the constantly increasing arms sales to Taiwan, again and again The bottom line and touched my core interests, together with our previous years of "keeping a low profile" policy, making the United States pressing harder and harder, more and more of to take risks, increased aggression and confidence, coupled with China's economy in recent years, the plundering of and emptied the policy, the United States have already started preparations for war, not only further drive a wedge between China and Russia, to win over Russia and India, also create confusion and foster our internal traitors, supported separatist forces, vilified in the international image of China, which is the United States to make final preparations.

Can be said that the Yellow Sea aircraft carrier incident is a real situation in China last time, if the Chinese Government does not alert, even if not suddenly hands during the exercise will also get a lot of strategic information, a thorough grasp the heart of China's strategic defense, the war will be on the agenda, together with the preparation ,5 previous years - 10 years, American will war. American war of preparation, to small countries and least developed countries are generally 3 to 5 years of power is generally 8 to 10 years, China is rather special, because the United States lose a war is the only loss to China, so prepared time will be correspondingly longer ,5-10 years to 15 years just to a critical point, so Sino-US war is inevitable.
Since the events of our attitudes and measures the Yellow Sea, and perhaps will extend the U.S. war preparations against China on, we must seize the opportunity to vigorously develop the national defense science and technology and equipment, and vigorously promote the patriotic education to improve people's livelihood, the real war to destroy Among the invisible.
In some controversial issues and sensitive issues, we can no longer be patient and backward, to adopt a tough stance to meet the challenges. Only a strong national defense, and can we truly live in peace and development to maintain the situation, by swallow that can not be exchanged for peace. Unfortunately, we have awakened, have been carefully preparing, believed to have backed the 1.3 billion people, China will not perish, but will be more powerful.
Long live China! Long live the people of China!

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