Gary Locke and Steven Chu,the Chinese face can not conceal their authentic American Hearts

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Energy Minister Steven Chu yesterday (July 17) ended their visits to China. Chinese Minister's visit to China the two together, which is the first time in U.S. history. Since a four-day, Locke and Chu,the two ministers in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Langfang and so many activities attended many activities and gave many speechs, always maintained a high media visibility. The two ministers' Chinese race really let the Chinese people very proud of and pride for several days, resulting in many people's hearts, Locke and Chu are the first "Chinese", followed by the "ministers" and finally "American."

To tell the truth, the core of the power sector in the United States to have such a minister of the two ethnic identity, it should be said is something to be thankful and happy to see people do, after all, in the United States is such a small number of ethnic groups, groups of countries, to have a few Yanhuang of descent into the core of the power of departments, at least the local ethnic groups to strengthen the sense of pride and self-confidence, safeguard the interests of local ethnic groups to be helpful. However, if this on the blind, wishful to think that the identity of the two Chinese minister can bring us the number of benefits and interests, it is that we are being too naive, shallow and the overconfident!

In essence, "Chinese card" but Obama government "foreign intelligence" means a part of a fundamental interests of the United States or in order to achieve the maximum! Chinese Minister of the two so-called "family card" of the trip to China, but the U.S. government to promote its values and interests of the step to obtain more than a pawn. If you do not see this point, even the two faces of China by the United States confused and think that they are together the high-profile visit to China was "back home to see", "visit relatives", "Contact Contact feelings," a big mistake it special wrong! In fact, the two fundamental purpose of the visit, they have been in the news conference provided a clear answer, "We are proud of Chinese descent, but the representative of the United States Government and the interests of the American people." Activities after a few days is enough to verify this point, such as issues relating to the control of carbon dioxide emissions, the two ministers have been developed and developing countries stressed the "shared responsibility", but to mention the distinction between them. And in order to urge the Chinese to make emission reduction commitments, Zhu, Luo also visit the two ministers on various occasions to the developing and developed countries "took the same boat." In addition, they wasted no time in dealing with me, "Rio Tinto espionage" to find fault with, to make irresponsible remarks, and even asked us to give serious consideration to the feelings of the Australian side and so on, so only on behalf of whose interests are self-evident!

Americans are two Chinese-American ministers, their actions stand in the position of the United States, on behalf of U.S. interests, this is a matter of course, beyond reproach, but if we as a people just because of their long Chinese faces, the skin under Chinese on the so naive as to think they will look at our high, get any special treatment, involving national interests in the issue of preferential treatment to, what we are, what the back door to us, what is the relationship between walking, then it would seem naïve and mentally handicapped , and imagine, the case of Rio Tinto spy who grew up eating milk the motherland, as authentic to the Chinese people even ungrateful, perfidious, for personal self-interest does not hesitate to sell the national interest, then as authentic Americans, the United States Minister, how can because of ethnic identity and the maintenance of China's interests, and even damage to U.S. interests? ! Absolutely impossible clearly, therefore, hope that the Chinese Minister of the United States also reported that no illusion can wake up early to look at the mentality of a normal Chinese Minister in his capacity as the United States, at any time to the first principle of national interest to deal with them, do not suffer heavy losses again until regret, then sum up the lessons!

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