China's a new type of ICBM can attack all the important strategic objectives

发件人 2009

A new type of China-made nuclear missiles to participate in parade

发件人 2009
Nuclear missiles square team through Chang'an Avenue

Character Profile: Zhang Guangzhong, nuclear missiles, Fang Fang team captain.

Ultra-long-range coverage of important strategic objectives

Xinhua Military: This equipment is the first National Day military parade appearance, right?
Zhang Guangzhong: Yes, this is not only this kind of equipment for the first time in his National Day military parade in appearance, but also its first public appearance. I believe that the equipment is one of the highlights of this major military parade. In recent years, armed forces, as well as the Second Artillery Corps weapons and equipment construction has achieved great progress, from its combat missions and weapons characteristics, the Second Artillery Corps has always been closely watching the foreign object. Concerned about the Second Artillery Corps is the main concern of the construction of nuclear missiles and ballistic missiles. In all parties affected by reading team, we are the only one intercontinental nuclear missiles side team, after the National Day parade debut is bound to be a focus of attention of the media and foreign armies. So we on the ground side of all 44 teams played the last finale.

Xinhua Military: Please give us a brief overview of some equipment, bar

Zhang Guangzhong: 99 National Day military parade, the last finale is also played when the latest development of China's ICBMs. This review, the ICBM can basically cover all the important strategic objectives.

Our country has some equipment borrowed from the developed countries made the development of advanced technology and experience, but the construction of strategic nuclear weapons, China went a completely independent path of development.

Training only by tractor

Xinhua Military: to parade the village and began training with all the body, which is a big test for driver, right?

Zhang Guangzhong: Yes, coming here, the driver faces two challenges: First, start with only tractor training, is now hanging from launch vehicles to use a tractor training, driving do not feel the same. Second, the parade venue for the village is not very smooth, and our equipment, big, small wheels in such a venue for training vehicle bumps get worse. Military parade had just entered the village, our assessment is extremely unsatisfactory results, the five parties in the Second Artillery Force ranks last, with a pass rate of only 60%. After a period of adaptation, our performance improved rapidly.

Xinhua Military: It is said you are the captain of the Second Artillery five square the oldest, but it is the longest stay at the training ground.

Zhang Guangzhong: My age is the largest of five individuals. We stay at the training ground a very long time, I may go to get a little earlier than everyone, every day I come to a moment earlier than the military training ground to see how space and equipment to prepare the sample, which is party leader must be to understand and grasp. I served in the armed forces units of the original units of length, although the parade is now the top priority of my work, we should focus on the military parade, but the troops are stationed in the building sometimes need to interfere, on a regular basis to understand the situation at home. So my burden is still heavy.

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