Chinese military experts fully exposured the true face of China's aircraft carrier

China's aircraft carrier has become the international media of "hot words." In the Chinese mind, the aircraft carrier construction is long-standing, if there must be on the 1st, China will have its own aircraft carrier, that is what it would look, faster action than the scientists, is the carrier fans, they have to use a rich bold the imagination of countless species outlined China's future aircraft carrier.

Then China's future aircraft carrier look like, today's "Oriental Horizon" to pay attention to this topic.

What kind of aircraft carrier for China?

The aircraft is a fighter, including a flagship, two air defense cruisers, 4-6 anti-aircraft anti-submarine destroyer, one to two nuclear attack submarines composition, can accommodate from 80 to 90 combat aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, while the deck with a cruise missiles, air defense missile launchers.

There are four different types of aircraft: the first by function, aggressive, anti-submarine, convoy and four types of multi-purpose aircraft carrier. Second, to bring the aircraft in accordance with the performance division. One is a fixed defined aircraft carrier, which can carry all types of aircraft. Another is the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, helicopters take off and land only, or can VTOL aircraft fixed meaning. A third, according to tonnage of points, there are large aircraft carriers, full load displacement of 6-9 million tons; medium-sized aircraft carrier load displacement of 3-6 million tons; and small load displacement of 30,000 tons less. Fourth, in accordance with the power divided, with conventional power, that is, diesel and nuclear power. In which tens of thousands of nuclear power can continue to sail 10 nautical miles, traveling the world. Each carrier can effectively control the aircraft radius of 400-500 nautical miles of sea. Equivalent to the full from Taipei to Shanghai area. It is like a mobile base, no need to close to the coast, it can attack, whether it is cruising at sea or in combat. Aircraft carriers are an enormous force to the situation around.

China's aircraft carrier like? Full of conjecture, not only to fans of China's aircraft carrier, there are people in other countries, such as the Japanese media published an article in the prediction: China will buy from Ukraine, Russia repair of an aircraft carrier, the U.S. commentators are forecasting a more detailed, even including the aircraft carrier battle groups in the formation mechanism, then what kind of China will build aircraft carriers do?

Reporter: From the personal perspective, you think if the Chinese to build their own future aircraft carrier, which types most suitable for us?

Navy military researcher Li Jie: In the course of the construction of aircraft carriers which, it must be gradual, such as dynamic aspects, it is starting with the beginning of conventional momentum, future technology or economic conditions are right, and gradually over to nuclear power on top, in the future weapons and equipment have weapons in this new concept of development, of course, developing countries, design or equipment will not be possible in one step like the United States, it must have a process.

Cheuk Yin military expert: is consistent with the interests of maintaining our national development, while preserving the national security interests of the oceans, from both point of view, we can not develop like the U.S. super aircraft carriers, the U.S. super-carrier, one is too complicated technology , then a cost is too high, it is also very expensive the carrier aircraft, the carrier's maintenance costs are very high. A developing country like ours, we do not force commitment.

Li Jie: It is generally more than in medium-sized aircraft carrier, in fact, is a powered aircraft carrier at sea combat platform, the main function is to carry aircraft.

Yin Cho: India is to select some of the central carrier, but he used the ring are the more decks to take off, if we have the ability or the development of large deck aircraft carrier is better, from the operational requirements, it is more efficient.

Design of future aircraft carrier with its own technology

Moderator: down and to connect our military experts to conduct further detailed analysis of the Song Xiaojun. Xiaojun Hello. Imagine what our future Chinese aircraft carrier in the end is like, first of all designs from some users started to see a few friends I give you the design of future aircraft carrier look like China. This is the first one, Xiaojun you to our analysis of this design Kaopu it? In?

Song Xiaojun: I think he did a little building designed by the feeling, is really very imaginative. This situation of course is not currently able to achieve, or that it in the water inside the resistance, including the design of his way in front of so long, then two oblique angle of the deck in the back, so there really is more imaginative, but there may also There is no such carrier.

Moderator: As insider, you first think it might not achieve the greatest is where?

Song Xiaojun: I think it was a waste of the layout, although the great aircraft carrier, but it is very particular about every side of the deck, in the end what those things in place arrangements where we can describe it is the system integration of a thing, I thought this is very beautiful, even a very neat, but it has some places there will be some waste.

Moderator: Let us look at the second site, this one I feel closer with the common carrier.

Song Xiaojun: Of course I think it has a feature that he put behind this, the carrier aircraft, you see it all, if I feel as if we had just two days before a state of distress, came to be a pilot to put down an aircraft, the firm, its layout in front of this pressure, but he made a modification, the aircraft back to do the folding-wing aircraft, then the other of these, in front of them down I think more conventional design , down more like a normal aircraft.

Moderator: So there is one. Painting, from the point of view is very simple graph.

Song Xiaojun: Yes, I think he did consider the site is very comprehensive and there is a more of a fly-style deck. For instance, we in the short term, both the steam catapult or electromagnetic catapult, we use a more fly-like, and now Russia, have adopted this approach, because Russia in the Soviet Union, its pop-technology and not break such as Su-33 fighter jets to take off those heavy, also add a more flight deck, and then Yingzhuo Feng high angle of attack to take off, this consideration is better, maybe he thought China should be like this.

Moderator: We take the pieces of the actual map view of what users, these users may plenty of military enthusiasts, military buffs, some might not really, but one heard a message on the construction of China's future aircraft carrier full of enthusiasm, how do you see so many friends come up with their own design such passion?

Song Xiaojun: I think this is a very good development in the world are very particular about naval reserve personnel, and even retain art and design, for example we are most familiar, there are a few days ago, a Japanese ship off, everyone was that it is quasi carrier. Japan since the war, his surface ships and submarines and always maintain a design team, even if no boat can do, they must maintain them to do some conceptual designs, so once the new warships came and took them get a conceptual design to let the experts. Britain and the United States, you see 2007 and 2008 RAND report specifically done to them, the follow-up on the submarine design team talents like how to retain them. For example, they adopted a spiral design, each form is designed so that they can add some. It means to these people eat, possessor of them. Well, I just see so many friends have such a passion, it shows we have a huge design team of volunteers, to maintain a conceptual design, I think that is good.

Moderator: also that they are designed, not necessarily professional, may not have practical operational, but in the future, perhaps some of their ideas is likely to be that we spend, is it?

Song Xiaojun: Yes.

Moderator: In your predictions were, the future Chinese aircraft carrier, should be more than a large tonnage, carrier-based aircraft will be about how many planes, what kind of power?

Song Xiaojun: I would like to present it, I would like to be bigger than the medium-sized aircraft carrier, not to pursue such a large aircraft carrier as the United States, but the above test equipment load more, because as the first one domestic carrier, we are mainly its supporting test equipment, continually to adjust, because we can not step in the success of larger than medium-sized aircraft carrier, we can install some equipment and more. After this run continuously, constantly enriched, so that volume production of our future, our true aircraft carrier to be a fully prepared.

Moderator: We have to build aircraft carriers, then own the ratio of how much technology?

Song Xiaojun: I think that should be as much as possible using their own in the Jishu, because special is a key technology, to say that the procurement of foreign words, for us, the whole Zhanzheng of Qianlijiuhui compromised, Yi Dan spend the key technical people I give the simplest examples, such as diesel, and now we have a lot of diesel in Germany, he produced through licensing to us, he was only 85% of the parts for you in domestic production and 15% of the seals that he never will not give you production. If we rely on imports of key components, the future operations of this aircraft carrier force will continue to play a number of discounts.

Is now the best time to build aircraft carriers do?

In 1988, the Yin Cho went to the French Military Academy, during which they had as students in the French aircraft carrier Foch practice, and observe the daily exercise of the carrier.

Reporter: The board, after the French aircraft carrier to observe, did you feel the place where an accident, surprised at all?

Yin Cho: I feel the most prominent is the shock, a huge, although the medium-sized aircraft carrier just to the threshold, but the training was just a night when a total of nearly 10 aircraft taking off and landing in the rotation, one in the training of new trainers in the second assessment there. Constant throughout the aircraft taking off and landing, the entire flight process, the deck is the hot gas flow, it is more than 1,700 ships, together with air staff 500 more than the 2200. In the course of the whole operation is very orderly, in a very quiet environment, but a large number of aircraft flying up roar about, then roared to a number of aircraft landing. Command because it is night, basically there is no sound, all rely on light to direct. I did not expect such a complex operation of an aircraft carrier.

Reporter: At present, China is now the technical level, with the beginning of your board compared to the French aircraft carrier, we have from you, can we create a similar kind of aircraft carrier?

Yin Zhuo: This type of vessel, tonnage, not too great, more than 30,000 tons of ships, ship making, technically has no meaning for us, and made such tonnage is not too complex for us to do. Also, that is from other technologies, such as its missile heat, as well as its principle of operation, etc., and I think this set of landing on our Chinese shipbuilding engineers, the level of our industrial and technological level of China it has no insurmountable obstacles to the.

Currently there are 10 countries in the world has aircraft carriers, the United States has the world's largest number of 11 aircraft carriers, all for the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, only United States and France have nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Russian boat, aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, attached to the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet. Britain has three, winners of type, conventionally powered aircraft carrier. France 2, which is nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, Clermont Shuttle conventional-powered aircraft carrier, there is a light aircraft carrier of Italy, Garibaldi number, are now ready to build a new aircraft carrier. Brazil has two of them, a conventionally powered aircraft carrier giant is bought from the United Kingdom, Foch, a conventionally powered aircraft carrier was purchased from France, India has three conventionally powered aircraft carrier, India's No. 1 medium-sized domestic carrier in 28 this year Construction was started, is expected to be completed within two years. Spain 1, 亚斯图里阿斯 Prince, a conventionally powered aircraft carrier, Thailand, 90 in the mid twentieth century, costing 400 million U.S. dollars, from Spain bought a conventionally powered aircraft carrier, 加克里纳吕 Bette number. Japan has two fish, two-level distribution of command parts, they are called quasi carriers. Japan is also preparing to build four quasi carriers. Only a few days ago the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Italy to build aircraft carriers in six countries.

Moderator: Here we continue to connect military experts to analyze Song Xiaojun, China is among the five permanent members is not the only carrier in the country, not the aircraft carrier for China in the end mean?

Song Xiaojun: If we look at China's 2008 defense white paper that says China's national strategy of active defense, and now the battlefield is characterized by sea has been able to deploy a lot of interest in the fight against weapons, the so-called active defense, we at least to forward operations, or enemy out, if he from the sea with ocean-going weapons against us, how we enemy out of what? We have depth in the sea within a certain command of the sea, or air superiority. Say in this sense is established to implement our current national military exercise with aircraft carriers, took a certain area of the air, in fact to maintain our national security as a guarantee of basic.

Moderator: Actually, from the private sector called on China to build aircraft carriers of the sound is not what happened the last two years, do you think now is a good time to do the construction of aircraft carriers?

Song Xiaojun: I think it is the right time, just released a few days ago the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Industrial Blue Book which, among all sectors in the Chinese industry, China's shipbuilding industry is the most industrialized, but there are many problems where it, For example, it has the whole of the localization rate of matching design, I said to include civilian vessels, it is less than 50%, 50% of the remaining few from foreign buyers, while to catch up with the financial crisis, we list a large number of export vessels drained away , this time we just faced with an opportunity to upgrade industrial structure, this time for the construction of aircraft carriers, while supporting a carrier battle group with the influx of a large number of military ships, military investment because we know the function of forced modernization, is the need to self- R & D, so make These our domestic capabilities supporting equipment, through build military ships have a quick Tigao, there are a number of companies receiving corps, he would have some conditions to protect, he will update the equipment, 会 industrialization Upgrade also in the process of making military vessels, to achieve technological innovation, which is already very good for our country's shipbuilding industry, one of China's industrialization is a good benchmark as a condition for it.

Moderator: I have read the analysis of the foreign media that China has a real combat capability of the aircraft carrier has to wait until 2020, also said it now considered to wait 11 years, then the construction of an aircraft carrier about how long it takes?

Song Xiaojun: If the water from start to end, this process may have five to seven years, for instance, the latest of the U.S. CVN-21, which is behind the 05 machine, now a no, it is 2008, It is probably around 2015. However, the concept proposed by this aircraft carrier was in March 1996 when the first grant was in 2001 when the design, 21.9 million U.S. dollars, to really start building in 2008, the process from the argument to design, to its concept of a number of demonstration to the experts argued, the start of construction materials in the end, this process should be a relatively long, so we do not think that today we decided to make me wait until tomorrow, the carrier would, in this process, on a country's navy is the actual input on several generations, which in reality is a long process.

Moderator: You mentioned that China may be the future of our built over a medium-sized aircraft carrier, that carrier of such a level about how much it cost?

Song Xiaojun: I, for example, the article on the latest major U.S. carrier, CVN-21, which is 7.48 billion U.S. dollars, of course, cost the United States, and France had gone to build a ready to de Gaulle, the final decision or the most Housakeqi do not do, and probably at the time the budget should be around 4 billion pounds, of course, I think China as labor costs are relatively low, while raw materials a total of employment are relatively low, much lower than this, at least, I think it probably 1 / 4.

Moderator: As China offered to build aircraft carriers, we see the international community has sparked off the so-called China threat theory, how do you see?

Song Xiaojun: I think this is, of course, you think, we just had those few countries able to build aircraft carriers. In fact they are a traditional maritime powers, and even had a history of colonialism, as a 1840, warships and merchant ships were people blocking the entrance of the home country, but also as a semifeudal and semicolonial until 1949 before we can fully state sovereignty and national independence of the Zhe Yang of the country, we should as the first developing country, to build aircraft carriers, naturally there are some countries yes very comfortable, but in fact according to our country's diplomatic strategy, according to the harmony of our country Jiangtiao World a security point of view, I think this argument has been that they have no meaning.

Circulated on the Internet, the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier imaginary map. Source: cctv


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