Meet the tough head-on with toughness! The strong Russian leaders cause the Chinese netizens to envy greatly!

Medvedev at a meeting of top military leadership, said: Since 2011 onwards, a large-scale rearmament of action will begin to Russian President Medvedev ordered the March 17 Russian troops since the 2011 start "massive" re - the entire arms. He said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is still seeking to expand in the Russian military presence near the border.
Want to increase the number of training exercises
Agence France-Presse reported that Medvedev said at a Moscow meeting of top military leadership said: "Since 2011 onwards, a large-scale restructuring of the Army and Navy military action is about to begin." He said: "the world's military and political analysis of the situation shows that some areas of serious conflict may happen ...... NATO at border areas near Russia's attempt to expand military facilities is continuing. "
Medvedev pointed out that "the current major task is to make the U.S. armed forces - first of all strategic nuclear forces - better combat ready. Russian troops must be able to achieve to ensure that all necessary safety Russian mission."
Medvedev said the prospect of NATO's expansion, the Russian crisis in the region and the threat of international terrorism, "U.S. military modernization requirements, giving them new and modern image."
Medvedev said that Russia will increase the number of armed military exercises. He said that although the Russian military in the previous phase have been held a lot of different types of exercise, but this is far not enough. Medvedev believes that only in combat near the military exercises in order to grasp and substantially improve operations and prepare for the required knowledge and abilities. "
Arms weapons are not bad money to update even though the Russian economy could not escape the fate of the global financial tsunami, but Medvedev promised, military project budget will not be affected in any way. It is reported that this year the Russian government will spend 43 billion U.S. dollars to buy weapons facilities, the expenditure of more than last year as much as 25 percent.
Medvedev also encouraged the military should focus on the purchase of new weapons, not to spend money on repairs that have already damaged the old weapons Medvedev at the meeting above the scene. It is learned that the Russian side has decided to use part of funds to purchase and installation of 10 intercontinental ballistic missiles, is expected to buy at the end of the year installed.
Referred to the outbreak in August last year at the Russian-Georgian conflict, Medvedev said: "The conflict has exposed our shortcomings, we must be able to make with our rapid response and operations of arms and communications equipment ......
In addition, the military also must accelerate the pace of training for combat personnel, should not save money in it ...... the new force should be trained with the most modern weapons equipment. In addition through the anti-terrorism and to defend the national security of the machine, the Russian side can test these new weapons modernization. "

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