U.S. Net-surfers laugh at their own warships collided: Obama the gas was blown up!

U.S., "Hartford" Kursk on the 20th at the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea connecting the Strait of Hormuz and the U.S., "New Orleans, its" amphibious dock landing ship collision. As the world's most sophisticated on the Navy's country, this incident caused a great shock American. The United States has friends on the ship collided with commanders carried out a laugh at, think friends have the strength of the U.S. Navy is waning, Obama criticized the government "good show" diplomatic posture.
The United States ships in the Strait of Hormuz near the crash happened, the Americans are extremely shocked. The Associated Press quoted the United States Lexington Institute military researcher Rolland Thomas as saying that at the world's most sophisticated Navy in the case of internal collisions also "unheard of." The United States at many forums and blog networks, many users also expressed the same view. User has ridiculed that Obama was president of the ships of the commanders are not competent technical gas blown up! An American friends are saying: "The waters of the United States now must take care of the whale."
Most users will be directed against the United States Barack Obama "to reduce defense spending" will. Fitsnew web article said the United States, U.S. Navy now has been too weak to such an extent that we even could not stop in Africa, a group of pirates riding a motorboat. If so, how do we had to deal with Iran? This is really a sad thing. The article said that Obama "hurry want flattering that he could not prevent their collision with the two boats.
Truthdig website said the United States, the United States Navy ships collided in the waters near Iran, and on the same day, Obama Videos on Iran through the good show and the release of a new diplomatic message. And not too long ago, former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has just criticized Obama so that the safety of the United States declined. Lot of American friends will be linked to the above-mentioned case appeal said, "I very much miss Dick Cheney." A netizen called gary's think it is time to revitalize the U.S. military strength.

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