Mountain can not accommodate two tigers: We had expected the result of the war between China and the U.S

Mountain can not accommodate two tigers, if the two countries to the Korean crisis or other crisis for the fuse, a direct result of war, this issue may be bothering many people, but today I can tell you that a certain outcome of the war or in the United States ended in failure. The following reasons:

First, select U.S. battlefield

1, the United States will strive to mainland China, the U.S. forward bases in Asia, the country as a battlefield. Strategy is to focus on U.S. strategic forces and space, relying on Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Guam and other forward bases to support the implementation of a surprise to China, to China and its surrounding allies completely destroyed.

2, China will advance to the U.S. homeland and its base State for the battlefield.

Second, China and the U.S. ability to destroy

1, the United States is fully equipped with the ability to destroy China and the world.

2, China is also fully equipped to destroy the capacity of the United States and its Asian allies.

Third, China and the U.S. commitment to the war.

1, the United States resolve: U.S. must use Echelon expulsion strategy. Is to try to compress to the smallest scale war, which is the first choice is a conventional war, the second choice is limited war. That the best interests of the United States because the United States now have the platform edge technology and the war machine; idea to compress in China in the battle Jin Li; minimum, we should also control the battlefield in China and Japan, Korea, the Philippines and other allies territory and the Pacific Islands, definitely avoid the battlefield extended to the United States. In other words, once United States into war, the United States throughout the United States as a scorched earth war of sacrifice.

2, China is determined: the first battle was a decisive battle in China. That is, to destroy the United States as a direct target of war. United States both have completely destroyed the opponent's ability to secure the two countries have almost all the war machine with the new nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the ability to surprise, genocide, genetic weapons is alarming destruction capability. Now any country up the earth itself, is immune to gain China experienced a fair and final implementation of the right to life and desperate for a hit. So once the war is fought full-scale war in China, strategic decisive battle, the battle to destroy the U.S. mainland. At that time U.S. will be a battlefield, but also the first battle, can imagine a lot of new nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, there are more terrorist weapons from falling into the power of the gene results ----- United States United States destroyed the world comes to an end. Of course Chinese saying remarked: fire Yang and Chi Shing Mun fish, helping the United States against China, especially China around lackey running dogs will die sooner worse.

You in the U.S. war machine and technology, weak in the local and national, as well as the so-called democratic politics can not help but Devastate. The so-called American democracy, and in fact the most selfish and greedy American people will not elect or allow the elected President who himself lives a better life and become cannon fodder on the battlefield. Particularly to China, have such capabilities and the will to destroy the State.

4, United States end the war.

1, the United States completely defeated, or face the wrath of the sword to Chest People's Liberation Army under the political hegemony exit. Return to their home.

2, China will be in this war, become the master of Asia, world leaders look forward to the fair, a never succumb to the war, thousands of years undefeated, it has been to "Harmony" as the national spirit and soul of the great country and nation is invincible.

5, the world's ending:

1, NATO's military and political response: full-fledged American war machine, completely destroyed the two countries, nor will it allow other countries to survive and become the winner of this war, the United States must first destroy the world, no country spared, particularly those developed countries has long been the object the destruction of the United States die. In order to survive NATO is bound to become a mediator, the United States to stop interfering in China's behavior, take the initiative to solve China's world leading status.

2, NATO's economic response: If you have not destroyed the two countries, but economic collapse, the world will fully depressed, no country immune to the economic blockade of China, can not happen;

3, the national response to NATO: the participation of their own elected the war, support the war, the loss of lives, destruction of homes of presidents, all ousted.

4, other peace-loving and long-term bullying by the United States and Western powers plundered the country and the nation: the rise must take this opportunity to fully liberate the world of the new dominant force.

5, the world's brain drain; if the earth is not destroyed, and almost all the world's talents will leave a scorched earth of the main battlefield, and no weight to war-torn country, world politics, civilization, culture will naturally shift to the developing countries now.

6, American mentality, predatory culture, and now has the world they are enjoying the highest civilization and dignity and not allow ourselves to suffer from the rogue nature, will be allowed to make himself a war destroyer. So America will not, dare not and can destroy any full-scale war occurring in a country the United States. U.S. political, military, ethnic, cultural and other doomed never beat the Chinese.

Six, the two countries concluded the war.

U.S. vs. the second Korean War, the United States defeat.

"Not fighting the enemy, to the resurrection, and then stuck the death to keep" the military war is always the soul of humanity and the highest achievement. Chinese in spirit, thinking and action, prepared for war. Dare to war, dare to sacrifice, courage to destroy all rivals, in order to avoid war, real war in our country and people prepared to build the world's only real power. It is a great 60 years ago, the Chinese Communists defeated the leadership of people of all nationalities to all miserable inhuman invaders, so that the suffering of the Chinese people made a real stand up. 40 years it can certainly lead us toward the real world, to glory, to become the world's real power.

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