Chinese military experts look the U.S. as China's number one enemy

PLA's electronic warfare forces, an emergency dispatch

U.S. Global strategic networks on the 27th reported that China is actively studying information warfare methods, including improved self-developed during World War II and the increasingly widespread application of electronic warfare technologies to be able to paralyze the U.S. combat capability in wartime.

Reported that China will not hide its intention in future warfare is highly dependent on information warfare's intentions. In examining the methods used to control the Internet, China has allocated are higher than any other country funds, and in-depth study during World War II development and the rise of technology, electronic warfare (jamming, decoy or even paralyze an enemy's electronic equipment) to meet China's needs.

Report pointed out that although China's military program details are considered confidential, but the overall strategy is not the case. China's military with weapons, equipment, technology, and professional journals in the relevant discussions are revealed in China in the next war, how to deal with the U.S. message. Large number of Chinese military experts described as such: The United States is China's number one enemy, between the two countries will have some form of conflict is inevitable.

Reported that the People's Liberation Army set up plans to disrupt the conflict instead of destroying the U.S. military. This is because the Chinese take it for granted that its will be in a defensive position, have to deal with from the air and sea attacks. Strategy in its deliberations, including through the Internet to attack (ie, network hackers) and electronic warfare (suppression and decoy). Now, in the U.S. military suffered attacks, the increasing number of hackers was found to be from China. Although the Chinese government flatly denies this, but its professional journals are examined in depth the networking opportunities within the field of battle. Similarly, its also electronic warfare issues a similar discussion. In addition, these professional journals has also repeatedly referred to China needs to understand the operation of the U.S. military, as well as when to change the Chinese strategy to attack its weaknesses.

Reports that, whether it is information warfare, or electronic warfare, by Chinese military leaders and their staff taking the lead by providing any necessary resources (including personnel and technology). This is a very important intelligence information, the outside world impossible to snoop. However, if look at the history of information warfare, people will be able to generally understand the operation of the process of information warfare.

Reported that, in the history of warfare, this kind of thing is not uncommon Moreover, China has experienced a number of wars brings a good draw on the lessons of history. We can say that information warfare in the past wars often play an important role. During the Korean War the Chinese army is indeed fraud in the use of traditional information warfare with the enemy's technique achieved some victories, but for a long period of time of their strategic awareness he has not brought about any significant victories whom. Reported that Chinese military officials are now eager to change this situation. However, only through the real in order to verify the new method's practicality.

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