Chinese experts comment on the US-ROK joint military exercise

US-ROK military exercise ended, the Chinese did not cheer the victory, perhaps because I was right, in the end got what real benefit? What cheer? But some people pry up and over your head in this big rock, it touches on it to slowly roll to find a slope down to avoid missed anything. Here are some facts I have a few days and perspectives of understanding.

Exercises content forecasts, expert never said why quasi-

Look at the Chinese experts forecast.

July 21, "Global Times" title: Expert Interpretation of the US-ROK military exercise: the United States set specific operational plans in China.

Air Force expert Dai Xu: U.S. and South Korea or focused on training in the three projects. "Raptor" fighter raids and cruise is one of them. The second is the Navy's aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines offshore approach, using cruise missiles against land attack. The third project is the opportunity to exercise the latest U.S. military's "Air and maritime war" tactics. "Air and maritime warfare," the U.S. military operations in China tailor-made program, this exercise will be the U.S. this year after the official presentation of the program, the first large-scale training and testing. As an ideological war, "Air and maritime war" has been embodied in the first two projects, namely the Air Force broke through the enemy line of defense, destroy air defense and ballistic missile launchers and other facilities for follow-up clearing the way for the Navy saturation attack. US-South Korean military exercise called the North Korean threat, but the exercise, "the air and maritime war" is actually aimed at China.

Navy experts Jiang-Ping Liu: deterrence medium and small countries, the United States Navy or the Air Force deployed alone is enough, this exercise using such luxury sea and air forces, is the "ulterior intention of covering up", will include China and Russia, including together with the regional power threats.

July 26 CCTV "global vision" program: Song Xiaojun: U.S. military exercise in Northeast Asia is a "hit wherever he goes"

Yin Cho: It has not actually conducted the anti-submarine exercises, from the exercise of its subjects, the one is the deep attack, and then one air strike, then the anti-submarine and landing. Had identified a number of force against the DPRK on the plan.

Song Xiaojun: Americans of course, this came to "drop it wherever he goes," is ... ... will not let you do a better job of trade. In fact, if China and South Korea, China and the DPRK's trade even better, and our Northeast region with the formation of good echelon soon after will be conducive to resolve the Korean Peninsula security issues. But the Americans feel the economy of both sides too close, especially the trade between China and South Korea have reached more than 100 billion U.S. dollars. This time, it use it as a whole such a special noisy, to the Northeast Asian region, we should jointly pursue a good life in this campaign rallies smashed.

Yin Zhuo: first command facilities, communications facilities, and its forward air defense forces to combat some of the other possible threats to the implementation of Seoul on the implementation of these cutting-edge combat. Then the F-15, F-16, with F/A-18, E / F carrier-based aircraft to conduct in-depth of these attacks. I estimate this to be considered in this exercise and ultimately landed in what direction.

Yin Cho: We are peaceful trade began, it wanted to deter the United States now have no money, no way to fight us economically, so it is first come from the military containment. But you see, today the world rely on military means to subdue the country, with the possibility it? People is to wear people eat, and with China's trade is to bring food and clothing, and bring livelihood, you want to come destroy people's livelihoods, people agreed to it? So I say this goal is unattainable.

Look at China's official media described the actual contents of the US-ROK military exercise.

At 08:25 on the July 29 Xinhua, Han Meihai joint military exercise on the end of the exercise before the end of 1 month

The exercises include network defensive, fuel supply and command and control, anti-submarine exercises, air refueling, and live hitting. The first day of military exercises in the eastern waters of ROK-US forces search for enemy submarines, the next day to discover and attack enemy submarines, the third day of a fighter-to-ground fire and anti-submarine, anti-air, anti-fire exercises, the last day is in the water , water, air, subjected to threats and reverse osmosis sea transportation exercise.

25 to 26 for the anti-submarine exercises, based on 27 in the eastern Kangwon Province in eastern sea and sea implementation of Kui-chun, a more accurate detection of enemy submarines designed to attack the exercise of its ... ..., the participating warships in addition to a North Korean submarine vessels disguised as abandoned submarine cannon and artillery fire, but also threw to the sea anti-submarine bombs. Day, including F-15K, F-16, F/A-18A/C, F / A-18E / F fighter formation composed of the eastern coastal city of Gangneung in the shooting carried out an air attack exercises with live ammunition. Also for from underwater, surface and air counterattack enemy special forces training. It is noteworthy that some of the Korea-US joint military exercises exercises open to the media, which is unprecedented.

After the exercise, participating in the exercise of U.S. military forces will gradually leave the peninsula area, to their base.

Obviously, if we also believe that on board the "Washington" aircraft interview, and saw the F-22's national press, this exercise did not guess the contents of Chinese experts right. One reason, of course, the media earlier on participating troops weapons "lineup" watch the fun like a report, but naval experts have guessed the reason why even the most fundamental reason is that they have not even clear whether the idea At least that is has been "ulterior motives" of the gas market fully anesthetized, so completely was launched in China on North Korea and even against the background of the joint air and sea, imagine dominating the air, air strikes and military landing Trilogy speech courses.

Of course, F-22 warplanes and cruise missiles, submarines and so this trilogy is indeed the main, but I am not afraid of you say pro-American, I think that the U.S. military exercises have overkill's style, but is really on specific subjects land only for "Tian An" incident. As the "Kunlun Mountains" was the same as anti-piracy, F-22 and Dokdo are much familiar with the environment, meaning running collaboration, courses may not be of the air and landing as the inherent mission. Dokdo out do not have to login as Tian An incident number has nothing to do with the landing. Mixed against many types of aircraft power is also the chopper, it is only a one-day training ground attack.

As for the destruction of trade hit song Big Brother, said wherever he goes, stealing that slightly unprofessional, and Yin is also the teacher is actually contradictory. On "China and South Korea, trade between China and the DPRK do a better job, and the northeast region of our great echelon with, soon will be conducive to solving the Korean Peninsula security issues," inconvenience agree.

China has changed the Yellow Sea to the fire?

US-ROK military exercise will be the aircraft carrier one step back, reasonably strong reaction from China was no need to. However, the characteristics of the Chinese national mood now is vulnerable to stimulation, the Americans left behind at any time into the yellow, then natural gas is difficult to make China a lot of people level, together with the United States also launched an attack in the South China Sea, which China and some people can not accept without reaction. Only, the highest decision-making by the central, dedicated to larger, more ruthless means, the time diametrically opposed to the military response is unlikely. However, with this part of the public opinion echoes the hands of the military, some do not need special approval from the central point of routine military training, was given a special meaning, sought after by the media, played a "quick use of Nunchaku, whirring Kazakhstan hee "effect.

Official sources said that the Nanjing Military Region, there is no rocket exercises and "war -2.01 thousand" emergency support training for something, but really stressed "in the Yellow Sea in the vicinity" and "large" and "large-scale long-range rocket fire that is still the first combat exercise time "(at nine past four p.m. on the 27 July Xinhuanet People's Liberation Army exercises to large-scale air force Shandong Peninsula) 3:00. Indeed visible to deterrence implicit in the official intention of being.

Chinese military experts say: It shows my capacity to fight the Army's coastal waters, "If anyone dares to challenge our ability to fight back, but by all means to fight back." But the need for credible and effective deterrence. If that long-range rockets of the Yellow Sea with large-area coverage to check or eliminate the regular carrier is our military tactics, I can believe, but such tactics do not take the Yellow Sea off China's cargo and fishing vessels all recall, it dare? While the U.S. aircraft carrier in the block, it also helped the United States blocked the passing of Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian and other northern port? From the reports, "Artillery has three gun volley drills, volleyball volley volley, and even firing live ammunition and other" point of view, this exercise is small, the largest technical content is "shooting in the past, performance evaluation based on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, radar, television and optical equipment, battlefield reconnaissance and other means to conduct a comprehensive assessment "is battle damage assessment of progress.

U.S. warships at this time simply no, and no carrier activities, the Yellow Sea, on the 300 to 500 km from east to west, and the delimitation of undetermined Yellow Sea, 150 km range rocket with a cover to prevent U.S. aircraft carrier near 150 km is in the affirmative No problem, the problem is so close to the United States intends to rely on it? How to make the United States believe that this can reduce or even offset the Chinese aircraft carrier combat radius?

Of course, Taiwan's "China Times" quoted an expert artillery units such interpretation: Why do not shore-ship missiles, while the traditional artillery, because the rocket is the lowest energy of the show, received a warning if the initial results, the best, however; No, PLA There are other options as a counter, successive upgrade, do not rush out of the elite. The face of artillery range of 150 kilometers, 200 kilometers of the U.S. fleet to keep a safe distance, and so on, the PLA artillery have longer range, if used, and their fire coverage at or near the first island chain.

Taiwan's military experts do not know when to keep out U.S. aircraft carrier so enthusiastic, but even as far a range of the first island chain, even the missiles do not have a problem is that even if the rockets can be guided, precision is limited, uses the staff to combat scattered ships, it seems that even the Soviet Union and Iran today, such decisions based on the countries did not consider. Just have experts opinion is: People's Liberation Army Navy unable to play against "Washington" aircraft carrier, which is its failure to hold anti-aircraft missiles in the Yellow Sea testing reasons.

The Jinan Military Region, and some armored brigade forward command post equipped with air from Zhengzhou to a coastal city of Shandong Peninsula, but the Jinan Military Region Air Force transport standardized part of the training exercise training. Also considered that the attitude of the move.

On the "war -2010," obstinately life and life to this forum said to be 54 for the U.S. and South Korea's People's Liberation Army troops to support North Korean armored division simulation Sea. I previously had been analyzed, if the train ferry personnel carriers intended to affect the situation on the Korean Peninsula, I am afraid the Yellow Sea over the command of the air as secure as ever, in South Korea shores a great success, not only have a solid bridgehead, also seizing the port after a complete do you? Where is the landing that promotion, I am afraid that can only be the result of a successful landing it. Dominant in the U.S. and South Korea before the sea and air forces, the Chinese Army (the Marines do not have) the landing, is sitting directly on a train ferry to the shore and then drive straight along the railway directly to it?

Incidentally, the patriotic re-appreciate the cute little angry youth fantasy exercises it: "Joint Korean military demarcation line north of the build-up in more than 50 divisions of the Army and the short-range ballistic missiles, military exercises, scheduled military exercises in the United States Han Huanghai the same time. Learning U.S. Korean director Tian An incident, directed a military demarcation line event, then Huijun south of Seoul. attack Seoul not to occupy the city for the purpose of destroying the only heavy industry base in Seoul and the surrounding troops can return home, the land army for the king ! "

Another major deterrent is the only source on July 27, "Ming Pao Daily News." Said last night all the people of Qingdao have witnessed unprecedented scenes, hundreds of fighter planes roared in the sky and lasted for 40 minutes. "Ming Pao Daily News" said: "This large-scale military mobilization in China, if not a precursor to large-scale military exercises, warning that a strong internal and external," This is the People's Liberation Army in the Yellow Sea is said to have "pre-emptive."

In response, Ho Liang-Phoenix will not believe this news is false, it is certainly the highest authorities in Beijing, under the unified command, under the unified arrangements. Liang Liang also believe that: (anti-American mother into yellow) that public opinion is true, China's public opinion on a few issues there is such a consensus. He also believes: it is the Yellow Sea off the coast of the Bohai Sea. (Inland Sea off the coast, which is inland, is this mean?)

Although Liang Liang also said that the confrontation between China and is not US-Soviet Cold War past, but he said: "In the future it will also the situation, China will not put the Yellow Sea as one of my seas, the United States after you do not come up. " Clinton launched an attack from the South China Sea situation, does not seem like it?

The victory does not cheer

Indeed, the Yellow Sea into inland sea, that at least one substantive count of income, it is worth cheering. But the United States has not a statement of repentance, promised not to, so the climax had to simmering. Of course, the little fruit off the ground can still pick a few of.

For example on July 22, Central said: "The US-ROK military exercise reveals media frustration Chinese experts called on a rational view." However, it is this seemingly sympathetic to the opponents play too ruthless in their coverage: a view of military experts are: the United States to test the Chinese compromise only the bottom line, China is impossible to conclude the game with the United States scored a victory .

To make matters worse, another expert though, that the "to be used with caution 'victory' word", but his appetite for more, "the U.S. military strike capability, whether military exercises in the Sea of Japan or performed on Multimodal China's threats are the same, so even if the United States will exercise moved to the Sea of Japan, China also should be opposed. " This is the "should be more than courage to recover tottering foe was not to sell Learn From the Overlord" ah. Have the ambition, why not help the country develop "nuclear deterrence", Journal of the calculations with the Japanese one?

Not satisfied with the ring on July 24 it issued a paper which Professor Jin Canrong admitted: "At sea, China is a new player, compared to 100 years in the aspect here the United States, China's sea power concern is still nominal 'fetal'. " But the article's subject is no longer the fetus, but the muscular "U.S. scholars assume the outbreak of the 2015 Battle of the Sino-US: U.S. aircraft carrier was sunk." Although the addition of a "assumptions", in fact, take this assumption as it is enjoyable.

This scenario from the U.S. Naval War College Professor of International Law James? Kraska. About him, I wrote:

James carat Scar (James Kraska) of this article, "How America lost the naval battle in 2015," published in Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia (FPRI, China and some media instinctively adding that the "United States" word, in fact, it is not the National) publication "Orbis" on. This person served as the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff strategic planning and policy director of the consultancy, currently with the main task of marine Science Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Marine Policy Centre.

Although Kraska with the "Dawn of the Red Sky - alarm sounded" and "D Day After" and so render the text, not even the U.S. aircraft carrier in the end to the transfer of several ships did not assume that clear, or even imagine, "Washington" was hit in Shen month after silence the whole of Asia, the United States did not even dare claim that dilemma is the sinking of the carrier, because "it would be a massacre." Good one for the pathetic remarks military! Clinton sought to convey the core is: "Washington" of the sinking, the sea change not only the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific, has also opened a China replaced the United States, to establish a new order of international forces chapter. On the other hand is, to avoid this outcome, we must ensure that China can not be sunk "Washington".

Take this "assumption" satisfied, for fear it is not smart enough. Satisfying to have a similar ring 24 in the same report: the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow, Mr. Blumenthal testified in Congress recently declared that "I have never seen anything like as fast as the development of Chinese naval forces. China will one day be sea. " Dao Shi mentioned in this story of central China, the U.S. Navy research project director Feng Dewei words: China and the U.S. Navy's actions range from "keep close to each other," If you can not establish a good communication mechanism, it will "lead to unnecessary, as in the past risk and do not want to see the accident. " China, U.S. National War College expert Bernard? Cole, then more is: "most of our countries on our progress in naval or foreign affairs do not understand what the details."

Even the U.S. aircraft carriers were sunk, and ring is not satisfied, 28 said, they reported that "international law expert: China the right to prohibit the exercise of foreign warships in the Yellow Sea." This is the July 26 Procuratorate Daily Society "radius of the Legal" magazine and a law firm in Beijing's "against the US-ROK military exercise in China's coastal law seminars." The Department will also crazy is that the United States as a completely "underdog." The article said that "emphasizes the principles of the Charter of the US-ROK joint military exercises against the Security Council presidential statement and the Law of the Sea Convention", and if so favorable, a strong Chinese military and do not use this Zhangdao Yi license it? Charter is a high moral standard, in addition to such self-regulation countries like China, say the United States in violation of it is very easy, the President declared a "restraint", he also planted here, UNCLOS does not have to pull up, Ah simply no sign, but do not blame all day, all qualify.

The problem is that most real thing, "China prohibits foreign warships the right to exercise" is the how to's. Some experts claim the original was: Although international law does not explicitly exclusive economic zone can not engage in military exercises, but the Law of the Sea Convention on the high seas "peaceful use" of this provision should also apply to the exclusive economic zone. China should prejudice the rights of coastal economic grounds, to prohibit foreign warships to exercise in the Yellow Sea waters.

This is the expert on the high seas "peaceful use" rules extend to a claim exclusive economic zone is currently not provided for the Convention. This claim to become "rights" need to modify the Convention. Did not modify the Convention before, this "right" to have not. Meanwhile, in order to prejudice the economic rights forbid military exercises, discussions at the United Nations, I am afraid the only thing to scare away the fish as the reason, not easy to pass it. Most importantly, the expert himself also has a premise to this proposition: If the United States went to the Chinese side of the ship 200 nautical miles inside, even if access to our exclusive economic zone of the. It does not come in? How do you have the right to full control of the Yellow Sea? Fortunately, this idea is only seminar, and if through diplomatic channels to South Korea is protesting, and even North Korea, do not think that he is involved in the demarcation of a fool.

Anxiety and sober

Threaten the U.S. this is not the Peninsular wave, not necessarily all with nationalism, sometimes reflect a kind of anxiety. For example on July 22 reported comments of a "difficult situation of Sino-US aircraft carrier is taking shape in China need to build maritime safety arc."

Comments acknowledged: In fact, a long time, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in the Yellow Sea almost every year there, except that the distance from the territorial waters of China. China's urgent need to build a reliable sea "security arc" to protect coastal economic zone to build aircraft carrier "exclusion zone" to become the first choice for the military. U.S. Marine "security arc" and "blocking ring" collision almost inevitable.

Comments also put forward an "aircraft carrier dilemma" of the policy:

Best, first choice "war", we should first clear the core interests of China's offshore areas, will enhance the appearance of U.S. aircraft carrier to the strategic level Sino-US relations, the United States to exert political and diplomatic pressure, forcing it to give up. Second choice is "war of weapons and equipment", while political and diplomatic pressure, the military should make preparations, such as important strategic facilities along the coast to prepare anti-reconnaissance, tracking U.S. aircraft carriers to enhance surveillance, carried out in the key area targeted exercises. If the force arrived in the past, it is worst: timely implementation of the strategy of anti-China should deterrence, strategic missile nuclear submarine into the ocean the default position, ground-based long-range missiles to enhance combat readiness level; the other hand, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group to maintain sufficient military pressure carrier through deterrence and eventually reach the U.S. strategic goal of anti-deterrence.

Therefore, "security arc" the idea of politically correct policies on the middle three are technically justified, the problem is still the carrier of psychological anxiety and the mobilization of the political military diplomacy Zi Yuan to implement Duikang (not to mention towards America in addition to an economic war, worst has as with the Cuban missile crisis comparable to the peak of the Cold War), to his savings into custody, but only to the mother not to come to China for U.S. coastal waters, cost-effective it?

Fortunately, many sober voices. July 19 ring, the National Defense University, Da-Guang Li: China should adopt the attitude that sober observation, seriously, to strengthen communication, clear demand and avoid being dragged into the Yellow Sea was a "whirlpool" in. Pentagon to North Korea sends a clear message that the U.S. will help defend South Korea if necessary. Aircraft carrier sent to the Yellow Sea is intended to deter North Korea. We do not need this exercise as directed at China. After all, the main attack on the DPRK, ROK Why take the initiative to embrace the main spearhead of China's own people? ... ... Over-estimated the United States to take advantage of the Korea-US joint military exercises on China's military intimidation of the plot may be wrong. If the U.S. really wanted to attempt the Chinese have it, use its air force in Northeast Asia, it is more likely?

Look at the United States, "World News" (Chinese) editorial, "On the surface, U.S. and South Korea in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan show muscle, is to warn North Korea, but the ulterior clearly have the power to curb the rapid sea Beijing Rising ", and anxiety co-production, but below it by anger saying" soft, "" We look forward to the United States and two major powers in the context of healthy competition to regional stability and balance of power, based on extensive dialogue and contacts; after all this region is to meet the most modern history of the development opportunity and a new engine in the world economy, does not allow for error. "

BEIJING, July 23, "the Taiwan media said the U.S. sphere of influence in East Asia, quietly adjusting start", the title of murder, but only referred to "Liberation Army Daily" on 22 tough carries a signed article that "the threat against the hegemony in international affairs", also that Taiwan's "United Daily News," commented that "the core of whether a gentle way of conciliation of conflicting interests, will become the East Asian countries with the most stringent political and economic challenges."

A similar view also, the People's University professor of international relations Shi, "China's reaction to the US-ROK military exercise to maintain the sufficient strength, but also to stop, this strategy should continue to maintain a balance," Professor Sun Zhe of Tsinghua University "in between the United States there are many crises and conflicts, but they Sino-US relations are very important to both sides, without splitting the two sides should continue to adhere to practice ", National University of Singapore, Cheng Yung-year" exaggerated claims of containment of China, the U.S. action is It reflects the rise of China's anxiety. "

Professor of Foreign Policy to Rule in Outlook magazine on the East security pattern in Northeast Asia is very broad sense: First, the U.S. political and military presence in Northeast Asia remains the dominant factor in regional security situation, while China's influence in the rapid increases in military exercises being staged in the Sea of Japan expressed concern about the attitude of China-ROK cooperation. Secondly, the DPRK nuclear issue is the plight of Northeast Asian regional security and safety of the concentrated expression of conflict, security in Northeast Asia in recent years it has become the most prominent factor in instability. Again, the security situation in Northeast Asia lies in the fundamental dilemma of confrontation during the Cold War structure has not fundamentally changed. As the improvement of relations between China and South Korea, between China and the deepening of cooperation and interdependence, the ultimate resolution of the Korean Peninsula although no specific time to look forward to, but basically still in the controllable range. Finally, the United States for its own strategic interests, remains to long-term, steady-led security pattern in Northeast Asia and direction, which constitutes the United States and countries in the region long-term, lasting, comprehensive and profound contradictions.

Must also have a clear understanding: In essence, the security pattern in Northeast Asia's initiative is still in control in the hands of the United States, and not because of the location of the exercise is changed. Therefore, China's opposition to the U.S. fleet into the Yellow Sea exercise caution be taken in such matters, do not be blind to emotions and impulses that contain nationalism. Otherwise, when the Chinese security pattern in Northeast Asia do not have the strength to resist U.S. military operations in specific circumstances, not only can not stop some of the arrangements the U.S. military will intensify the conflict between the United States, resulting in a good atmosphere of cooperation among major powers damage to the domestic nationalist sentiment led the blind rise.

July 27 in Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao," the Beijing Capital University of Economics Associate Professor of Public Management, Mr Cheung article, "Misunderstanding is asking for trouble rendering the US-ROK military exercise," say some of the more violent. First, the US-ROK military exercises on the Korean Peninsula continue to complicate the background, the South Korean side to ensure the security interests of the parties, deter and compel the DPRK to stop acts of provocation and nuclear weapons, but North Korea held for a high-profile military exercises. Despite their entry into the Yellow Sea of China does threaten offshore safety concerns, but in the end not with China as the direct object and an imaginary enemy, the Chinese should not be necessary to embrace to his head, and then for the safety of others to bear responsibility and should not assume geo-pressure. Accordingly make high excesses reaction, even consequent affect their judgments on the situation in Northeast Asia, response, and even influence the policy of national defense strategy, should not be taken.

Based on this, China for the US-ROK military exercises reaction to the whole song should be persisted within the tight square, namely the use of U.S. military and all the normal channels of intergovernmental, Expressing grave concern to the United States and fear, especially regional expansion of its military exercises to be clearly against the Yellow Sea; People's Liberation Army-related departments should be run to their full observation, monitoring the whole process of US-ROK military exercises and details, in-depth tactical analysis, evaluation; in for domestic public opinion in the media , it should be rendered within its power to prevent unnecessary over-interpret reports and to guide people to relax their anxiety state of mind.

Unfortunately, domestic individual military experts and scholars blindly playing against the US-ROK military exercise on the significance of China, advocating U.S. get rid of the "first island chain" of the seriousness, urgency, and China in the East China Sea, South China Sea facing adverse situation, following tensions caused in the public impression:

Geographically, China has suffered an unprecedented siege of the United States pressure, have by their passage to the sea to contain the risk, if not to resist, if not a substantial expansion of navy and air force equipment, China's coastal defense and security at risk;

United States, all acts against the DPRK are "ulterior intention of covering up," China must speak out response, Sino-US confrontation is inevitable and is already a fait accompli ... ...

For domestic purposes, no doubt the political legitimacy of the ruling Chinese Communist serious Sun Hai, also contain undesirable social stability and harmony Weihai factors, Ye Hui on China's North Korea Peninsula Zhanlue Celuexingcheng misleading and Ganrao, Shen Zhi Dong Yao in China will adhere Liyingchangqi the " keeping a low profile, do something, "the overall strategic approach (some people in recent years has been preaching" do something "should be higher than the overwhelming" Low ", or even give up the" Low ").

International terms, will no doubt exacerbate the "China threat theory" and other fallacies spread and spread around the country intensified concerns unwarranted anxiety and suspicion psychological, to the United States hold a small number of hard-line Cold War mentality to handle China, causing China to give up "do not take the lead and never seek hegemony" commitment to try to replace the former Soviet Union as the United States, the illusion of the West Cold War confrontation and further deterioration of China and its people in the international community's negative image of serious damage to China's international moral authority.

... ... If we allow some interest groups advocate or itinerant warlock rhetoric, popular nonsense, and then rendered non-existent tension, only frightened, maybe asking for trouble.

The article even mentions "certain interests", which is bold. But this article, some sites in the country, it certainly is "typical of literati and the country." I also spilled onto this spittle had the typical features of your ideas to extremes, and then take the unreasonable extreme forward and scold you. For example "If the U.S. troops stationed in Qingdao", "If the door of China to the United States exercises" and the like, nothing worthy of dispute.

There is still one of these people in recent years, particularly dangerous. Is cited at the forum a regular source of news seemingly unauthorized tampering, adding lie. Zi One example: "Major-General: China has not blocked any U.S. aircraft carrier force into the Yellow Sea," Xinhua BEIJING, July 27: U.S. Commander Rear Admiral Keluo Asked whether China would exercise under threat, said that China There are no power stop (us) into the (Yellow Sea). They only deviates from the thigh, "George. Washington" aircraft carrier out of the exercise is the freedom of the Yellow Sea. "Splayed leg" Even if the U.S. military say, China News Agency reporters Gan Fa and Gao Ma? This approach appears to forum personal behavior, motivation is simply the expression of emotion, but the damage is the credibility of Chinese news, unfortunately there is no press law in China is that there is also keen to control a lot of rumors, may not love this kind, spread rumors.

But the United States and home to the Yellow incident, the Chinese point of view of differentiation indeed spectacular, Ho Liang-enthusiastically participated in the anti-US military Qingdao, Lvning Si was editor in chief of the time in Phoenix to read a large section of the article Mr Cheung.

There is also a trend worthy of attention: a recent Tsinghua - Carnegie Centre in the global policy of "soft power and public diplomacy in China" seminar. It stands to reason to the mass media, non-governmental organizations and networks such as carrier-based liberalism, how public diplomacy is not easy to attract such a natural tendency to control the military interest groups, but the 25 "Liberation Army Daily" published a special article of the experts view, saying China should increase its soft power through public diplomacy right to speak, I noticed: the speakers are not military people. This seems to indicate that the military representatives on the ring for the interest of civil discourse exciting match. Ring in article 27, also with ulterior motives, that "no military background, several scholars" against that argument (that the U.S. is "containing China"), that this is exaggerated. Words, it appears that the military intends to have a scholarly background to become a watershed.

Finally, someone said, "North Korean invasion, the PLA ground forces to protect it," aware of the CCTV 4 sets of "Walking in Asia" program recently aired the Korean Broadcasting Commission to help in the shooting of "approach North Korea", in China's rare for North Korea on TV I start the "Juche", "Chollima Movement", "150 days of economic warfare," and so on. Think of the recent Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue positive visit to the DPRK, China is not able to control the DPRK's "nuclear deterrence" or have concerns, however hard some people have even said that this visit into a "People's Liberation Army intends to equipment or directly send troops to send, "the Chinese government's top priority is to ease tensions on the peninsula, do everything possible to return to six-party talks framework. On television is nothing but a little show good measure. However, in this program, is not difficult to hear a little between the lines. "Even if the tight supply in other places, we must ensure that the lighting Juche Tower," is one. Although the officers Panmunjom, said the CCTV camera had "... ... We will never forget," but the commentary in the CCTV still "in Panmunjom, hardly any traces of the Chinese People's Volunteers" is the other. 150 000 Mania ah, if failed to buffer, is puzzled. However, perhaps what the buffer this concept obsolete? Alternatively, our approach is doomed can not guarantee a long-term interests? Now, the common lot of the old nerve root in the new situation, it has been anxious up, it is a problem.

I judge on the United States may not be very comprehensive and accurate, such as Hillary Clinton in a surprise attack on the South China Sea also I was surprised. The next to speak. Here I just want to say, I do not will not be excited when you see the cemetery volunteers, I feel the same. But here is also studying the United States, sacrifice, and other matters can be separated look. The great war and sacrifice all the situation not to affect future judgments and strategy selection.

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