All Western countries recognize: This China's weapon is indeed the world's first

Domestic WS-2D long-range rocket launcher system

In the air force, the United States the strongest, followed by Russia, China the worst. The United States have an advantage on the ground attack aircraft and helicopter gunships, specializing in long-range ground attack, so long-range rockets of the United States is not the most important. But China is different from the absence of air superiority, the Chinese must have some form of long-range ground attack on the U.S. air superiority in order to offset the advantages, the development of ultra long-range rocket for China on the crucial terms of the. In this connection, all countries of Western intelligence agencies, the General Staff Department reached a unanimous conclusion: the Chinese in this area have devoted too much effort. Specifically can refer to the NATO meeting, Jane's Defense Yearbook can be found.

Rocket launcher is a very good example, it tells us that conditions of each country is different from the development of weapons according to their own status and the environment, do not blindly follow the advanced countries, races, first think how good fight, how to overcome, and then according to tactical thinking to develop their own weapons.

Blind faith in the United States, the Taiwanese high-tech weapons, in fact, are the money-losing high-tech weapons, gadgets, paper, indeed a good point of view, it is because those values are the probability of amazing scientists and engineers, compiled out of the use of computer programs. Scientists and engineers must do in order to continue to sell their new weapons and to keep their jobs, I really fight these high-tech weapons may not be effective, and most of them not the case. That is why even the Pentagon's generals are not sure to win large-scale conventional war in China, the Taiwan Strait, a local limited war is even more uncertain, and is basically the United States at a disadvantage (supply issues). Give weapons to use, is a tool for the implementation of tactical thinking, the core problem is tactics of the pros and cons. The tactical thinking of the two countries have, in accordance with their tactical thinking of the two countries the development of weapons already have a system in the future if the war really do not know who the winner.

Guardian-2D is tailored for Taiwan

Guard-2D is a range of 360 kilometers, this is not a coincidence or a random set of indicators, but to force reunification with Taiwan.

Think about it, the Taiwan Strait, the widest place is 200 kilometers, the island of Taiwan is 160 kilometers at its widest point, so the guard-2D launch drive to the shelter along the Fujian coast (mountains or the woods), the range of 360 kilometers on the you can cover the entire island of Taiwan.

In fact, the Taiwan Strait and North-South width narrow range of 180 km of the guard-1B can cover the areas north of Hsinchu.

Rocket launcher is not possible defense, because the economy can not afford. YST mere common sense estimates, "defender-2D" a rocket to cost less than fifty thousand dollars, while Patriot missiles a cost of more than two million U.S. dollars. This is a battle to fight than the 40 two-hour Taiwan bankrupt.

Domestic SY400 Eagle long-range rocket launcher systems

Ultra long-range multi-barrel rocket launchers on a threat to surrounding countries

As the rocket launcher is no defense against a large area of destruction, long-range ( ";; 100 km) and ultra long-range (";; 200 km) of border rocket just pulled to form a major threat. For example, "guard-2D" as long as the artillery battalion moved into the southern Guangxi, Hanoi people sleep instability.

I remember not long ago, very close to India near the border with Tibet, built a military airport, less than hundred miles away from China's borders. This is a very stupid decision of the national defense strategy. India's only the thought of their own fighters were quickly able to invade into the Chinese territorial airspace and carried out various attacks, but India did not expect others to attack it more easily in this strategic objective. China quietly moved into two long-range rockets as long as the camps, the first wave of coverage on the entire airport could become one sea of fire, two waves covering fire for 10 minutes, but you can put the tower, runway, runway edge aircraft, radar stations, aircraft hangars, oil depots, ammunition depots, headquarters, maintenance facilities, communication facilities, the pilot quarters. . . And so on are all smashing, and even pilots die off quietly. Rocket raid capabilities, large area of destruction and the destruction of forces to be reckoned with.


1. Basic characteristics

Conventional weapons, the Army rocket launcher is a very important, most powerful large-scale destruction, it not only cost-effective than high, higher than the ballistic missiles and aerial bombs, and the implementation of very fast, faster than the call for air support and more effective.

2. War across the Taiwan Strait

"Guardian" family of rockets has officially become the military, which has changed the door of weapons of war across the Taiwan Strait reunification offensive and defensive firepower, and basically formed one-sided situation. Guardian rockets in less than 15 minutes to make Taiwan more than 300 strategic objectives mix flames. "Defender" of the war in the island of Taiwan is greater than the influence of Dongfeng missiles, the far-reaching significance has been increased from a military dimension to the political level.

3. International influence

China's long-range and ultra long-range artillery rockets filled the ordinary short-range missiles, artillery and the gap between their service effective deterrent neighboring countries such as China, land of the right to power of great significance.

5. Guard -1-type rocket launcher

Eagle 400 is a vertically-launched eight rockets (the world's first), a range of 200 kilometers, the end use of satellite-guided, error in the 100 meters or less

Because it is launched vertically, it is a 360-degree room coverage. Launch, you can choose eight rocket attacks on the same target, you can choose eight rocket attacks on eight different targets, respectively, which could not be achieved by other rockets.

8. Rocket warhead

Stated earlier rocket warheads on the power of the rocket has a very critical position, their design and manufacture of very learned. CCP's large-caliber rockets (300 mm or more, especially the guard-2D), its warhead at least the following six kinds of.

A. Penetration of anti-shrapnel: 560 bullets, each bullet Hollow-thickness of 95 mm, each bullet and effective anti-radius ";; 8 meters;

B. The combined effect of cluster bombs: 75 bullets, each bullet Hollow-thickness of 190 millimeters, each bullet fire area ";; 60 square meters;

C. FAE: The effective destruction radius of 70 meters;

D. Anti-bomb: The effective destruction radius of 105 meters;

E. Incendiary: Effective anti-radius of 105 meters;

F. Unmanned attack aircraft bomb: Rocket arrived over their targets after the release of three mini-UAV search for ground-based radar signal, and then execute a suicide attack, the whole attacking process and Israel's "Harpy" unmanned aerial vehicles similar to.

9. Performance Data Summary

Caliber shells the number of long-range navigation control bomb warhead full

Mm m km kg kg

63 Type 107 unknown 128.5 No 18. 88.33

PHZ891222. 874030 No 6718

A1003007. 310>;; 85 with 840,235

PHL033007. 312150 are 840,235

Guardian -13,024. 744,880 No 524.15 thousand

Guardian-1B3026. 384,8180 None 725.15 thousand

Guardian -24,007. 156.2 thousand are 1.2852 million

Guardian-2D4008. 156360 are 1.57525 million

Eagle 400.4 thousand are unknown unknown unknown 8200

Note 1: The Guardian-2D of the caliber of 400 mm, 406 mm, 420 mm, 425 mm, and so a different argument, this paper take the most conservative figures.

Note 2: The Guardian-2D a range of 360 km, 380 km, 400 km, 420 km, 480 km, and so a different argument, this paper take the most conservative of the word.

Analysis and commentary

1. "Tornado" is far better than M270

"Tornado" and the M270 is Russia and the United States the most powerful rocket. The performance of the fourth quarter from the fourth chapter summary table, we are very easy to judge out of Russia's "Tornado" is far better than the United States, M270, they simply can not at the same level. M270 is basically the equivalent of the United States, only Russia's "Hurricane."

2. "Tornado" and PHL03 each has its advantages

PHL03 is China's version of "Tornado", which is very similar to the fundamental nature of the two rockets. Russia's "Tornado" in the power of the warhead that has advantages (weight 45 kg), China's "tornado" in a range that has advantages (well almost doubled). Obviously, this is a design concept, the Chinese part of the warhead with the power to exchange range.

Russia's "Tornado" has the world's most powerful rocket warhead (280 kg). This is the tradition of Russian weapons, but also on behalf of Russia's national character. Russia's arms, regardless of which one, always charge the most.

3. Guardian-2D is the diameter the largest and longest-range rockets

400 mm rocket is the world's largest diameter, 360-km range rocket is the world record.

4. Eagle 400 is the largest diameter, bombing the most accurate rocket

Eagle Flight 400 bombing targets beyond 200 kilometers error is less than 100 meters, this is rocket record.

In general, the required capacity of rocket attacks on a number of targets is superfluous. First, the rocket accuracy is not enough long-range and ultra long-range rockets bombing error rather large (400 m ~ 800 m), need to pour all of the rocket launch pad at the same target in order to ensure the destruction. Secondly, the real on the battlefield have at least 4-6 rocket launchers to attack, even if that attack different targets to different objectives to the different launch vehicles it wants to.

But when the rocket becomes very accurate when firing on the same target will lead to wastage. Eagle 400 attack error is likely smaller than the radius of warhead destruction, this time only one or two rockets can fulfill its mandate, Eagle 400 8 400 mm rockets could be attacked at least four different goal, this time of the launch vehicle with vertical launch capability is very critical, because you can not adjust the direction of the launch simultaneous attacks against multiple targets.

Eagle 400 in the Zhuhai Air Show is a sensation, not knowing what is not known abstract possibilities.

Eagle 400's range is only 200 kilometers is not surprising, because this model on display at the Zhuhai International Airshow that it was a type of foreign trade in order to do business, according to international treaties, the output function has guided rockets (that is, missile) range can not be more than 300 kilometers. This requirement is subject to international supervision and be serious consequences if they breach the future will be very difficult diplomatic work, no country is willing to provoke such a trouble, at least not openly do.

As the Eagle 400 is a solid fuel, thrust and burning time is fixed, the range can not be changed, the PLA will definitely not use this model. Export and own models different functions, it is the unspoken rules of the arms market, we tacitly. For example the United States sold to foreign aircraft, radar and engines and their own use are not the same.

Think about it, Eagle 400 using a variety of ways a joint guidance, there is a known inertial navigation and satellite navigation, definitely can add other systems such as infrared, which costs have not low. In terms of the rocket is a very large 400 mm aperture, the range is not difficult to add more than 400 kilometers, and in line with the principle of cost-effective. However, such changes would have to lengthen the size of the rocket has already belongs to another type of.

We are almost certain that the PLA must be using another kind of extended type, with a range over 300 kilometers is a certainty, it is possible more than 400 kilometers. People's Liberation Army with a real range of models, the joint-guided mode and the error radius of which is confidential, we can only guess. (Source Other Network)

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