Scholars said that sanctions against the United States by China if he sales arms to Taiwan

December 9, according to Reuters news agency reported that the U.S. State Department officials said the Obama administration is pushing a new arms sales to Taiwan, including diesel-electric submarines of the design work and the "Black Hawk" helicopters. 9, the U.S. State Department and Department of Defense declined to comment further on the news, but the media generally, the United States arms sales to Taiwan, "now only a matter of time."
Black Hawk helicopters, U.S. Army equiped with

DAI Xu-Chinese military experts believe that arms sales to Taiwan at stake, China must respond to the countries selling arms to Taiwan to pay a heavy price. That he personally recommends the United States should not remain in China's verbal protest, while there should be substantive retaliation, such as their eye for an eye person's body, a potential rival to the U.S. sale of weapons. National Defense University Professor Meng Xiangqing that China has never harm the core interests of the United States, but the U.S. has to re-sell weapons to Taiwan, the damage is done to China's core interests, the U.S. China's patience should not be regarded as a sign of weakness, the problem to a The solution of the time. The Chinese not only have linguistic and diplomatic response, but should take action on the retaliation and sanctions.

Professor Jin Canrong of Renmin University of China that if the United States arms sales to Taiwan, the mainland United States will certainly sanctions and retaliation. From the military, it can be suspended military exchanges. It is very difficult for the United States by the matter, the world's six strategic military power --- the United States and Russia-EU Japan and India, the United States knows that Russia is the root Zhi Di, for Europe and Japan could be control of India is looking down on the People's Liberation Army the least be assured that the United States is the most urgent want to know the PLA.

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