PLA's top: the Yellow Sea is a red line, those who cross the line will be punished!

PLA's major general said China has five major reasons to oppose the US-ROK military exercise in Huanghai

Major General Luo Yuan

Yesterday, the United States Han Huanghai for the upcoming exercise, the Chinese Society of Military Science, Major General, Deputy Secretary-General Luo Yuan accepted Morning News reporters Cai Fang and Shi Biaoshi, this exercise is to take North Korea apparently said something, but it has a "Xiang Zhuang Dance sword, aimed at covering up "means.

He pointed out that the United States, "George Washington" went to the Yellow Sea aircraft carrier to participate in the US-ROK military exercise, "indeed a threat to us." The carrier of the detection, observation radius can cover in North China. Cover an entire aircraft carrier battle groups in North China, the Liaodong Peninsula region, far to detect Lanzhou. Joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea, as an aircraft carrier with a strong ability to detect early warning, "tantamount to seeing a sea of China overturned."

Military exercises pose no real threat to China

Yesterday, the South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Yuan-tai contained in the regular press conference, said: "US-ROK joint military exercise to implement a specific time, place, size has not been determined." But according to information published by the United States, U.S. and South Korea announced that although the exercise area in the high seas, but only 500 kilometers away from Beijing.

In this regard, Luo Yuan pointed out that the Yellow Sea is a high seas, but even the high seas, it left too close to our territorial waters, where there is a history of injuries of China, is a very sensitive area, with Japanese media said, "Yellow Sea is a non-touch sensitive areas ", the United States should understand.

Luo Yuan has also prepared detailed analysis of the United States sent to the Yellow Sea, "George Washington" aircraft carrier and its battle weapons. Luo Yuan explained that the aircraft carrier's carrier-based aircraft F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter aircraft, its combat radius is 1065 km, while it has EA-6B "Prowler" electronic warfare aircraft, aimed at interfering and destruction of enemy land-based, shipborne, airborne command and control communications systems and early warning, surveillance and fire control radar, electronic interference, so powerful. In addition, the "George Washington" aircraft carrier also contains E-2C "Hawkeye" early warning aircraft, this early warning aircraft can simultaneously track the 2000 target, and can command other ships and planes were on target to implement 40 of them intercepted. Again, it's radar can detect cruise missiles within 270 kilometers and 556 kilometers inside the plane. So, it's the detection, observation radius has to cover our North China.

Luo Yuan further pointed out that the aircraft carrier battle groups is not only a combat aircraft carrier platform, there are many carrier-based aircraft, as well as naval auxiliaries. These together, cover an entire aircraft carrier battle groups in North China, the Liaodong Peninsula region, far to detect Lanzhou.

There are five reasons to oppose the Chinese military exercise

Recently, the People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff Ma Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang days and have publicly expressed opposition to foreign military vessels and planes to other Chinese coastal waters in the Yellow Sea and the impact of China's security interests. In this regard, Luo Yuan said that China holds such a manner and in accordance with good reason.

He believes that China at least five reasons to oppose such an exercise.

First, from the safety concept of view, Mao Zedong had a saying "couch of the River, How can we allow others to snoring everywhere," snoring Shangju not allowed, get on my side to play gun gun allow it? Empathy, if we neighbors or the United States in the U.S. East Coast, West Coast engaged in military exercises, the United States allow it?

Second, strategic thinking perspective, the bottom line is to take preventive measures, have sense of urgency; the highest level of strategic thinking is to prevent crises. We are very firm, is itself an integral part of preventive diplomacy.

Third, geostrategic terms, the US-ROK announced that the exercise area is only 500 kilometers away from Beijing, at such close range, Any country to conduct exercises in the region, we will Gandaozhezhong security pressure. The United States will "George Washington" aircraft carrier assigned to the Yellow Sea region, and its combat radius of 600 kilometers, if the carrier with its 1,000 kilometers or more functions. Therefore, the region a direct threat to our heart and the Bohai Economic Zone's security.

Fourth, from the view of maintaining security on the peninsula. Now the Korean Peninsula have been because the "Tian An" event perilous ship, the United States and South Korea has engaged in joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea region, the crisis is not resolved, but created a new crisis. This is one of the reasons we strongly oppose. Speaking from the safety of the Korean Peninsula, should not create a new crisis, but to control the crisis, crisis.

Fifth, in terms of safeguarding Sino-US relations, especially in terms of Sino-US military relations, that is also our solemn stance is necessary. China has been working to promote Sino-US military relations in a healthy track. There are several barriers between the United States have not ruled out, and now the U.S. has created new obstacles.

Luo Yuan said that China's push into the Pacific Ocean Yellow Sea is a sea, joint military exercises here, in effect, with a military reconnaissance mission, no matter to whom the aircraft carrier to the ability to have strong early-warning detection, we can surrounding the monitoring of hydrogeological reconnaissance, tantamount to seeing a sea of China overturned. Here are the high seas, the submarine once we had from here, it can access to the sea for me in the future to do reconnaissance hydrogeological conditions. Its purpose is twofold: first, strategic surveillance, and second, testing operational plans. This is a threat to us all.

Opportunity to test our operational capability

For the US-ROK military exercise, Luo Yuan said: "We still focus from the most harm, we have to make preparations for a U.S. aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea, to stand in combat readiness." However, he also said the U.S. aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea exercises can be seen as giving us a "Know thyself," the opportunity to test our operational capability.

Luo Yuan said by the U.S. aircraft carrier to test our reconnaissance, early warning and sensing capabilities, including our space, land-, sea-based spiritual ineffective monitoring system, can see and hear each other and can identify each other specific location, this is my reconnaissance, early warning systems perception test. There is also what we can test the communications system, there is the rapid reaction capability, which came after the military can not respond quickly, this is one of my friends and ability to test.

In addition, we can "Know thyself." U.S. aircraft carrier came after the track is like, from which channel to, how to enter the battle position, which is its best fighting position, and in this array is a bit carrier combat formation, and so what. This time, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups would start fighting, its operational deployment, combat formation is what we can do close-up observation. Also, aircraft carrier battle groups to the future, is to carry out combat training, command and control communications reconnaissance systems to open, open since we can know what these nodes, it should also engage in joint military exercises and South Korea, that it Copies of the correspondence, communication channels and what kind of frequency, we can know.

Luo Yuan said: "because it placed him, and we can carry out counter-surveillance. Its training operations with the channel is certainly not used, but we can try to figure out what it means the whole of what kind of communications. It is also provided us with simulation training in a frame of reference, this is one of the most close to reality in a simulated combat exercise. "

U.S. trade embargo with three chains, surrounded by the formation of C-type

Luo Yuan pointed out that the United States, "Michigan" was nuclear-powered attack submarines to Busan, "Ohio" was to the Philippines, the Subic base, and "Florida" was to the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. The mobilization of U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines, take it on the layout of the entire U.S. strategic point of view. Before the United States adopt a "two-headed eagle policy" - only to see Europe, but also look at Asia, and now the military to deploy the entire Asia-Pacific regions.

Through a series of deployment, the United States in addition to the first island chain in the containment of China, another in the Guam, Hawaii region of China and three blocked chain. Luo Yuan mentioned that some people say that the U.S. formed a C-type surround. The C-type surround is actually speaking before the crescent surrounded. He believes that the United States and some Western countries, China has not "crescent" shape surrounded, but "full moon type" surrounded, that is, East and West are set point maneuver, as chess is the same strategy in these areas to seize support points. Three nuclear-powered attack submarines from the above layout can be seen. 60% of U.S. attack submarines are scheduled to deploy to the region, also plans to deploy strategic bombers in Guam. In this regard, China should be vigilant.

Recently, the United States led 14 countries to the "Rim of the Pacific 2010" military exercise, which no Chinese. Luo Yuan said that the U.S. engage in a lot around China joint military exercise. Such as Japan, India, and 14 countries are engaged in joint military exercises. According to some media reports, the joint military exercise in China as an imaginary enemy.

Luo Yuan, said the U.S. Navy submarine commander Jay has said in Australia, the Chinese navy is a growing threat, the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine stationed in the mobilization of 60% of the Pacific, and Australia and work together to build one of the world's most lethal submarine force . It's targeted very clear. The 14-nation joint military exercise, in addition to a number of joint search and rescue, the subject is an important anti-submarine exercises. Participating forces sent destroyers, frigates, as well as nuclear-powered submarine, the ship's offensive capabilities, anti-submarine capability, anti-missile capability, air defense capabilities are strong.

Luo Yuan pointed out that China does not have peace now in the surrounding environment. He must have sense of crisis that should have awareness of national defense. The face of U.S. "encirclement" of China should be reflected in the response to the "great pattern, great thinking, great strategy." On the one hand to strengthen its naval and air forces of the building. On the other hand to establish a number of strategic strong point in the surrounding, well-managed and regional environment. In addition, a number of Western countries against China hostile actions, to give tit for tat countermeasures.

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