Five reasons that U.S. forces did not dare interfere with the war across the Taiwan Strait

First, U.S. global interests will be seriously threatened

Because: China is not Yugoslavia, not Iraq, but today's "universally recognized as a military power," with "unparalleled war potential" and the direct attack on the U.S. mainland's missile and nuclear weapons.

Once the United States intervene in the Taiwan Strait, nuclear non-proliferation cooperation will "come to naught," the United States will become "enemies."

In accordance with the "enemy's enemy is my friend," the U.S. bullying for many years in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Iran, Libya, Cuba and other countries may become China's ally. China and Russia are establishing a new strategic partnership. Once the Sino-US war, the world pattern will break up, and Russia (and perhaps India) to establish a military alliance against the United States is not inconceivable. China has long said the United States Ruoqiang Taiwan into the theater missile defense system, that is, destruction of the missile technology control mechanism, then, Iraq, Iran, North Korea received nuclear missile technology from China if the United States in the world will be threatened.

Second, the U.S. regional interests will be in trouble

Because once the United States intervene in a Taiwan Strait war, the United States all its troops in the Pacific theater will be hampered, the United States in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia, the lack of strength will occur, is difficult to look into a beginning and end position.

Third, the U.S. economic interests will suffer enormous damage

Because the U.S. economy, the Chinese mainland than in Taiwan, "I do not know how many times more important." The United States in China and Hong Kong, a total investment of 94 billion U.S. dollars in Taiwan, only 50 billion U.S. dollars. Once the Sino-US confrontation would be a severe blow to the U.S. economic base.

Fourth, the U.S. military does not constitute an absolute advantage in

Because of China's weapons and equipment, although in general, smaller than the United States, but there are many "killer": China's world-class reconnaissance satellites; launch of the spacecraft used in the small momentum technologies that make missiles with penetrating U.S. national missile defense system (NMD) of the ability to strike at U.S. territory; China, the world's leading technology of small neutron bomb, the U.S. aircraft carrier impossible to defend.

5, the United States can not afford a large number of casualties

Because of China, the Taiwan Strait crisis, the U.S. naval supremacy and the future of China's rise "to cripple the existing" in the beginning, China's choice is bound to be "resolutely smash the U.S. to contain China's island chain," the war is bound to a large number of casualties !

For China, in order to unification at all costs; for the United States is not the same.

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You forgot the rewards U.S, EU, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Australia, etc. will receive when China corrupted into parts are huge (land, resources, economics, etc.). Whatever the prices to pay for that rewards would be absolutely acceptable to all of these countries.