Indian Defense Ministry admitted that India's military power drops behind and couldn't compete with China

The Second Artillery Force strategic and tactical missile units Fast Marching

Medium-range Dongfeng-21 strategic missile launched on a Plateau

Mainstream media in India, "India Times" published an article on the 10th that China now is strongly expanding their influence in Indian Ocean region that China hardly ever touched before . For example, recently, China is trying to find India to allow a mission from the Gulf of Aden frontline warships returned in mid-August in the southern Indian port of Cochin (Kochi) call. The article also quoted the Indian Defense Ministry released a new report, India can not compete with the Chinese military.

The article quoted the Indian Defense Ministry sources said China's rampant piracy in the Gulf of Aden to complete the Chinese vessel "in defense of the mandate," the deputy commander of the South China Sea Fleet Rear Admiral Yao Chi House, led by China's missile destroyer "Shenzhen" is hope to be able to Cochin call.

Cochin Kerala India Central and Arab coast port city, a large number of ships every day from here. The article said that the two warships ports to display courtesy of the friendly relations between action, but in another point of view also shows that the Chinese navy is constantly trying to take the means to penetrate the Indian Ocean region, and their effective deployment to deal with "outside the region," unexpected events capacity.

At present, India is closely watching the Chinese People's Liberation Army has 250 million people of this powerful trend of the modernization of the armed forces, and strategic cross-border and "area denial" of the development of combat capability. Over the past 20 years, China's military budget by double-digit growth in a row. Such a high degree of concern is also reflected in the Indian Defense Ministry issued a July 9 report, the annual military. The report clearly reveals India alert over China's military modernization mentality.

The report said that Beijing publicly stated that development strategies, such as missiles and space-based weapons, the rapid build blue water navy, as well as the systematic upgrading of infrastructure in border areas, surveillance, and combat capability of the target system, will inevitably against neighboring India, the overall have a significant impact on military environment. For example, up to 4057 kilometers in China, the Sino-Indian border line of actual control of massive construction of infrastructure, making the People's Liberation Army has the ability to quickly mobilize large-scale military raid in India. The report also mentioned that China and Pakistan and other neighboring countries, continued military cooperation, saying that the ever-deepening co-operation will be a direct result of India's military influence.

However, the report also declared that India and China will be a common defense policy and views in regard to "search for greater transparency and openness", at the same time will take the necessary measures to "protect" its own national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

At present, India has started its north-eastern border in the Department of Sukhoi-30MKI, and the deployment of two new mountain infantry division, research and development for China's 3,500 km range Agni-III ballistic missiles and a range of 5000 1000 m ballistic missile Agni-V to seek access for China's "active deterrence" posture.

However, the military competition with China is impossible. Beijing has a huge arsenal of missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, as well as 75 major warships and 62 submarines, 10 of which are nuclear powered.

For example, the road mobile Dongfeng-31A missiles can attack other than the goal of 11,200 km, JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile range of more than 7200 km. In sharp contrast with India, yet there is no intercontinental ballistic missiles or submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Moreover, India is only 30 large warships and submarines, 16 senior citizens, including non-nuclear power-driven one.

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