You really care about human rights in Tibet,China

Some Western people always keen to put itself as the world's moral leaders, in their subconscious has a deep bias, it seems that this world of right and wrong are with non-is that they should be the final say. The vandalism happened in Tibet burn after case of serious violent crime, a senior who ran the United States went to see the Dalai Lama, claiming to uphold the "moral authority" to the international community to put pressure on China, but also absurd to what threatened to send independent finding mission to investigate Chinese. Have some Western people like the past, accusing China of so-called human rights issues, double standards, the burning of vandalism as a "peaceful demonstration", by virtue of imagination and even more deliberately fabricated the so-called "repression."
If these are true Westerners care about the people of Tibet and Tibet's development, they should first do is to know the real situation, rather than then hurriedly put themselves in a moral high ground on, gesticulating.
Know the real situation in Tibet, it would not be difficult. In recent days, some Western media to do a more objective reports, such as, Canada, "Toronto Star" published a long article on Canadian tourists at the scene witnessed the violence in Tibet carried out a detailed report. Reported that the 19-year-old kenwood witnessed the process of mob attacks on pedestrians, including a young people riding a motorcycle may have been beaten to death process. British "Times" published March 19, entitled "tourists about Tibet riots shock and fear" of the article, saying the tourists to leave Tibet in fear of violence and shocking case, in particular, they see the "howling" mob attacked with stones at pedestrians crossing the road.
Is this some Western people who want to safeguard human rights and moral吗? How can the world on which there is a democratic country can tolerate the rule of law in broad daylight killing of the innocent atrocities? This will burn the vandalism as "peaceful demonstrations" do? The facts show that this was organized by the Dalai clique, there is a premeditated, carefully planned to incite, inside and outside the "Tibet independence" separatist forces to create a serious case of violent crime. Violent crime is violent crime, will not be because some Western people smearing becomes a "peaceful demonstration", to whitewash the atrocities of this is not a fair move, but to confuse right and wrong.
Tibet's stability is related to China's stability, the human rights of the people of Tibet are China's human rights as part of the people. If we allow thugs to succeed, there will be no peace of the people of Tibet, there will be no human rights of the Tibetan people is the destruction of human rights in China. Burning on the support of vandalism, there is simply no moral authority to speak of, but can only put themselves in are the antithesis of human rights, before the 1.3 billion Chinese people, the opposite side.
A long time, some Western people always put on a surface on a pair of very concerned about the development of Tibet and the Tibetan Center for Human Rights of way, usually on the Tibetan culture and environment to express their views may be in fact, they built the central government for the Tibetan schools, the construction of a hospital , repair Railway, assist the Tibetan people turn a blind eye to economic development initiatives, and even attack This is the destruction of Tibetan culture. This time, they happened to Tibet burn the vandalism case of serious violent crime deliberate interpretation, once again exposed, they are concerned about their own political philosophy, are concerned about how such a political philosophy to attack China's development, and Tibet But the interests of the people they are used to achieve political purposes only. Of course, they do so, there is also an advantage, that is, let us see their innermost thoughts, let us experience some Western media claimed that the "objectivity and fairness", to see some of the so-called moral hypocritical face of authority.

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