Chinese space experts said that Russia is unable to manufacture nuclear-powered spacecraft

Soviet-made space shuttle Buram

The Russian spacecraft on the 28th of declared nuclear program, the West generally are not optimistic. Associated Press article stated: Russia's aspirations with its space marked contrast to the actual situation in Russia is still in use 40 years ago on the use of "union" of rockets and spacecraft, a new generation of conventional thrust of rocket and spacecraft planned for the foreseeable future, do not see the hope of being approved. Therefore, the Russian Space Agency plans to sound more like is to ask the government funding, rather than a detailed proposal.

China Academy of Space Technology researcher Pang Zhihao accept the "Global Times" reporter, said the United States has long raised the spacecraft's nuclear program, but later had to run aground, because the nuclear spaceship to face a series of technical problems, if it is used to fly go to Mars, even if it is normal for the space crew during the flight caused by radiation has also shot eight times per day X-ray film, if a failure occurs, it is fatal.

Pang Zhihao said that Russia's current nuclear spacecraft program, "simply can not produce anything," the United States taking 18 billion U.S. dollars a year investment in the aerospace industry, but also think it is an additional 3 billion. Russia simply do not have this economic strength, and Russian are also some plans on paper. Earlier, Russia clamored to spend 15 billion rubles put a man on Mars, but eventually dropped.

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It would be a good idea if China and Russia co-operated more closely in space exploration. Russia, with her longer and more comprehensive space technology and China's huge financial resources, would make them a formidable force in space exploration. For example, China have yet to develope a nuclear powered satellite.

For prestige reason, most nations prefer to go it alone, but, look at what happens to the American space program. NASA is bankrupt!