Iran's first ship will be equipped with Chinese missiles, it's level ridicule by the West

The Western media demoted it to "new wine in old bottles", said it was the design of the British 40 years ago

February 21, Iran's domestic first ship, the first China-made destroyer ships, "Jamaran" destroyer to the Persian Gulf, a high-profile test of water, naval guns, and guns were test-fired, triggering the Western media attention. Iran called "Gu Malan" was well-equipped, but the Western media have pointed out that the ship is only "new wine in old bottles," because it is still used in the last century, 70 years old and ship design.

Iranian warships protested in the Persian Gulf

According to Iran, "Tehran Times" on February 22 reported that the "Jamaran" destroyer to the Persian Gulf on 21 drills. In the exercise of the previous stage, "Jamaran" at a carrier-based weapons firing live ammunition, a number of commandos also carried out after the deck landing training. Meanwhile, the ship-borne helicopters are taking off and landing ships completed the training. Subsequently, "Jamaran" was also practiced a simulated attack, and successfully eliminate the "enemy." Jaafari, commander of Iran's First Sea Admiral Bozi Jia de Nan He pointed out that "Jamaran" was ready to perform various tasks in order to protect national interests, border security and walk through the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz ship safety.
"Jamaran" was February 19 the southern city of Bandar Abbas in Iran was launched, its displacement is about 1420 tons, the maximum speed of about 56 km (30), capable of carrying 120-140 officers and men. The ship is equipped with anti-ship missiles, ship-to-air missiles, torpedoes, artillery, advanced radar systems and electronic warfare equipment. In addition, the ship also has a helipad. The main number of Russian-made Iranian naval vessels, "Kilo" class submarines and a large number of missile boats, their equipment 3-4 boats of the old frigate service period is too long, fighting has been greatly reduced. Iran wants "domestic first ship" into the water to reverse the "old ship Alone" dilemma.

The U.S. "strategy of the page of" the military news network analysis,Iran has a certain commercial shipbuilding capacity, has been able to build larger merchantman than destroyers, the construction of destroyer class ships should not be a problem, but there are still difficulties with weapons and equipment, However, Iran can make use of the existing conditions for the new "destroyers," with Chinese-made C-802 anti-ship missiles.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his entourage visited the "Jamaran" destroyer. (Data Chart)

Copy the design of the British 70 years

"Jamaran" No. Although the "Iran-made first ship," but whether it is weapons configuration, displacement, or design, have no real sense of the destroyer. Some Western media have even broke the news, it is copied from the British 40 years ago, the old design.

"Strategy of the page" Military News Network said that Iran three years ago, declared it to be "Jamaran" destroyer, but in fact ready much earlier. In 2002, Iran began to counterfeit the last century, designed by British Liuqishinian "Wo Sipa" MK-5 type frigate, which ship displacement of about 1,500 tons, Iran in the early 70s the introduction of four, there are still three ships in service. In accordance with international practice, more than 7,000-ton warship was only known as the destroyer, "Wo Sipa" MK-5 type frigates and the "Jamaran" was generally considered to be "light patrol vessels." Accordingly, a "strategic's page," that Iran has "technical exaggeration" in too.

Although the poor combat capability but can be a deterrent

In addition to new service of "Jamaran" numbers and three British "Wo Sipa" MK-5 type frigate, the main force of the Iranian Navy surface ships also includes two 1,100-ton frigates, old-fashioned American, and about 50 small patrol boats, in which 10 boats equipped with Chinese-made anti-ship missiles. In addition, Iran is also equipped with three Russian-made "Kilo" class submarines, the number of ships to purchase mini-submarines from North Korea. For now, Iran is still a lack of advanced large-scale surface ships.
Iran's shipbuilding capabilities and weapons development that countries with low levels, imitation is the one only way. Warships through the imitation technology is mature, will later develop a new ship in the design basis. At present, the Iranian-made missile boats, and miniature submarines have traces of foreign equipment, but this does not affect their performances. Although the United States, and even compared to Israel's warships, "Jamaran" was still on the lot behind, but adding Iran, as its advanced missiles in the Persian Gulf waters could still play a strong deterrent capability.
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his entourage visited the "Jamaran" destroyer. (Data Chart)

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei visited in the the bridge of "Jamaran" destroyer
Local time, February 21, First domestic battleship "Jamaran" of Iranian Navy exercising in the Persian Gulf
"Jamaran" was recently launched on the 19th, "Jamaran" was a displacement of about 1420 tons, the maximum speed of 30 knots, can carry 120-140 officers and men of Iran called "destroyer."

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Do not ridicule your oppenent! Chinese are very pragmatic person. If they can offered that kind of vessel to Iran, surely they were expected to deter a corresponding kind of threat. Even Chinese made F-6 (1960's version plane) in the hand of the experienced Pakistan flyers made a great impact and may even be the determining factor when war broke out with India in the Sachien glazier as late as 1989.