Russian T-50 fighter dystocia, the Chinese fourth generation machine will not learn Russia

Targeting the U.S. military F-22 stealth fighter aircraft, Russian fifth-generation PAK · FA/T-50 finally completed its first flight earlier this year. Sober observers pointed out that the T-50 a month Achilles heels; with Beijing's military have also ridiculed "T-50's maiden flight, Russia's boast significantly less lung power." T-50 can be seen only from the shape of the wing area than the F-22 is big and obvious beneath the surface of the groove, is not conducive to supersonic cruise. Russian warplanes have been pursued at all costs, speed, unfortunately T-50 engine installed is not the Five AL-41F, but the Soviet Union -35-1 of 117S engine, supersonic cruise capability can not be proven, how can we count the "fifth generation fighter." Some experts suspect that the engine thrust-weight ratio is far from 12, or even less than 10, only 8.

Foreign media have noticed that the close-up photographs of the T-50 before the machine body densely covered rivets, but not the popular composite materials, and not Russia as a whole advanced Contour-parallel milling molding. A large number of rivets in supersonic flight and the aerodynamic drag produced great heat is the enemy of stealth, exposing the Russian aviation industry machining equipment and technology lagged far behind the times. What "plasma stealth technology" is also elusive in Russia.
T-50 positive look like F-22, overlooking also like stubby F-22, YF-23 side to see the shadow of a little; from the rear is a typical Soviet -27 series. Cockpit as high, and cockpit cover a very wide strengthening frame, to stealth negative. T-50 form a non-creative, watching, is far smaller than the SU -47 years ago enthusiastically participated in the "golden eagle." Five Russian abortive demonstrator aircraft are Su and MiG -1.44 -47, 2000 first flight in 1997, and now the left one technology demonstrator recording of "Flowers fall to the" tragedy. Beijing's new "weapon of knowledge" pointed out; information weapons development, it is the soft underbelly of Russia. Su -27 year in the "sword" the development of radar failure, affecting the overall performance of the aircraft. First flight of the "T" prefix aircraft, the engineering code. Not out fitted models. T-50 from the final shape is still early in the formation of combat is fancies. Anyone can see; experienced post-Soviet brain drain and lack of investment over a decade, the Russian aviation industry is badly weakened. Although support for the facade of foreign orders, but with Europe, the United States Air peers opened irreparable distance. Electronic media in Beijing that; to closely observe the T-50 international co-operation movement. India is the T-50's partners, with China is close to, the illegal occupation of the territory of my country, cooperation between Russia and India should closely observe our every move. China's new generation fighter can no longer be from Russia.

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