The U.S. military has completed encircling China for implementing to attack China from land and sea at the same time

Diagram of the first and second island chains

Editor's note: The US-led Western countries "towards China from land and sea, the maritime encirclement starts from Japan and ends in India, and the land encirclement starts from India and ends in Central Asia, forming a 'C' shaped encirclement from sea to land. Such as this "C"-shaped ring of encirclement whether exists or not, the threat is urgent or not, this issues caused controversy recently. Shanghai University of Politics and political science professor Ni Yue-hung, the Foreign Affairs College Institute of International Relations, Professor Wang Fan, Japan, New Japan Research Institute of the JCC Yan Chang Gung Memorial, the Air Force Colonel DAI Xu, Tsinghua University, Institute of International Studies, Associate Professor Zhao Jin, Zhejiang University, non-traditional security and researcher at the Institute of peaceful development and Ya-Wen Cheng have expressed their views.

"C"-shaped containing aggressively

Ni Yue-hung: From the military see the strategic state of affairs, the U.S. military access to Central Asia, China has been at the things that came under unfavorable circumstances, the original side to meet the enemy in the Pacific, has a vast central and western regions of strategic depth, and now that advantage has been lost. Combined with modern war to hidden, long-range air strikes, mainly China's strategic room for maneuver in the modern era of high technology have been greatly compressed. In addition, you can also find the United States has completed its implementation of China's land and sea combat situation in both directions at the same time, the United States also has the sea power of strangling the lifeline of China, and so on. Our situation is not optimistic. How to do? The only way to be able to seize the opportunities is to develop high-tech military superiority, if Sino-US military-technical pros and cons, in turn, "C" shape surrounded discuss it becomes right at your fingertips to fight. Because of the age, who have seen the weak approximation to cover the strong stance?

American politicians will not rashly go to war with China, because people are skilled in business time calculation of costs and benefits, but that does not prevent the military sector to a potential rival for military preparations, just in case, "C" shape that is surrounded by This "security dilemma" under the law of the product. May never open fight, but the need to seize a favorable position in strategy, "terrain," default "position." "C"-shaped surrounded also nothing more. It is both a military strategy, but also the auxiliary part of the country's overall strategy to meet the political, economic, ideological, so that Chinese like to play the role of the United States. In inter-State relations, the military deterrent force is often the decisive factor behind the scenes. Therefore, the Chinese also need to give tit for tat, even a hundred years be unlikely, but also to find effective "Destroys the Formations," a policy, which is the military's own work in each country, or Pan raises they doing?

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I think your concept of encirclement is interesting but I also feel that it is mistaken in some ways.

Thailand and Indonesia are important allies of the United States, not only do their military strength rank high in the world rankings, they possess the ability to block the Malacca Straits, without the Malacca Straits China would be choked of wealth. Thailand also possesses a very high level of foreign exchange reserves, ability to lend money to the US. With Singapore, they have over 300 Billion dollars. Here is a interesting map and persepective to it I was reading about on the other day.


I think your concept of encirclement is interesting but I also feel that it is mistaken in some ways.

I was reading about on the other day, its another perspective of the US encirclement.


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