Military expert: China should replace the United States to do the world's No. 1 military power

Data Figure: China's "waves -2" submarine-launched ballistic missile was launched from underwater

According to British media reports, China's National Defense University professor Liu Mingfu in his new book "China Dream" proposed that China should build the world's most powerful military power, compete with the U.S. "champion country."

England 1, Reuters reported that China's Liu Mingfu that the global goal should not continue low-key, but should be "the world's first sprint," he also said that China's rise will inevitably lead the United States, wary, even though China was full of "peaceful rise" meaning, but the risk of war Nan Xiao. Liu Mingfu in the "China Dream" and wrote, "become the world's first, do the number one power, is China's 21st century goals." "21st Century, if not become the first in the world can not become the number one power, it must be a backward country, is a state of being eliminated. "

Reuters said that this book reflects the continuous expansion of China's ambitions. The most recent of China's domestic demand in trade, Tibet, human rights and arms sales to Taiwan a range of issues such as hard-line attitude against the United States calls for the day's high. A total of 303 new books, their content straightforward and bold words in this context is still looked exceptionally sharp.

Liu Mingfu quoted as saying in the book "As long as China is trying to emerge as the world's first ... ... even if the degree of capitalism in China more than the United States, the United States will still be trying to contain China." Competition between the two countries is "who will be the competition's most populous nation, is who wins and who bad, who will dominate the world of conflict ... ... China to save ourselves, save the world, there should be prepared when the helmsman. "

Reported that "China dream" does not mean that the Chinese government's policy, the Chinese government at the national target is far from the idea of the book so compelling. Currently in China the people earnestly hope that the Chinese leadership can rapidly developing economy into the international community a greater voice, and the "China Dream" It was proved that the Chinese leadership of the carrying of such a pressure. For these voices, the attitude of Chinese leaders, perhaps as seen later in the week, when the Chinese government is likely to announce in 2010 China's defense spending. China's defense spending in 2009 increased 14.9%.

Liu Mingfu told Reuters in an interview said, "On behalf of my book, only the personal views, but I think it also reflects a trend of thought ... ... we need economic rise also require military rise." Another one Chinese military official has said This year, China's defense budget should be to convey a clear signal to Washington, in response to the Obama administration in January approved 6.4 billion Taiwan arms sale plan.

Washington, DC think-tank Stimson Center (HenryL.StimsonCenter) China expert Alan Lundberg said, "I think the Chinese leadership concerns the 'public opinion' as part of that elite opinion, including the Chinese military point of view."

Reuters also reported that Liu Mingfu think China should use its growing economic strength to become the world's top military power, strong enough to dare the United States can not interfere in the Taiwan Strait military struggles. "If China's military objectives, can not overtake the United States, we can not catch up with Russia, then China's strong military industry can only lock in the world the level of third-rate military power." Liuming Fu wrote in his book.

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