Chinese Navy anti-submarine capability obtained a sudden increase in the number of times

The Chinese navy has in their own territorial sea, to begin deploying a set of "appraisal and analysis of underwater acoustic detection system", the system's English referred to as SOSUS system. U.S. military experts believe that this system is like the Chinese in China, the U.S. Navy out of the first and second island chain of paths laid, "Underwater Acoustic sonar array," just like a quiet designed to deal with hostile states submarine reconnaissance system. This system is distributed in the key area by a number of fixed underwater acoustic sensor array composed of an underwater detection network, which, respectively, to detect the voice of its own data base through a submarine optical fiber transmission to a central computer processor, there are special experienced staff departments careful analysis than to accurately determine the underwater target position, type, country and various dynamic parameters, and then be able to notify one's own anti-submarine force (underwater, surface, and the air ) implementation of the accurate tracking, or attack missions. According to U.S. military experts judged that the system is able to pinpoint the vast majority of waters in the western Pacific is running on behalf of a secret underwater world, the highest level of the U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarines, if the system is combined with the Chinese Navy in recent years, specifically the establishment of at least five Coastal Remote and medium-range maritime surveillance radar intelligence system composed of water, and China's marine surveillance satellites launched two years ago the composition of ocean monitoring network, the Chinese navy has a three-dimensional monitoring of the capacity of the Western Pacific!

The reason why the Chinese navy deliberately to establish a set of such systems, the purpose lies in the future if China and potential rivals in the Western Pacific region either a strategy for conflict, China will sink, or at least having the capacity to defeat five or more combat aircraft carrier battle group a powerful class of surface targets! Because in the event of such conflict, it might lead to high-intensity all-out war, while the opponent's aircraft carrier battle groups both hidden in the underwater nuclear-powered attack submarines to protect the carrier battle group will also cover and protect one's own strategic missile submarines, or cruise missile submarines into attack positions, and China this underwater acoustic detection system is to accurately and quickly determine the secret submersible underwater combat enemy submarines, which resulted in a complete strike the enemy destroyed one by one all the water to the invading enemy! Previously, China's anti-submarine exist in name only, and only the implementation of a single patrol ships patrolling the waters on a regular basis at a fixed routine patrol will open the ship (boat) contains anti-submarine sonar in order to obtain a real-time underwater sea area intelligence. Although subsequent advances in electronic technology with China, the Chinese in some important areas of the coast of the establishment of a number of "simple" listening sonar base, but because the background sound is a complex terrain and coastal water as a carrier, and therefore the actual detection of results are unsatisfactory. Quiet good results while the United States nuclear-powered submarines of various types, it is to see China's anti-submarine information, relatively backward, and thus frequently sail to China along the coast to detect and strategic threat. If the United States can not happen to be the Chinese navy submarine detected (as the seventies of the last century because of China's two submarine chasers off the coast of the post-maintenance test machine happens to the U.S. strategic nuclear submarines to detect and to force it to emerge from China's territorial waters), China's coastal waters are on the race course, as Americans, they are quietly coming to a walk after lap gain vital intelligence to quietly leave quietly, as long as Americans do not poke out of their own, and we also kept in the dark As the Americans have never been to the same!
Today, the Chinese Navy, this system has been running, almost all the countries in the Western Pacific, the activities of the dynamic parameters of the submarine, are controlled in the Chinese navy's strategic decision-making in the hands. The system not only allows access to the Chinese navy's antisubmarine capabilities increase the number of times, but also increase the tracking and detection of foreign submarines, the difficulty of Chinese submarines, more importantly, this system can help the Chinese naval surface and underwater naval vessels, in turn detect and track foreign submarines, just like the original Alien, and we play the "cat and mouse game" Now we begin with them playing "cat mouse play the game" of! This underwater sonar - a remote shore-based radar - space marine surveillance satellite network system can provide real-time dynamics of the Chinese Navy Marine intelligence surveillance capabilities, especially in the highly competitive Western Pacific region, this capacity for the Chinese navy is especially important! Once the Chinese navy's this ability to run sophisticated and well coordinated, then the central and western Pacific region, a foreign navy will do as they wish the days gone! Can also be said that the submarine on an underwater strong Chinese navy, in their own SOSUS the successful operation of the system, its actual "small unit tactics of wolves," the activities in the western Pacific submarine force will be unleashed, not only the success of anti - system of the United States and the client's underwater fleet, but also to further enhance its U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle groups to the actual strike capability (Our Song, Yuan, Kilo-class already have such a capacity, not to say that we have 093 attack submarine had)!

Chinese Navy's submarine force in the successful have SOSUS system, finally compete with the U.S. Navy's submarine force is no longer passive!

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Don't provoke Uncle Sam.(US) Otherwise he will order the whole Congress to refinance a new system to beat that SOSSUS even if it bankrupt the whole US. Be humble and hide your strength like what Uncle Deng had adviced.

there is no proof that PLAN has SOSUS system

Belligerent U.S. imperialism, is the great obstacle to world peace!

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