Chinese military expert: "China's Military Power Report" is detrimental to China-US mutual trust

For the United States Department of Defense released 200 9 annual "Chinese Military Power Report," Lee shuisheng Chinese military experts pointed out that on the 27th, the report is still basically duplicate previous platitudes and no reason to continue to challenge China's peaceful development road, playing up China's military threat theory, eventually the two sides can only be detrimental to the military mutual trust, security and stability in the region and the world peace.
China to accept the visit, the world's military Department of the Academy of Military Science researcher aquatic Lee said that the United States questioned China's peaceful development path of the core, that is, that the Chinese military threat. In fact, as long as easy compare the strategic intention of China and the United States and military strength, Who are the real source of military threat, it is self-evident. From a strategic intent that China unswervingly follows the road of peaceful development, pursues a defensive national defense policy, which has been very clear that China's military development direction, and the United States to pursue global expansion strategy, acting as the world's policeman; from military strength , China lags behind the United States. Second thought, even if the Chinese military are strong, then it should be. China such a big country, and military development of certain aggressive country was a bit deterrence, very reasonable, This is because the needs of deterrence, it is necessary to safeguard world peace.
The report that China's "active defense" strategy implies a proactive logic aquatic Lee said that some military people with common sense would understand that one look, the report made three mistakes: First, put the battle on the initiative as a strategic pre-emptive; two are fuzzy on the aggression and the strategy of pro-active threshold; three are understood as a passive self-defense put beaten. The reason why the report willfully distorted China's "active defense" military strategy and combat theory, in fact are in the same rendering search based on China's military threat.
"In fact," 2008 "China's National Defense White Paper clearly read: China's military strategy of active defense, insist on the strategic defense, the principle of self-defense and win by striking only after the enemy had struck. Such a strategy, how very possible and the United States Fu aggressive pre-emptive strategy of the same? "
Aquatic Lee stressed that the Chinese military transparency in recent years to enhance a positive and unremitting efforts, only a very formal, detailed defense white paper published on the straight four. The international community in order to see more to understand, the Chinese government also provided the English version. Is this not transparent? However, the report continued to criticize China's strategic intentions and military capabilities and an opaque military spending. As the report said Chinese military strategic principle of the new era, "2008" China's National Defense White Paper noted that this approach based on informationization winning local wars under the conditions; pay attention to contain the crisis and war; strive to improve the military response a variety of security threats, achieve the diversification of the ability of the military mission. This is very clear.

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