China's HF ground wave radar passed the identification, monitoring Japan's warships thousands of miles away

The project of a new generation of digital high-frequency ground wave radar " self developed by 724 Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has passed the identification of scientific and technological. Experts believe that: The new radar products overall plan, design with advanced technology, research is difficult in the international arena for the first time developed the full-digital universal high-frequency ground wave radar system products, products, technology has reached the international advanced level, in which kinetic parameters of the marine The detection range and accuracy in the domestic leading level, system hardware technology and performance at the international advanced level.

 The project was the development project in July 2007, currently has a portable type, vehicle type and shore-based fixed mobile series products and in the marine and meteorological fields and promotion of practical applications, is to create 724 Marine and Atmospheric environment detection technology research and industrialization base in another important achievement.

Japan's defense ministry recently the analysis of intelligence headquarters was informed in late April, China is likely to Sino-Japanese East China Sea waters surrounding the median line to carry out a high frequency ground wave over-the-horizon (OTH) radar experiment. Japan is worried about China, if the practical application of this high-performance radar, then the future trend of Japanese ships will be in if his hand.

Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" reported that the Defense Ministry intelligence department regularly in the East China Sea on the alert for anti-submarine aircraft of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, in late April found that a Chinese naval destroyer of the old Japan in the East China Sea by the middle line into the China Sea航行. The destroyer carried out along the Sino-Japanese median line of navigation from north to south, east-west also carried out the navigation, but does not cross the middle line.

Japan's Defense Ministry will sail aboard the destroyer's path of Chinese naval radio intelligence and the intelligence derived from the United States to do a comprehensive analysis of the results show that China is likely to conduct high-frequency ground wave over-the-horizon (OTH) radar, the ability to test , including the radar target detection capability. Preliminary judging, the high-performance radar may be located in the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province, the radar station.

Reported that the high frequency ground wave over-the-horizon (OTH) radar is the use of longer wavelengths make short-wave transmission, can explore the maritime targets thousands of kilometers away. It has a detection distance, observation area large, anti-stealth, anti-anti-radiation missile attack and other salient features. Japanese Self-Defense Forces have been set up to review the intelligence headquarters in the radar Kikai Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, set this high-performance radar, but later taking into account the negative can be obtained from the U.S. military intelligence warning satellites and therefore not set.

In addition, Japan is now stepping up in Tokyo, about 1800 kilometers southwest of Miyako Island, the construction of search radar and electronic intelligence warfare facilities. Some U.S. media have said that Japan's air defense and electronic intelligence warfare system construction has changed from being mainly aimed against Russia, China.

Analysis suggests that Japan has begun to the Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait area as a so-called "external threat" the main source of strategic focus has started from the "North" to "West", "South" transfer of troops deployment also be adjusted accordingly.

Miyako Island, Japan in the establishment of radio waves, testing facilities, no doubt to enhance the West, the South to the intelligence gathering ability and will greatly enhance the Japan Self-Defense Forces in its "Southwest" area of military strength. More directly, in Miyako Island, listening stations set up to capture every move of Chinese ships in the East China Sea.

In addition there are comments that the Japanese side Miyako Island, the building of an advanced radar facility in that, for once with the Chinese sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands on the outbreak of military conflict, could be more convenient control over the Diaoyu Islands. It is learned that the new radar also can be an enemy of the direction of the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, as well as all military operations launched in early warning.

Japanese Self-Defense Forces instructors, senior fellow at Saburo Takai earlier in Japan, "strategist" magazine published an article in the military analyst said in a geographical sense, Miyako Island, "is an excellent base for the control of the East China Sea" . Once constructed here in Japan, electronic eavesdropping facilities, there is such as in the East China Sea next to put on a sensitive ear.

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