Fourth-generation fighter may be a flash in the pan, will not form the mainstream

 Data Chart: The United States has announced moratorium on the production F-22 Raptor fighter

January 29, the Russian T-50 for the first time the new fighter planes take-off trials a success. It is learned that this new fighter will be equipped with Russian troops in 2015.


Russia's new fighter what was it? T-50 Can the F-22 combat? Is really the times of the fourth-generation fighters coming? Work with you to pay attention to this type "long-awaited" Russia's new aircraft.

According to the Russian side said, T-50 is used with the U.S. F-22 "Raptor" fighter confrontation, it was generally that the T-50 and F-22 as a typical fourth-generation fighter.

Of course, with regard to the sub-generation fighter aircraft there are still controversial, in accordance with international practice, we call it the four-generation aircraft. In any case, Russia has just test flight of the T-50 is the second U.S. F-22, F-35, the world has witnessed four generations of the third machine, also the F-22 after the first flight of the four generations of machines.

An aircraft in the end what is an aircraft? How its performance? Its appearance would have any effect on the pattern of the world's air?

T-50 the overall performance of the F-35 on

At present, the Russian side is very limited published information, photos, and only one. From the appearance of view, T-50 and F-22 quite a bit similar. From another point of view, a similar shape also means that the performance of T-50 and F-22 has a similar or similar.

From the present analysis of the information that we can know:

First of all, T-50 has a very good stealth performance; Second, it has a supersonic cruise capability, its supersonic cruise capability even in the F-22 above; In addition, the Russian side also revealed that, T-50's combat radius of great.

Data for: T-50, F-22, YF-23, F-35 fighter planes that several comparison chart, four generations fighter is coming

The information that we can do a basic conclusion: T-50 the war was quite clear that the United States, four generations of aircraft F-22 and F-35.

Since the battle of the point quite clear, then, T-50 performance indicators are also positive F-22 and F-35 as the target.

It seems from these cases, I personally think that, T-50's overall performance should be in F-35 above. As and F-22 compared to one is better, at present can not be easily conclusion.

Although the T-50 less information, it is not exhaustive and the F-22 and F-35 compare, but we could have a range of impact analysis.

Fourth-generation fighter is coming

You may be in doubt: F-22 and F-35 already there, can the era of four generations of machines do not come?

That, whether it's F-22 or F-35 come from the United States, only one country developed and equipped with four-generation fighter, I am afraid can not be called world-wide four-generation machine time has come.

Now, not only the United States, Russia will own four-generation aircraft into the fore. In other words, long after, Russia will be equipped with four generations of machines. And, T-50 was jointly developed by Russia and India, that is, in the Russian equipment, T-50, India will also be equipped with, even before the equipment may be in Russia this aircraft.

In other words, in addition to the United States, Russia, India, there will be four generations of machines. In addition, the U.S. F-35 would also like to export, which means that more countries may have mastered the four generations of machines and technology.

These marked the fourth-generation fighter is likely coming. 
Data for: T-50 (left) and F-22 fighter comparison chart

T-50 in the 8 years before the formation of combat

4 on behalf of the machine age, when will come? We can also make a rough guess.

At present, the Russian T-50 has just completed the first flight, from the first flight to the troops, and then to the formation of combat but also there is a process. This process will be long? We can, according to the Russia-three generations of machine-processed rice -29 and Su--27.

-29 M in 1977 and completed its maiden flight in 1983, the delivery of military service in 1985, the formation of combat, combat experience from the first flight to the formation of 8 years. In 1981, the Soviet Union -27 maiden flight, 1985 to deliver troops, combat ready in 1986, from the first flight to the formation of combat took five years.

From the above data we can see, Russia's third-generation combat aircraft from the flight to the formation of approximately 5 to 8 years time. To Russia's existing comprehensive national strength and technical difficulty of four generations of machines point of view, its fourth generation combat aircraft from the flight to the formation of the time interval is not shorter than the three generations of machines. In other words, Russia's T-50 has just completed its maiden flight to the formation of combat also need 8 years or so, it should be after 2018.

The distribution of the world's air forces of change

The emergence of -50 means that in addition the United States, the world's countries have a grasp of the four generations of aircraft technology. From the current public reporting of view, there are more countries are developing four generations of machines. For example, Japan on the development of the "mind" four-generation aircraft.

Compared with the three generations of machine time, four generations of machine age distribution of the world's air forces of what will change?
Data Chart: The United States produced a total of 183 equipped with F-22 Raptor fighter
Three generations of machine age, the first three generations of machines has the United States, followed by Russia and then Europe, followed by France, Sweden and so on. Of course, China was also in possession of three generations of aircraft, India has also launched its own LCA light fighter, than the United States, Russia and Europe much later. In other words, three generations of machine time, and truly master the three generations of machine technology and in the first three generations of machines have only the United States, Russia and Europe.

To the four generations of machine age, the power structure took place on a very subtle change. The first one has a four-generation machines is still the United States. In it, the public appearances of Russia. But Europe has yet to four generations of machines research project, but India, Japan, China reportedly has four generations of machines research project.

Thus, to master new types of aircraft technology, the geographic distribution of subtle changes have taken place.

In addition, four generations of machines from the master view of the technological gap, there have also changed. In the three generations of machine age, the United States first three generations of machine-based F-15 was delivered in November 1974 troops, in 1978, F-16 delivery unit. -29 M in Russia in 1983 and served the Soviet Union -27 units delivered in 1985. Through this comparison we can see that in three generations of machine technology to master, Russia and the United States a difference of less than 10 years.

In the four generations of machines, the U.S. F-22 is the first test flight in 1990, Russia's T-50 maiden flight of just that this time gap of 10 years from the three generations of machines has widened to 20 years. From this it can be seen in different countries and regions in the grasp of new technology, the time fighter appeared on a subtle change.

Therefore, access to four generations of machine age, the world air forces, the distribution of age, compared with three generations of aircraft will be undergoing dramatic change: Europe did not see a fourth generation machine, Asia puts to appear; the United States three generations of computer technology leader in 10 years, while the four generations of computer technology is ahead 20 years.
Data Chart: The United States produced a total of 183 equipped with F-22 Raptor fighter

Four generations of machine age will really happen?


We have just analyzed the four generations of machine time may come, why even ask this question then?


Because the development of four generations of machines in a very delicate state.

First of all, four generations of America's most advanced F-22 aircraft has been discontinued, that is, four generations of aircraft development up to now, technically speaking, are no longer continue to develop, and the real continue to produce at the low of a grade of F-35 , and will largely come into the market.


In addition, the three generations of machine age a "we" - in Europe there is no four-generation aircraft development program. This is due to funds, and demand constraints, or Europe's future air combat technical analysis there are other ideas?

We see at present the U.S. is also devote great efforts to develop some new concepts air weapons, the most typical is the UAV. Some people say that the future of unmanned aircraft will form a new generation of air power, it was called the Five Dynasties and machines or six generations of machines.

In any case, it will be the next generation after the F-22 air force. At the same time, European investment in this area is also great, in the UK, France, air show, they have come up with its own UAV development direction and outcome.

Will there be four next-generation machines flash in the pan, in a period of time has not formed quickly into the mainstream next-generation air combat forces phenomenon? This should be deserving of our attention, especially those that are concentrating on developing the four-generation machines countries should pay attention and study this issue.


 China's Su -27 / F -11 to improve the stealth-based quasi-four-generation machine vision program


In the F -10 (post) on the basis of the development of twin-generation stealth aircraft models, four scenarios (ago)


The Russian Sukhoi T-50, is alleged to -27 in the Soviet Union on the basis of heterozygosity and F-22, YF-23 features

U.S. F-22, currently the only serving fourth / fifth generation fighter

Have been eliminated because it is too ahead of the YF-23, by many aviation enthusiasts loved and respected experts.

The latest Sukhoi Su-35BM, are classified as "3.75 generation" or the "4.75 generation" aircraft, the Russian military has ordered about 48 (two groups), as T-50 added before serving.

Sukhoi in 1997 had developed S-37 (later known as Su -47) forward-swept wing demonstrator (the former), but this arrangement seems to only be used for scientific research and exploration, near-term military service as a fighter. Then escort were about -30 and Su-Su--35.

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