Russian experts said the People's Liberation Army will be world's most powerful after the completion of the modernization

According to Russia's latest "contemporary" magazine, many years of research the relationship between Russia and the Russian expert Alexander - Ala King has written that China's military modernization of the completion of three phases will be world's most powerful post. Once the war between China and Russia, People's Liberation Army in two to three hours within the occupied city of Khabarovsk, the Far East a few weeks you can recover the territory, and then captured the east half of the Russian Urals.

Alexander - Vladimirovich - Aladin, 49, is Russia's Samara city residents, the ruling "United Russia" party members, long-term Sino-Russian relations, has written about China's expansion, the history of aspects of Sino-Russian relations The paper had to sue the Federal Constitutional Court against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin returned to China when the occupied islands, still insisted that China is one of Russia's potential threat. In his "contemporary" magazine No. 153 (April 26-May 2) published an article, again stated its concern on strong China.

Anakin were in the beginning of the article quoted President Dmitry Medvedev on Sino-Russian strategic cooperative relations and Chairman Mao Zedong and the Soviet Union, then considered the territory of the accounts of the speech. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said: "I Ke Yi said openly to you, we may not all like the this strategic cooperation between the two countries. Danshi we Mingbai, this collaboration meet interests of our people. Regardless of individual likes and Ren No, we will do everything possible to strengthen this collaboration! "Chairman Mao said:" The place where the Soviet Union accounted for too much ... ... 100 years ago, to the east of Lake Baikal, including Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Kamchatka have designated in the past the. That account is Suanbu Qing. We have not considered the account with them. "

Anakin in the text that was signed in the Kremlin and the Chinese long-awaited good-neighborly treaty of friendship, the October 14, 2004 Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Hu Jintao signed a "supplementary agreement eastern Russian-Chinese border", then handed over to China a total area of 337 square kilometers of territory, including Chita Argun River upstream of the Big Island (Abba cover map Zhouzhu), Tarabarov (Yinlong Island) and half a big ussuri Island (Heixiazi Island). Aladin claimed the transfer of islands to the Chinese threat
Khabarovsk, Far East and even the whole Russia's strategic security. Once the outbreak of the war, the Chinese army in 2-3 hours after the attack to Khabarovsk, as part of the island of return Heixiazi all Chinese, and part of direct access to the city of Khabarovsk. Prior to the island fortified area, once the outbreak of war could provide cover for the city. Do not, and fortified area has been cleared, the city opened its doors. People's Liberation Army captured the city will win the Amur River after the railway bridge, cutting off rail and road transport, cut off ties with the Russian Far East, the Far East since the fate will be decided by China just a few weeks. Russia will actually do anything, no strength and opportunity. The collapse of Russian troops, morale and lax, most of the force of weapons and equipment is not applicable, or no supply of new weapons is limited. Modernization in the new round of Russian reform the newly formed brigade has not yet reached the 85 standing well-trained, combat is weak, or even participate in an actual combat, the other nothing. A large number of disarmament, reduction of military force, making Far East and Eastern Siberia regions not important force protection, not against a foreign enemy. Forced from central Russia sent troops to support clearly is not realistic, because there is no appropriate equipment and facilities. China will undermine the unit will cut off the railway, blowing up bridges, tunnels, power station if the bombing of station or unit, the situation will become more volatile. They will be in the Urals and Russia engage in sabotage activities in the central region, key objectives will be transmission lines, gas pipelines and oil pipelines, because they are miles long, branches and more difficult to protect. If the sabotage activities in the winter, the Russian cities will be cut off the power supply heat, people will fight for heating and food, start looting, looting shops, food bases and warehouses. Will be powerless, unable to reverse the situation, apart from empty words can not do anything, Russia will quickly collapse.

Russian experts believe that China is prepared to prevent war, the defense budget increases every year, about 78 billion U.S. dollars in 2010, spending part of the secret of which about 30-40% of the total. China's arsenal of all kinds of combat equipment, everything, from a strategic missile to the modern light weapons. Chinese missiles can reach Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, the Urals, East Siberia, Kamchatka, Far East, the Chinese missiles aimed at the whole. Chinese Air Force will be able to freely cross the airspace in eastern Russia, where virtually no air defense. Chinese navy ships in the quality and quantity of weapons have more than Russia, China, the Russian submarines can also be cruising the coastal waters of freedom. 225 million People's Liberation Army troops, once the outbreak of war can mobilize to 20.81 million well-equipped, well-trained soldiers. China is often held drills, drill offensive campaign, implementation of the 2000 kilometers of the force delivery, this distance just enough to hit the Lake Baikal in Russia.

Aladin worried that once war, China not only along the Sino-Russian joint border operations, also prepared in the Arctic active combat operations. Construction projects of Chinese nuclear icebreaker is a progressive manner, is already equipped with the first ship "Snow Dragon" icebreaker, the purpose of its war captured from the north of Russia, control of the Arctic route. Because of who controls the route, whoever will control the new lifeblood of the world economy. The purpose of using icebreakers may lead landing craft through the Okhotsk Sea, to Damajiadan, Palana, Okhotsk, Nikolayevsk and Sakhalin Island, Kamchatka (Petropavlovsk Oblast, Ust-Kamchatka, Kyle's city), then into the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, reaching the Arctic Ocean, along the north shore of Russia into the Lena River, Yenisei River, Ob River, along the landing operations, seize strategic facilities and cities. In the Lena river is Vilyuysk City, Yakutsk City, Laptev Bay, Tike Xi port city in the Yenisei river is Dudinka, Norilsk city, igarka City. In the Ob river is Salekhard City, labytnagni City. After the attack by rail to the Wall Gallery Map city, You Gela City, Tobolsk city, and then capture of Tyumen. This landing will be a devastating loss for Russia, it lost all the major oil and gas fields.

Russian experts pointed out that once the war, the PLA will start along the land borders a large-scale offensive operations launched and landing operations in the Russian north, and finally to China's rapid, complete, complete the victory ended east of the Urals Cession Russian territory. He believes that the Chinese armed forces at sea landing operations will only help, as the Russian central and northern territories and cities do not have reliable land link between the only link with Hohai river routes, so the Chinese army does not require a large number of troops landing operations and even a few well-equipped, well-trained company or battalion will be able to achieve operational objectives because the local residents and troops stationed here, not large-scale military resistance. Finally the entire territory east of the Ural region will be captured, the Russians will be deported to the west of the Urals region or be killed. After all, manifested as the bandit.

Aladin said the Russian leadership to understand and rely on combat effectiveness is not strong, no party standing brigade training can be effective to protect national security, to the future of China or other countries in conflict to preserve Russia's territorial integrity and inviolability, Russia by a new military doctrine, to retain the threat to national survival if faced with the privilege of first use of nuclear weapons. He said: "This is not a good life. We do not have capacity to combat, no education, good, well-trained soldiers to defend the motherland, the ranks of officers to disperse the troops to the occupation of the reform of contract transition complete failure, morale and lax. Countries the requirements of the military leadership is loyalty, not professionalism and fighting capacity. "

In contrast, China's war better prepared. China adopted to improve the mobilization of national defense mobilization system new method to determine the basic principles of national defense mobilization and implementation of mechanisms to empower the Government in the appropriate context, to strengthen the financial, transportation, trade, communications equipment, media regulation. China started to establish strategic reserves of natural gas, plans to build 10 giant gas library. While establishing strategic oil reserves to guard against unforeseen events and wars. According to Xinhua News Agency, China is also a huge underground bunker built for evacuation during the earthquake, one of which is to be built in Nanjing earthquake Park, an area of 16 hectares, can accommodate 6,600 people a month in this life, which not only temporary shelter, as well as hospitals, food warehouses, waste incineration boxes. Capital, Beijing has built 25 emergency shelters that can accommodate 20 people. Ala King pointed out that this is not just the earthquake shelter, after the outbreak of nuclear war can be hiding places. In order to avoid war by the enemy easily destroyed, China has begun to military enterprises shift from cities to remote provinces, decentralized deployment. He believes that China's military modernization through the three stages will be world's most powerful after the first phase completed, will be able to win all boundaries in low-intensity limited war, with the ability to protect China's vital interests, effectively deter or intimidate potential enemies ; the second stage after the Chinese army will become a national strategy to ensure the expansion of space boundaries and life force; to the third phase should be completed one can use all the weapons and armed struggle to win it any size of a long war of the army. After the PLA will have no rivals, the limits of national life and the significant expansion of space.

Aladin pessimistically that Russia in fact impossible to protect the territory of East Siberia and the Far East, the Kremlin in the consolidation of territorial integrity and national security, without any practical and effective measures. Commercialization of higher education, science laboratories and Design Bureau to withdraw, stop funding scientific research, scientists have impoverished the loss of the country. Hundreds of factories stop production, closure, and many unique technical process completely lost, workers rushed to the streets to be brutally. Disappearance of thousands of villages, millions of Russian men drinking death, impoverished villages, completely destroyed the majority of the agricultural sector, Russia's not gone. Military morale and lax, the loss of combat effectiveness, lack of modern weapons, the reform did not bring positive results, tens of thousands of officers were out of the army. Reduce the number of troops to the poor level of scientific research institutions batch abolished the military. Once the war, disaster, no one will rise up to defend Russia. (Compiled: Shu-shan)

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