China Experts: T-50 Russian fighter is not enough, their performance is difficult as compared with the U.S. F-22 fighter

The successful completion of first flight of the T-50 fighter jets (data map)

Exposure of the T-50 flight deck design

The Russian fifth generation fighter "T-50" 29 day test flight for the first time. China's "weapons knowledge," Xiong, deputy editor of World Wide Web the same day to accept the aircraft when reporters were briefly Comments.
He said the first flight from the existing information and the circumstances, the Russian T-50 could hardly compete with the U.S. F-22 "Raptor" fighter par.
He explained that, T-50's shape and F-22 is indeed a resemblance, but the current evaluation of an advanced fighter aircraft whether or not mainly depends on how its information technology equipment.
In recent years, judging from the exhibition, the Russian fighter in the information and data chain is not like the United States. He said, F-22 main features is the powerful information technology.
Xiong also said that there are already reports that, T-50 engine is the old-fashioned. He said the aircraft fuselage with the tail exposed parts of the engine really is not very coordinated, "one should be pretty good airplane."

Previously, The basic structure of T-50 have already been disclosed in various forms

T-50 will be equipped with an advanced Helmet Mounted Sight

Early Imagine Figure

Early Imagine Figure

Photographs published by Sukhoi Design Bureau

Photographs published by Sukhoi Design Bureau , local details of the processing similar to the nose of the Stealth F-35

F-35 "Thunderbolt II" fighter of the flight are being stepped up

A variety of imagination and the last published figure is very similar to the real machine

Russia's fifth generation aircraft T50 (above) is considered primarily a consolidation of the YF-23 (below) and Su -27 characteristics

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F-35 "Thunderbolt II" has to be F-35 "Lightning II".

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