Chinese military first decrypted the emergency plan for the Second Artillery launching missiles

Recently, CCTV 7 "Military Stories" first exposed the plan for the Second Artillery missile launch failed.

Pay close attention to the Second Artillery Force weapons system integration, to achieve the building of weapons and equipment from the elements of the transition to the system. Conventional guided missile precision strike, comprehensive damage and penetration capabilities have been significantly stronger.

This is the second equipment support artillery carried out a comprehensive exercise, the exercise of a comprehensive support system so that failure of the 3-fold more efficient disposal. Jiang Hua, a brigade of the Second Artillery, said: "In the missile test process, if a failure occurs, through technical support system to guide the missile firing unit to complete the failure analysis and exclusion."

In the Second Artillery Corps, a similar innovations produced every year hundreds of these results in ensuring that weapons and equipment, technical and tactical performance, stability, has played an important role. The Second Artillery Command war service the equipment department of the Director of Su Paul Camp said: "The adoption of system innovation, the strength of these scattered into a fist grip, this way, the combat capabilities of weapons and equipment, of course, stronger, and security benefits has become even more higher. "

On this basis, the Second Artillery Corps subordinate units actively promote the informatization construction, a group of advanced digital-based security system appeared one after another training ground.

The Second Artillery missile launch vehicle was ready.

Missiles were shipped out of warehouse.

Comprehensive technical support system.

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