Chavez commended: The Venezuelan domestic mobiles use the Chinese technology, the American satellite cannot intercept the signals

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's weekly television show "Hello President", has been the subject of ridicule, he Jiangshan stage show, but just past the period of the program, Chavez for Venezuela's first China-made mobile phones so Vergatario from the advertising, even to the people he claimed that this is only 15 U.S. dollars worth of cell phones will be sold throughout the world. May 13, which the domestic mobile phone sales in Venezuela.

May 10 in the "Hello President" program, Chavez rare start for the domestic mobile phone advertising. "The mobile phone sales, not only in Venezuela, will soon be able to sell well all over the world." Chavez said. As one of the first users, Chavez told the national, he got the phone on the 10th day after the first thing that caught his mother to telephone to congratulate Mother's Day. Chavez said that he will this phone as a Mother's Day gift to give the mother.

Venezuela's 15 U.S. dollars worth of domestic mobile phone with camera, Internet, games, radio and MP3 functions. Chavez, however most of these are not exciting. "I also take this phone to Fidel Castro called the United States can not intercept and record satellite to our call, we can not determine who, where called." Chavez program said.

This may be the world's most expensive mobile phones, is the western city of Punto Fijo by the Venezuelan state-owned enterprises, Punto Fijo, 330 kilometers from the capital Caracas. China's ZTE Corporation in this enterprise has a 15% stake, while the production of mobile phone technology and techniques have come from China.

Production and promotion of low-cost mobile phones, is the National President Hugo Chavez announced that it would reduce the cost of living, one of the decision-making. At present mobile phone market in Venezuela is dominated by the Nokia, Motorola and other products.

Produced the first batch of 10,000 mobile phones in Venezuela, mainly be used to reward advanced workers. And open for sale from the beginning of May 13. In order to meet consumer demand, the second mobile phone production line in October will be set up in the capital Caracas. It is predicted that by year-end cell phone output will reach 600,000. Some analysts believe that low-cost handsets which will soon occupy the Latin American market.

However, 15 U.S. dollars for this phone, have access to the views of the Western media. British "The Guardian" In related news reports that such a price far below production costs, the Venezuelan government subsidies to help manufacturers to maintain such a low price.

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wow...that's good.I think USA need to know that , China is took over the world right now....hehhhehe

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