Chinese experts disclosured: Four main reasons why China's aircraft carrier was delayed!

In the current five permanent members of the United Nations, in addition to China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, have an aircraft carrier. Why, then, China has no aircraft carriers do? In this regard, some analysts pointed out four reasons. The following is an expert analysis of articles published text:

First of all, because of restrictions on China's naval forces. China's naval development over the past 60 years in general has experienced three development stages: from the development of coastal defense coastal defense, and then from yellow water into blue water, to protect the Chinese people become the important force for peace and development.

With the Chinese navy's three stages of development correspond to the Chinese there have been three major shipbuilding climax. After the reform and opening up, China's shipbuilding industry to take military and civilian combined, integrating the armed forces of the development model, has been building for the blue-water navy laid a good foundation. The construction of aircraft carriers and other large-scale displacement of 10000 ton warship has been no problem.

Second, because China's military, industrial and technological level. Aircraft carrier to a certain extent, represents a country's military, industrial and technological level of the comprehensive strength. Many large state-owned naval power and the Navy with a strong comprehensive national strength, scientific and technological level and economic base, and therefore the development of an aircraft carrier occupying edge. China is a very long period of time, military, industrial and technological level does not have this ability, so development is limited.

Third, because China's economic capacity constraints. High cost carrier, is a veritable "swallowing gold behemoth." As the world's most expensive ships, aircraft carriers can be developed not only to consider the operational issues of its service, but also to calculate its pre-development costs, as well as the cost of ship-borne aircraft, personnel training costs and its Configuration of the cost of ships, plus the running costs of the aircraft carrier, and its total cost will become prohibitively high. As China's development, we have the initial development of the aircraft carrier with a capacity of financial security.

Fourth, because of China's shipbuilding capacity, or lack of. The construction of an aircraft carrier, we must first have a production capacity of the shipyards, including the need to build an aircraft carrier has to meet the requirements of dry dock, there must be able to lifting the biggest aircraft carrier hull structure and other combinations of components of the lifting equipment and so on.

June 3, 2005, the Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Base ship groundbreaking ceremony was held in Shanghai Changxing Island, which marks the world's largest and most modern shipbuilding base and China's largest base of naval equipment. A formal construction. China's first aircraft carrier or will be born in this.

In addition, China has no aircraft carriers, but also with China's security environment.

March 20, 2009, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister met with Japanese Defense Minister Liang Tian Jing Bang 1:00 says, China can not never be the aircraft carrier. This is my senior military official made this the first time publicly that.

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