China's Central Asia strategy: not so simple for natural gas!

Recently, China in Central Asia clearly strengthened actions, particularly the landmark action that Central Asian gas to enter China, more emphasis on this piece of hot spots in Central Asia the future of uncertainty. Overlord of all the parties continued to put pressure on Central Asia in an attempt to come to this land through control of Central Asia about the situation in the whole of Asia. As Asia's largest third-world countries - China, let alone be involved and willing when the green leaves, so the gradual involvement of China in Central Asia affairs, we must also have adequate strategies to prepare, or access to Central Asia will be a serious pin down China's back. So this land in Central Asia, we will be how to deal with a world power relations? Here we have a relationship with Central Asia, several countries, ideas, to do the following analysis and interpretation, see, China's advantages and disadvantages, and future direction of Central Asia and China, to face anti-war problems, and so.

The first round is not in the past Russia in Central Asia

Most of the countries of Central Asia who were former Soviet republics, but as a substitute for the Soviet Union countries, Russia has always been not to give up on the geo-strategic interests in Central Asia the overall consideration. So the Russians want to find ways to win over Central Asia in an attempt to re-inclusion in Central Asia within its sphere of influence, but with Russia's overall strength has been continuously shrinking, the centrifugal force in Central Asia is also growing. Main features are as follows:

1,911, the United States to intervene quickly

This is Russia's geopolitical interests of a huge mistake, the United States the purpose of the name of revenge, Russia's former republics, which Russia is a very terms of the pain, but there is no way, Who let the United States that year ostentatious, arrogant incomparable it!

2, economic and political decline lead to Russia's loss of control in West Asia

80 years on behalf of, Russia will the war to Afghanistan, but U.S. support, China's acquiescence, the Soviet Union ultimately failed. Is also doomed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the Central Asia, the people less and less over, the economy is poor, and military weak, while living in an important strategic location and rich resources, but no one to meddle in - because he is the bridgehead of China and Russia. But as Russia's economic shock, political decline, the U.S. changed behind them will take, occupy a major position.

3, China's involvement, it may touch a sensitive nerve in Russia

While China and Russia have always been a friendly statement said that on some issues, but there is still controversy and trouble. Coupled with the instigation of the United States, gradually produced a gap between China and Russia. Take the arms sales, for instance, China and Russia have been carried out among the competition. Moreover, China's arms than Russia's arms to be cheap. This advantage of Russia gradually become smaller, and even some non-foot heavy-light. That is why Central Asia is gradually moving closer to the East with the intention of large inter-country walk through to gain their survival and interests.

But we can be very straightforward to say that Russia will not easily give up in Central Asia, China and the United States allow unscrupulous action. He should also take measures, most recently Russia, China's commercial dealings of control, and arms sales to India, to Vietnam, arms sales, and even followed by the United States secretly sold arms to Taiwan, are also possible.

The second is also about how long the United States in Central Asia

U.S. access to Central Asia is a dream, so that Russia can control not only to contain China, and echoed with the eastern military bases, thereby locking China's strategic space, the United States have almost all hope gone crazy. But the United States also has a chess take a wrong time, had a poor Afghanistan, and now disgraced Gaode U.S., coupled with the economic crisis continues to deepen the darkness of a gradual rise before the United States - the United States in Central Asia, how long can stay.

Inadequacies of the United States has repeatedly asked China to send troops to Afghanistan to help bandits, but China has been a furore. China is waiting for a chance? Perhaps.

Because although the economic interests of the exchanges between China and deep, but not allies, and even some of the needs of ordinary Chinese are not high-tech weapons to China, which pretty allies do? Hardly even friends. Even the United States and kept on frame, Afghanistan, terrorist use of weapons are available in China. The results of his own mouth sub-smoking.

The United States in the end still struggling to stay in Central Asia over a long period?

According to the present situation, the United States in Afghanistan, failure is inevitable, as long as China and then wait patiently for some time, will solve its own problems, but should focus on solving its own problems, that is, to the great contribution to the world (high-level language). As for the United States would stay in Afghanistan to what time, as long as the United States did not attack China, not to the terrorists, to China, then let the United States at that Hao Zhao, and when the oil burnout, and when to go, It would appear that Chinese poke the soft knife. But does not mean that China does not as a.

In the future, we will see that China in Central Asia will have more performance, but it certainly would not send troops to Afghanistan. Because once the troops would be inconsistent with China's interests.

Third countries, will not trip the Tang Hunshui

NATO has entered trip, including Britain, France and Germany, a small Central Asia but affects the world's largest regardless of country. Even leg to stand on in India, also came to be a busy Coushang. That's good, in a number of results on the balance of power to seek the interests of the relevant points, also in China's best interests in Central Asia. This avoids a direct confrontation between U.S. and thus the time for China to win. This precious time is strategic adjustment of time and military deployment time.

Summary of what, this is really a table-top exercises in Central Asia is a big change in a real world situation of the platform, there are opportunities, there are also enormous risks. Of cooperation or confrontation? Is a strategic compression, or tactical strike a balance? There are actually a pair of invisible hands behind the scenes operation of the, that is, the struggle between the great powers and cooperation, that is, in cooperation with the struggle to cooperate in the struggle to break this balance requires great patience and courage, while also bear the break the balance of the huge risks, such as the United States now live environment.

And live in the struggle and cooperation among China, have low what tactics do? It is what features do, I think we can look at four areas:

1, control risk

Eastward as far as possible to prevent the proliferation of dangerous to meddle in China, not so dangerous to spread westward to destabilize Iran, only the problem under control in the circle - the circle is the Afghanistan issue, the U.S. statement said the anti-terrorism, other issues must not think of crossing the step As for the strategic interests of the international adjustment is not to mention. Because these are not the reasons for China's support for the United States. Otherwise, China will put a heavy compression caused by geopolitical military burden.

2, and resolutely anti-terrorism

Because the United States is the name of the banner of anti-terrorism came to Central Asia in support of the anti-terrorism in China, but also in the fight against terrorism on the stand, so there will be a Chinese in Central Asia, combating the three forces of the declaration, which yielded to the action, a regard to the United States explained, the United States only in counter-terrorism issues, to get China's support, and this is China's three anti-terrorism forces - even though these three forces, there is actually a guest of the United States, the United States must not think of the war on terror to the other the direction of extension; the other hand, to the relevant Central Asian countries shows that China's economic assistance-type energy cooperation is also based on the implementation of its own interests only, and warned the Central Asian countries, particularly those in American background, the United States military bases countries - the United States will sooner or later go, China is always on your side.

Third, watch intently the United States

The United States in Central Asia that was true intention is obvious, therefore, the risks and determined in the control after the anti-terrorism, that is, watch intently the United States, focus on the United States can not be overstepped. If we say that the U.S. military presence in Central Asia, China was not at all indifferent, it is impossible. China's various military deployment and military exercises of the objective has been pointing its sword towards the U.S. base in the home turf, this is China, and watch intently the reasons for the United States. Is also the United States to now 不敢越雷池一步 reasons.

Fourth, beware of Russia

Countries such as Russia, from the historical point of view, he determined the characteristics of polar bears, this title is not wrong. As long as meat, he will not easily give up. Therefore, in China's growing depth when in Central Asia, we must beware of the northern neighbor - he is not only the idea of splitting China, there is so little capacity.

As Russia's three magic weapons: weapons, energy and markets. China has gradually get rid of Russian arms imprisonment; energy is also Russia's oil deliveries to the Far East's performance under the sober, and instead go to the purchase of Central Asia; As for the market, China has received unfair treatment and shot merchant, but also sufficient to show that Russia a credible self-willed. All in all, are China and Russia will be gradually separated from the end, will alienate, it depends on how political action.

I want to say that the Russian how to treat China's problems in China, moving away from Russia, Russia will turn around and deal with China? This is China should beware.

So So China must not only know how to reap the benefits in Central Asia, but also a more broad strategic objectives, the strategic objectives? Definitely should not be limited to the oil and gas so simple, but more importantly is to ensure that China's interests, the Chinese people's safety first, followed by the gradual exclusion of Russia and the United States, as well as forces in the West, China will gradually become safe.

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