Chinese Internet users draft the name for the Chinese aircraft carrier: the highest voice of DIAOYUDAO and NANSHA

Media reports have said a few days ago, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang Guanglie met with Japan's defense minister, said: "Can not never have a Chinese carrier." - This is the first high-level Chinese military issued such a statement publicly. By the report has aroused a new round of forum discussions on China's carrier wave. In recent days, raising contributions for the aircraft carrier, the carrier levies have become a forum of the hottest topics.
Imagine the future Chinese aircraft carrier plans

Because 80% of ultra-patriotic friends willing to contribute to build aircraft carrier
By Forum, at the "China-made aircraft carrier, you will contribute," the survey, nearly of users to vote and to participate in the discussions, more than 80% of netizens expressed their willingness to contribute. Among them, 77.53% of users are willing to express unconditional contributions, because he was a patriot, 8.15% of users expressed their willingness to contribute, but will act within our capability.
Guestbook friends have said, "As long as the construction of aircraft carriers in China, I am willing to donate one month's wages" and more friends that "willing to donate their wages for one year to support the construction of aircraft carrier."
Friends have suggested that the national sports lottery and follow the model of the welfare lottery issuing "carrier lottery" to raise funds for the construction of aircraft carrier.

Most military observers believe that, based on the reality of the international political situation and China's national defense science and technology to Russia's "good-watt grid"-based carrier, part of the introduction of Russian technology, combined with self-reliance from the Institute of Technology, China's development of aircraft carriers are most likely to Choose the road.

Chinese netizens think aircraft carrier "ready" at least three formations

By Forum at "China's aircraft carrier when it launched" the survey, 81.20% of users select the "5 years"; 11.99% of users considered to be "6-10 years", only less than 6% of users think 10 years later have a Chinese aircraft carrier.

User guestbook Beijing said: "sooner or later want to build, to build early than late to build, to build smaller than a large building, built less than to build more than 5 years I believe China will be sure to shape the carrier battle group."

User guestbook from Fujian said: "I believe the near future, at home I can see the port belong to us navy aircraft carrier, that time to see who dare covet our territory of islands and."
In "The Chinese Navy carrier battle group with some necessary" the survey, 76.94 percent of users have at least three required in-service fleet, namely the deployment of the East China Sea, the South China Sea and the North Sea, and another 17.85% of users think the Chinese should follow the example of the United States Navy model, to create more than 10 formations.

A netizen from Liaoning in the guestbook: "to do or not do to do our best, or not to build, build to build several more, Do not worry what 'China threat theory', China has never threatened other people , but not the fear of a threat to others. "

User Chinese carrier to sign the name of the highest voices of NANSHA and DIAOYUDAO Islands

Large number of Chinese netizens is also the spontaneous carrier to sign the name of one of "DIAOYUDAO Islands No." "No. NANSHA" Name one type of support by the majority of users, "with these sensitive aircraft carrier named after the territory, on behalf of the people with the Navy to maintain the territorial integrity of the marine homeland confidence in the firm. " Some friends think should be MAOZEDONG,ZHOUENLAI, and other founding fathers to name names, "This is a pioneer in the commemoration of the revolution, but also encouraged by the officers and men of the navy." In addition, users popular support also includes the first name "BEIJING No." "No. The GREATWALL", "No. YANHUANG" and so on.

Guestbook military users a fan said: "When the Chinese dream of the navy aircraft carrier at the end of a round, as a military fan, I think I will cry with excitement, no matter what her first name, my mind is the first ship of the Chinese, We are all patriotic military enthusiasts precious eyes. "

By-laws: the Chinese people "aircraft carrier" of speech list

October 25, 2006, deputy director of Defense, National Space Administration Sun Laiyan Net in an interview with the Chinese government, he said that China will gradually have the ability to build aircraft carriers, the relevant departments will be integrated all the factors involved, careful study and looking into the problem.

January 8, 2007, Defense held a press conference, clearly recognize the "Chinese have the ability to create an aircraft carrier."

Early September 2008, "Liberation Army Daily" published a report said, "Dalian Naval Academy to receive the first batch of 50 trainees for flight school education." According to reports, the Dalian Naval Institute received the first batch of 50 student pilots will rely on the Dalian Naval Automation Institute, completed 4-year education major carrier-based aircraft. The United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense Weekly," to read as "China's aircraft carrier pilot training school."

December 23, 2008, China's Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Xueping yellow at the People's Liberation Army Navy to introduce the Gulf of Aden, Somalia's sea escort mission when the situation said that the carrier of a nation's comprehensive national strength is the performance of naval power is also a country specific requirements. China has vast coastal areas and territorial seas, the main direction of the sea to protect national security, safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial seas rights and interests of the territorial sea is the sacred duty of the Chinese armed forces. General of the Chinese government will seriously study the factors to consider related issues.

March 5, 2009, the National People's Congress, Hu Yanlin, political commissar of the navy will be in the original answer to whether the Chinese aircraft carrier under construction, the Administration advised that any sovereign country, has the right to decide according to their own needs Whether or not the construction of aircraft carrier. He said that after more than 30 years of reform and opening up the rapid development of China's overall national strength has been greatly improved with the construction of aircraft carriers has been the economic and technological strength.

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