Amazing attack power: F-14 will debut in China


Lin Zuo-ming, general manager for the group, Geng Ruguang deputy general manager in July, twice in a flight SAC will be held in the spirit of the work site and left-Ming Lin, general manager of the development of a model plane made four-point demand, an aircraft flying swiftly Shen, Luo Yang General Manager signed the "Scientific Research on a type of aircraft to ensure that the task order"; Party jointly issued the "leading cadres in carrying out their work style, improve execution, to ensure that major tasks to complete throughout the year to discuss activities and satisfaction assessment notice" cadres and staff participation in research required to fully understand the significance of developing a type of aircraft, no matter how difficult, must be on quality, quantity, security progress to complete the task.

Recently, a flight SAC quickly go up in enthusiasm, the leadership of General Manager Yang Luo and others were led to the finished product contracted to coordinate the resolution of plant product supply; company set up a working group on site to coordinate the production line technique to solve quality problems; production department issued a rush plan; the research units participating each day 8 am to 8 pm, organization staff shift production.

In the August 5 meeting of cadres regular meeting, party secretary Yang Mrs Cheong has further requested the leading cadres should change their style, improve execution and enhance awareness of responsibility, the overall situation, do take the initiative as a positive work; all participating research units must conscientiously implement the Luo Yang, general manager of research and the implementation of the task orders require signed, according to military order signed with the various units of time and a clear task node, according to the company's rush to develop plans, carefully organize production, Xinghao tough fight to win.

This message is wondering the most is "a model" 3 words.

"A model" is what models do?

I think it is the rumor true long fourth-generation fighter in China, namely, J-14.

I agree with the following on the analysis of China's fourth-generation aircraft:

For years, many fans regard the FC-1 aircraft positioned on the level of underachievement that the country will not equipment, but only for export. Can now be produced for own country is out of 250! Special mention "FC-1 performance far exceeded expectations." The other news is not surprising that the actual production of J-10 issue, now the figure is more than 30 aircraft. This just proved everyone's speculation, single F-10 just over models, more powerful role yet to come. Contact the nearest J-14 Legend, and the looming twin Jian Shi's hazy ideas are truly a kind of beauty makes the approach of the blush of excitement? The two are linked together, there is a little idea, that is, the F-14, F-10 twin like the real version - the fourth-generation fighters will be available in advance, its progress beyond the decision of the people now imagine.

Prior to this development and future plans of American military advisers 罗伯特科尔 Adrover said: China's Jian-10 a large number of equipment units, in accordance with the usual "equipment generation, development of generation, design generation" development principles, reason to believe that China has begun The development of next-generation fighter, according to the present situation, J-14 began in 2008 may test (or at least predicted the F-14 was introduced in).

He said: According to China's consistent sequence of models developed fighter mode, J-10 is the combined product of foreign technology, improved F-11 is the Su-27. The F-13 In the fifties and sixties of last century was called the "156 Project", J-14 is known as "East Wind 153" project. In 2002, China began to carry out F-13, F-14's development, but the military requirement must have the stealth fighter combat capability, and secondly to achieve sustained supersonic flight capabilities, but the Chinese fighter engine parts, has no progress.

Before contacting a number of stealth fighters on China's breakthrough feature of the development problem, and issued by the Shenyang Liming Air Group developed the Taihang, Kunlun, made two models of turbofan engine mature (2002 AVIC officially demonstrate to the outside, so far is 6 years in the past), the fourth-generation fighter technology in fact has basically break the bottleneck.

There is also a message from the users more interesting that the AVIC models in a few planes on the division of Dah Sing: research by the CAC J-10, XAC will be developed based on the J-10 J-13, while China's new commitment generation bomber (F-15 have said, I doubt this name) research and development, and have three generations of China's 12 major aircraft manufacturer Shenyang Aircraft F-14 is a major key.

Now, J-10 has become available, before, J-H-based Flying Leopard fighter flying from west to launch early, so he just flew in F-10 and Flying Leopard development of new generation bomber based on the news is certainly beautifully shy of (compared to fighter, bomber and updating of the Chinese seem more urgent), produced by the most technical fighter strength (Dawn Air Group and Shenyang Aircraft Research Institute issued the technical resources), the Shenyang J-14 main attack, of course, is the best choice.

It is also worth noting that AVIC I and China, two aircraft are in the pipeline capital assets (160 billion) merger of large restructuring, the new China Aviation Industry Group, will come out in 8,9 month, Air China, the veterans of a left-Ming Lin is preparations for the merger restructuring team leader (should be reorganized, chairman of the China Aviation Industry Group), which is China's aviation industry following the establishment of the China Commercial Aircraft Company (large civil aircraft production) followed by a huge movement, after the merger China Aviation Industry Group in the military aviation industry technology, production and R & D Zaishangtaijie. According to informed sources revealed that after the merger of CNAC affiliated companies, one of the most benefit will be the former little brother XAC group - so, take flight from the west and the new F-13 bombers of the R & D may also Kaopu .

SAC the most elite of the technology is now of course is that J-11 Su-27, F-14 technical and function to a certain extent also closer to the F-11 - heavy fighter.

Had heard, in fact, J-10, R & D primarily to the first generation of Chinese-made equipment, aircraft carriers, so this also explains why China should be separate from the SAC system, developing a small but excellent F-10 fighter technology, long ago, China has officially declared that 300,000 tons of production aircraft have all the core technology, or is this also true for the J-10 to find a strategic destination.

Germany's "Asian Aviation" article entitled, "off of the Chinese Air Force," the article said, China's re-launched in 1996 for the F-13, F-14 design. But then the outbreak of the Taiwan Strait crisis, the People's Liberation Army emergency purchase of Russian fighter second, caused J 13, J-14 project has been slow. The report quoted the United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense," said the SAC and CAC are being developed for the Chinese fourth generation fighter the Air Force, and is expected to serve in 2015, China's next generation stealth fighters will have excellent ability.

In summary, you can say for sure, China's fourth-generation fighter F-14's debut has entered the countdown stage.

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