More powerful than aircraft carrier, cruise homeport looks down upon the world

Although the US-led military power of China adopted the policy of containment, but the reform and opening up, or gives us the rapid rise in a number of key areas of our army has made significant breakthroughs and progress, so in terms of an economic or military already have a little capital to compete with them, if the construction of several cruise home port, not only can completely break the U.S. so-called "island chain" encirclement, but also the strength takes a back seat.

Cruise home port is not a ship, but a new concept, powerful, and can cruise the sea base is a set of military airports and ports, Marine Corps Base on a platform of the Floating Island.

Homeport cruise length 1000 meters wide, 200 meters high 35 meters, draft 4 m, a displacement of 800,000 tons, it comes with power systems and plug-in power function. Top-level aviation in Hong Kong, with two 1,000-meter runway, the lower on both sides of the port, there are 1000 meters in length each can accommodate ships of various sizes of terminals, the middle is a multi-hangars and barracks, in addition to load the aircraft, and flexible configuration of various pairs of air-to-sea-land equipment and weapons can also be placed up to five thousand marines.

Cruise homeport of light-weight solid material as the base of the floating island-type structure, the base thickness 6 m, the proportion is only 0.25 tons / cubic meter, from lightweight foam ceramic, steel, polymer and other composite materials, corrosion resistance, high intensity, against strong resistance, in a blow after the danger has not sunk, with unsinkable performance, this performance is all the ships, aircraft carriers do not possess.

After the cruise homeport loaded with draft 4 m, 6 m thick base, there are still two Mickey seat in the water line, plus 33 meters of the superstructure, with a total of up to 35 meters, at the same time, one kilometer long and 200 m matrix the width of the ability of anti-wave of any ships, aircraft carriers are no match.

Cruise home port not only for the solid base, and the area is huge, it is very stable throughout the home port, and land bases similar to land-based equipment without modification can be directly configured to use the upper 1,000 meters of runway to take off and land directly to land-based aircraft, the internal can be Configure a variety of land-based artillery, missiles, electronic equipment, with a land-based aircraft, land-based firepower against the same force, combat radius is also far greater than the most advanced aircraft carrier.

Cruise home port is still a huge naval port, carrying more than one fleet, especially the endurance to carry the original raid on power is very weak and the strong body of 2208 pairs of wave-piercing stealth missile boats and other small boats, the ships into the coastal and ocean, changing the original far from the sea surface pattern of the power for the 2208 pairs of body wave-piercing wolf stealth missile boats, the implementation of tactics to attack and provides a great opportunity for a naval battle of the "killer", to large ships, especially aircraft carriers has brought new threats.

Homeport cruise a huge space and load capacity can be large amounts of materials that can provide long-term supplies, while land-based aircraft can take off and land at any time, be able to keep in close touch with the mainland, you can not dock a long-term cruising.

More powerful performance, so that its home port cruise can envy of the world, aircraft carriers dominate the sea will become history. From China's current strength and level of technology, manufacturing capability, have the ability to equip two or three years, 3-5 this cruise home port, the layout of the East China Sea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, to the painstaking efforts during the past few years the United States the "island chain system of China "The advantage disappear, Taiwan, Okinawa, the Diaoyu Islands, the South China Sea and other issues not resolved, and sea routes are also guaranteed, more importantly, China will become the world's most important force for peace.

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Is this cruise home port mobile, does it have desalination units,
power by what how does it defend itself? It sure looks huge like a city.

From what I could see it could be a sitting duck, does not look very mobile to me and I do not see any defence mechanisms. It is a big target you can not miss it/

Sounds like a lot of propoganda, they are still five years from putting one of these into operation by then the USA will have something else that's even better.

Yes if done correctly it will be quite formidable but does China have the technology and do they have high tech materail that give it stealth and ability to take hits. There are carbon hybrid materials that are one hundred times stronger than steel, do they have that and can they mass produced at a low price.

Good luck, it will cost a lot of money and it is a waste. No need to worry about the USA, it is a peaceful country.

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LOL I hope they have plans for building subs to reclaim the huge amount of resources spent to create this beastly looking thing, after we blow it out of the water on it's first mission.

What an unrealistic design.... It's a kids version of a super carrier.

It is definitely a fuel guzzler and a sitting duck. It may be okay against the somali pirates.

One bunker buster would provide the largest artificial reef ever known.

China for some unknown reason have increased their military spending by double digits on the average per annum for the last decade or so. They are still a third world country, they need to spend their money on the people.

I don't think they are going to build one of these behemoths too expensive and not practical.