Chinese Armed Police tested The hand-throw UAV

Chinese Armed Police tested The hand-throw unmanned aerial vehicle

June 17, 2009, the last subject of China's "Great Wall 6" national anti-terrorism exercises - "the disposal of chemical plant explosion terrorist attack" was held in Hebei Zhuozhou. Hypothetical exercise in a chemical plant was a "terrorist" attack, factory workers trapped, highly toxic chemicals in tank damage the bombing. Hebei Province, to start at all levels of counter-terrorism command, quickly wipe out "terrorists", fire explosives disposal, treatment and handling of casualties, proper disposal of toxic chemical substances at the scene. Request should be in Hebei, the National Emergency Co-ordination of professional disposal of the national counter-terrorism response force, the National Anti-Terrorism Expert Advisory Group on the disposal of staff support to the scene. Through the exercise of effective test-site disposal of chemical attacks and the rescue work, the state of emergency anti-terrorism mechanism for the disposal of the power cross-call, emergency and on-site disposal of motor ability, public organizations, such as emergency evacuation and the ability and level of protection. Since June 9, the "Great Wall 6" national anti-terrorism exercise in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei and other regions of Central Beijing.

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