Chinese J -15 -33 carrier aircraft is only cheap imitation of Su-33

China's Shenyang Aircraft Corporation to successfully produce the F -15 carrier aircraft, the Russian media said the Chinese people from the Ukraine through the purchase of Russian Su -33 decryption technology.

Russia's Interfax News Agency quoted in May published "Chinese Defense Review" reported that the Shenyang Aircraft Company successfully produced copies of SU -33 and carrier aircraft named J-15.

Itar-Tass reported, although Moscow refused to sell to China, the Soviet Union to prevent the leakage of -33, but China still buy through the Ukraine and Soviet -33 to imitation. Based primarily on the Chinese fighter from the Soviet Union era T10K, it was purchased from Ukraine. Chinese engineers had solved the carrier aircraft wing folding problem has been resolved. But as yet not clear whether the new aircraft built its first flight. J-15 after the factory test will be sent to the Air Force base. This is because the Chinese navy has not yet own aviation test center.

Reported that Russia had sold China to enter the Chinese market, Su-27SK, but then appeared in the Chinese J-11 and conduct a series of production. Russian experts are concerned that China may be crowding out the Russian market from a third party. China is now producing the J-10, J-11 and FC-1 imitation of a Russian Su and MiG -29 -27/30. The future, China may produce and market than Russia, "original" cheaper fighters, at least 1200.

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