The US experts accuse the Chinese network spies to invade the computers of 103 countries

  On March 31, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Qin Gang invaded the multi-country computer incident at the routine press conference on the so-called Chinese network spy system to answer questions from reporters: The overseas some people crave in fabricating the so-called Chinese network spy's rumor, its view is fabricated completely. These people discredit China using the rumor the attempt to be able to prevail in no way.

  According to Singapore "United Zaobao" reported that since March, related “Chinese spy” the news then once for a while seizes the American media key position, the most new example is on May 6 a Voice of America's piece of report. The report said that the US and Canada network security expert at the United States Congress public hearing, accused China's spy network to enter 103 national the other day the official, the mass organization and the personal computer carries on the espionage activity.

  As early as in March 28, the New York Times namely reported this matter by the shocking way, thought that China's spy network also entered Dalai Lama's office computer, and has stolen the massive documents.

  The Sino-US Development Research board routine Vice-chairman Meng Chi when accepts the morning paper visit indicated that the Chinese spy misgivings have never dissipated in the US. The western nation took “the Chinese spy” to say the matter frequently, the goal besides warned that China do not fish, also lay in reminds the common people not to unceasingly forget “China threatened” existence.

  Meng Chi believed that “in the enemy has me, in me has the enemy” is the social habit originally, but a country uncovers another country “the spy” to have repeatedly loses the common sense. He indicated that regardless of being politics, the military, the technical economic domain, the US Intelligence service has not given up “the Chinese spies theory” standpoint. In fact is also so.

  Also reports according to a FBI (FBI) strategy disclosed that the Chinese overseas business organization's espionage activity is the key point which at present they guard against. This report said that although FBI suspects Russia, North Korea, Iran and so on many national spies in the US “according to his need”, but they most worry in the American domestic more than 2600 Chinese-funded companies.

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