Russia hinted that China will strengthen nuclear offensive capability to counter the US anti-missile systems

DF-31A nuclear missiles of the PLA Second Artillery Force participated in the National Day parade

Facing the new round of offensive that the United States deploying anti-missile systems in Europe, Russia to take different measures to counteract. 24, the Russian Chief of General Staff said it would Makarov Eastern Europe to NATO's eastward expansion and U.S. anti-missile system to take measures to fight back the same day the Russian high-ranking officers also hinted that China will strengthen strategic nuclear offensive capability to counter the United States in the global deployment of missile defense systems. Chinese military experts DAI Xu-25 In an interview with "Global Times" interview, said that while China faces the U.S. anti-missile of the C-shaped encirclement, but the Chinese did not need to fully mimic Russia to strengthen nuclear weapons "to attack on defense."

Anti-missile systems around China
deserve special attention

Russia's "view report" on the 25th, said the U.S. government has been urging other countries to comply with, "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty", while they develop a global anti-missile system, which led to dissatisfaction with the world. "Russia has been the United States to deploy anti-missile system in Eastern Europe, dissatisfaction, and now China has also begun to worry about the United States will deploy anti-missile system to their own border areas, and to prepare to split China." Through participation, "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," the Russian delegation to the negotiations, the Ministry of Defense International Military Cooperation Directorate, former deputy Secretary Major-General Yevgeny Neeb any Gaussian 24 at a news conference in Moscow, said: "China's existing nuclear power is extremely limited. Not long ago, I join the military representatives of the People's Liberation Army in talks makes me believe that if the United States, including the Far East region, including the deployment of a global missile defense system, then the Chinese response to that would be is to strengthen its own offensive nuclear forces. "He said that in such circumstances, China can not allow its nuclear capability," devaluation ", and the U.S. anti-missile system is intended to have precisely that. Russia's new network will also quoted him as saying, "China can enhance its own nuclear weapons capability to counter the U.S. missile defense system deployed around the world plan," but Burzynski did not specify how the threat of U.S. anti-missile system in China, as well as the How can nuclear weapons, missile defense systems on the counter.

Recently around the United States to deploy anti-missile systems in China's periphery to become topics of great concern to the outside world. ANI India news agency that the United States to step up sales to Taiwan as the "Patriot -3" type missiles, in the eyes of the Chinese military scholars, it is determined to use the U.S. anti-missile system to encircle China. "View report" quoted Chinese experts as saying the U.S. missile defense system set up around China and the United States plans to deploy in Eastern Europe against Russia's anti-missile system is the same strategy. Was forced to cancel the deployment of ABM systems in Eastern Europe, the Obama Government plans to create a similar anti-missile system around China to contain China's nuclear forces. DAI Xu explained that China is currently in the United States and its allies, the gradual formation of a "C"-shaped two-line strategy for sea and land siege. Central Asia is surrounded by the upper end of which, while Japan is surrounded by the bottom, Mongolia and other Chinese neighbors have gradually been drawn into the United States in which. The United States on the one hand by political alliances by means of geopolitical encirclement, on the other hand, further in these countries to deploy anti-ballistic missile system, crippling the Sino-Russian strategic retaliatory capability to achieve the United States to regain its nuclear advantage. And this "C"-shaped ring of encirclement is not only the formation of encirclement of China, also combines the functions of pincer attack Russia 2. Therefore, China is bound to remain vigilant.

Russia sought to cozy up to China "against the common enemy"

Some analysts believe that due to current deployment in Eastern Europe, Russia, the United States on the ABM issue facing heavy pressure from Russia at this time that China "to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. anti-missile" clearly draw China "stand together" intention. Although the Obama administration to adjust the Bush administration to develop relevant plans, is no longer in the Czech Republic and Poland, to deploy anti-missile devices. But the recent practice of the United States is still a big issue around the Central and Eastern Europe, Romania and Bulgaria to become the U.S. phase of the new location, which makes the already nervous sigh of relief, Russia once again. Russian Chief of General Staff on the 24th Makarov said Russia would be the deployment of NATO's eastward expansion and U.S. missile defense systems to respond. He made it clear that the United States is ready once again to deploy anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe, the objective is to point to Russia. "Last year we withdraw from the Kaliningrad region of the 600 tanks, 600 armored vehicles and 600 artillery pieces. But we get in return is (U.S.) enhanced anti-missile system. This made us realize that we up."

China and Russia do not have the same strategic choice

DAI Xu believes that Burzynski right to determine the current strategic situation more consistent with his views. The United States is Russia and the strategic encirclement of China at the same time, Russia has at the national level for better understanding of this situation, it has been clear that through the strengthening of nuclear weapons "to attack on defense" against this Tough way for strategic breakthrough policy. DAI Xu said that Russia adopt such an approach does make sense. Russia's sparsely populated, conventional military power behind the United States and NATO, coupled with its history, already has a strong martial tradition. China is not necessary to carry out in full accordance with the idea of Russia's strategic choice. Since it is from the strategic level of the encirclement, China can retaliate from the strategic level, in the different issues on the appropriate response, such as Russia and some degree of strategic support, the Iranian nuclear issue to maintain their own pace, in order to avoid being the United States separately. China eventually will adopt specific ways, depending on China's own trade-offs and considerations, but above all is to identify the current strategic situation and reach a consensus.

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