U.S. military officials deliberately exaggerate China's military power to try for appropriation

Data photo: China's Navy warships to counter the attack submarine drills

October 27, the U.S. Department of Defense usher in the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Xu Caihou and several other Chinese generals, this is the Pentagon last three years, for the first time to receive the Chinese military leaders. The two sides discussed the further improvement and development of military relations between the ways and means to strengthen military exchanges and cooperation, and reached consensus on seven. The two sides also stressed the need to strengthen high-level visits, expand common interests. In this regard, Russian experts believe that China's growing military power would continue to make Americans worry.

Russia's "Independent" newspaper October 30 published a report entitled "Sino-US talks on how to avoid war," article. The article says China worried about U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and the United States worried that China's growing military power, especially in anti-satellite weapons.

The prospects for Sino-US military cooperation, the Russian Far East Academy of Sciences, Pavlova Rocca Menov experts believe there is a problem. He said that Beijing is committed to military modernization, while the United States on China to impose an arms embargo and technology. Kamenov that the U.S. is now dominated by the Pacific Ocean, but now it saw the rise of China's military power. Russia and China have similar production of the Su -30 fighter that can carry out missile attacks against enemy warships. China has a production capacity of the Russian anti-submarine missile destroyers equipped with the sandflies. Kamenov also pointed out that U.S. generals deliberately exaggerate China's strength, so that you can get more funding from Congress.

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