Senior Beijing official sentenced to life on corruption charges

BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) -- A former senior Beijing city government official was jailed for life Friday for accepting five apartments from development companies in return for helping the planning and building processes.
Xu Shuying, 68, had been using his position as deputy head of Haidian District government from 1995 to 2003 to seek illegal gains, the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing found.
Xu was in charge of urban construction when he accepted two apartments worth 2.23 million yuan (327,000 U.S. dollars) from the legal representative of a property company called Taiyue and two more from other companies.
He also demanded an apartment as a bribe from another company. The total value of the five homes exceeded 6.29 million yuan (922,300 U.S. dollars), the court heard.
Disciplinary authorities began investigating Xu in March last year after being tipped off that he had accepted an apartment from Taiyue. Xu then confessed to accepting the other four apartments, the court heard.
Xu was told he was being treated with leniency because he confessed to the crimes and all illegal gains had been seized.
Xu had no plan to appeal against the first-instance ruling, said a court official.

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